10 More Things You Should NEVER DO In Malaysia 🇲🇾 DON’T DO THIS IN MALAYSIA

In today’s Malaysia vlog, I revisit my last video and talk about 10 More Things You Should Never Do In Malaysia. Im my last video entitled 6 Things You Should Never Do in Malaysia, I made a video that was a don’t do this in malaysia style vlog! I got such a great response from the Malyasian people. Make sure you check out that video here: https://youtu.be/X6_5rH8bi6A

Malaysia tourism is amazing and everyone should explore Malaysia but you should know a few things you should never do in Malaysia so you don’t make Malaysians upset.

This isn’t a complete list of what not to do in Malaysia, just some things I observed from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you are Malaysian, a Malaysia expat, or living in Malaysia and you have any other suggestions of things related to the topic of don’t do this in Malaysia, make sure you comment below.

Malaysia tourism is a big driver of the Malaysian economy, so they do overlook somethings that tourist do, but try to respect the cultural differences when you travel Malaysia.

There are many rules in Malaysia that might not be obvious to tourists. Hopefully you can use this to supplement your Malaysia travel guide advice and not be viewed as a rude tourist.

I love Malaysia – don’t let the rules or culture differences keep you from visiting. Just be mindful of those cultural differences and enjoy this awesome country.


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  1. I think I need to leave this comment bcus I worry that it will lead misunderstanding.
    Ppl need to be careful when use the ‘power of hands’ or it may consider as ‘rude’ sometimes when used in a certain situation.
    So, pls do understand that the hand usually means that something like, please excuse me, m in a hurry, please let me cross the road. Kind of situation. It is not guaranteed that the vehicle stops when they see the hand.
    I m sorry if this comment do not favors ur side but i just need to clarifies things so there will be no misunderstanding happens in the future. Ty
    Greetings from Malaysia
    This video is great and I love it✨☺️👍.

  2. Crispy Chicken Rendang? Seriously?? Lol, maybe its because we’re never made chicken rendang into crispy one

  3. 1. Always ASK first if u can bring durian into someone home because not everyone in Malaysia like durian.. And durian is defenitely not allowed in any public transport, offices, general area of shopping malls, hospitals etc…
    2. Never sit with your feet pointing toward others esp those older than you. For example when you are sitting on the floor, crossed sitting and sitting with your legs on your side are fine but long sitting where your feet pointing toward others are not cool.
    3. Don’t point your index finger toward others.
    4. When walking ie on a hallway where there are people having a conversation for example and they are older than you, do bow your head and body a bit to show respect while walking passed them.
    5. Gesture like a right hand on your left chest is sufficient esp when greeting a Muslim women instead of hand shakes… Unless if they initiate the handshake first..
    Good luck

  4. wow talk about nasi lemak.. come on… nasi lemak is my favorite thing… n if u malaysia n u talk like u dont like nasi lemak i thing wrong place

  5. Hie bro, you should come to Kantin Setor Gombak, we will sure to give u a treat, plus you could add more malaysian things as content in ur channel…

    Setor gombak is actually a row of building that dated back before the independence of Malaysia.. it is repurposed a couple of time, from a military warehouse, ministry warehouse, Lee Rubber office (a well known rubber company in Malaysia), storage space into the nightlife scene it is now today…

    You could enjoy more than 50 menus serve by 18 vendors, you could chillax with the music played by homegrown talent at KANTIN..

    You could also stroll around gudang 5 & gudang 6 as they have a unique line of vintage vendors there..

    More or less you will habe a good experience and good content here bro…

  6. Ya no shop for pets! But malaysia dont give dog be pets! I hate dog that in malaysia they kill cats 🙁

  7. Never talk trash to ppl and make fun of thing that make and rob that a bad thing

  8. I recan mant rotiecanie soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooòooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood like if you think sooooooooooooo /

  9. Hahahaha…about crispy chicken rendang..it was a comment from a chef from MasterChef series. The chef comment that one of the asian contestant’s chicken rendang dish was not good enough as its not crispy. Since that day, it become a hilirious jokes among malaysian.

  10. About the “Left hand”, if u really need to use it, just mentioned it to the person u interact with. For example when u’re paying at 7E using your left hand, just say to the cashier ” sorry, left hand” and give a smile. ✌✌✌😎😎

  11. I’m in malaysia because my channle name is malaysian. And also we can’t wear a bikini. And we can’t drink beer and alcohol because we are muslims. And please don’t bring drugs. Thats it! Bai semua!

