⚽ Stade de France Football Rugby Stadium Tour – Paris Travel Guide

The Stade de France is the largest stadium in France, seating over 80,000 spectators. And it’s home to French National Rugby and Football teams and is one of the most famous venues in the world due to holding the World Cup in both sports. What’s it like to go to a stadium tour here? Ninh explains!

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  1. Great vid, just subbed. Did you check followsm . c o m?? I recommend using it to promote your videos!

  2. I felt the exact same. I went with the school from Scotland (not the same one you saw at the end btw) it was just short and disappointing

  3. I did the tour in I believe 2014 and it wasn’t the best. I do have to say I do remember not being a big fan of the tour guide. At the time they were also preparing for a concert so part of the pitch was covered in a stage which wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. The stadium is magnificent and probably one of the best I have ever visited. I also remember purchasing a mug from the gift shop and it was relatively expensive. I do in fact remember my tour guide also being a big fan of the jail thing, and they talked about how someone did this pitch invasion and got put in the jail.

  4. The Yokohama stadium in Japan has hosted both world cup finals!! Love your videos, love a stadium tour and this helps alot! Are you going to do the 2 grounds in Lisbon??

  5. Nice toure videos! Btw will ever tour Westfalenstadion (Signal Iduna Park) and Estadio Azteca? ^_^

  6. Stade de France, bad memories from 09 from an Irish man. Hey, I was recently in Manchester for the last few days. Went around the city, went to UTD v Partizan. I even did a tour of Man City yesterday. In fact, I actually had your tour guide. She was lovely and she said you were really lovely, good banter. City’s tour has things Old Trafford should take note on

  7. I did this tour in 2015, and never knew how big it was and was absolutely amazing, also you should do a tour of national rugby stadiums in the uk such as Twickenham, Principality stadium, Aviva stadium and of course the best murrayfield stadium

  8. Try go to the Johan cruijf arena (Amsterdam) the tours are in English and they are realy good

  9. Next do the London stadium tours of Chelsea,Arsenal and Spurs!!! And please do a stadium tour for Real Madrid!!!

  10. I will also crusade in favor of you visiting PNC Park in my beloved home city of Pittsburgh. You could also do a tour Heinz Field but it is a stadium that was built on the cheap by NFL standards and it shows.

  11. Those guys weren’t taking it too far. They were getting their money’s worth. It’s exactly what I would’ve done

  12. Good video mate. By shear coincidence 2 other youtubers that I subscribed to uploaded in the same minute as you. Keep up the good work

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