  12. If you are bringing durians to a house of those who actually like durians its actually ok.

  13. Good follow up video just want to add some things.
    1) you can bring pets to restaurants just have to do your research first on which restaurant you can bring. There’s a restaurant behind my aunt’s house that is frequented by pet owners and their pets. Only downside is that they have to sit outside.
    2) not only shoulder bags you need to be careful of. If you’re wearing a t shirt and a gold chain, chances of motorist snatching is very high. It happened to my dad and me while we were walking to a tailor shop we knew.
    3). Now durians in houses well that depends on the house. Some of them like it, some don’t. You have to ask first.
    4)you ever see boarding new ships, the captain will say you must walk with your right foot first for good luck and not the left one? It’s the same thing with religious places of all kinds including houses. Always make sure to walk with your right foot first as a sign of respect.
    5) This not a Malaysian thing more like an indian thing. When you get a chance to go eat at indian restaurants, you will find that they will serve food on a banana leaf. After you’re done, you’re expected to fold the banana leaf signifying that you’re done. But most people don’t know why you actually fold the banana leaf. Folding the leaf from top to bottom means that you enjoyed the meal. Folding it from bottom to top means the opposite. So if you see around, you’ll notice that most people think of this a courtesy thing and do both ways which is not.

  14. Yeet all of them is true, except for the last one im not pretty sure-oh welp time to ask the eldest

  15. Hello I’m Malaysian and you should also point with your thumb

    And you said something about the power of the hand 🖐🏻 and there’s also one more thing about that when a car stops in front of you,you have to raise up your hand as a sign of “thank you”

    There’s also one more thing you should know it’s that you should Never EVER blow a flute after 6:00 cause it means that your inviting snakes in your home

    So yeah thank you for reading 🙂

  16. One more thing about Malaysia…
    I’m not trying to be racist, ok? Malaysians are generally nice, friendly and helpful to tourists, but there are some Malaysians who don’t like tourists due to the way they pronounce the Malay words. Like how u said ‘Nasi Lemak’ and ‘Rendang’ in ur video. Most Malaysians will find it funny and take no offence at all, but there are some who would be irritated with the way of how u pronounce it. So, my suggestion to this problem is u learn from either Google or a Malaysian friend about how to pronounce Malay words properly/perfectly, or at least, decently. I’m very sorry if u find this rather racist or anything. But it’s just my opinion, alright? Bcos my friends used to talk about their recent holidays, and sometimes they said that they would see tourists from other countries(most Malaysians call them ‘Orang Putih’) pronouncing Malay words so weirdly that it sort of irritated them. This is just an opinion, alright? Please don’t take offence.

  17. i had just ate nasi lemak for sarapan it’s very good sorry for bad English also i agree with everything on this list and i bagus video

    wait a minute isnt dog haram? hmmmm…..

  18. never and ever and ever do ever in malaysia

    lol u just waste 2 second of reading this

  19. Its okay if youre saying you dont like nasi lemak, just dont say it in rude way. You’ll be fine😂

  20. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you are encouraged to use free public transport such as GoKL buses. In Kuala Lumpur there are several rail transport systems such as KVMRT, Kelana Jaya Line LRT, Ampang Line LRT, KL Monorail, ERL Link and KTM Commuter. Try to avoid taking a taxi that refuses to use the meter and avoid any bargaining with the taxi driver. Make Grab the best alternative..

  21. The crispy rendang, I guess it’s a rendang and the chicken can never get crispy because the way it cooked unless you put in a crispy fried chicken separately 😁 maybe if you order a crispy rendang migh get you a weird stare or be ignored, I dunno lol

    Edit: maybe just maybe, a crispy rendang is a burned one, so ordering one is like making a joke and offend the cook

    Edited edit: oh I just found out about the the chef thing lol, either way yea never order a crispy chicken rendang because it is not made so

  22. I came here bcs you recommended it to me. THIS VIDEO IS COOL ! Both of it are accurate and that durian part was funny because we love durian so yeaa bring it to our house ! 😂 Thanks for the video ! ❤️

  23. The crispy chicken rendang mistake happens when a foreign chef complains that the “chicken rendang” for nasi lemak wasnt cooked in crispy style.. lol

    Rendang itself never meant to be crispy… It main ingredient were coconut milk, and cooked for longer time making it very tender…its like very thick-dried up tumeric curry (literally the meat can falls off easily from the bone)…

    Very spicy and often quite chili hot.. (some cooked with minimal chili so its easer for people who cant stand hot chili meal)

  24. Anyway.. regarding to your durian… There is a whole lot of durian type (or breed)…

    I would say the most pleasing smell and taste would be durian kampung (*kampung=village)…

    It taste a lot better than those fancy durian breed especially when it feel less sweet…

  25. Actually we have dogs and cats cafe too😂We have a husky cafe but ofc its really rare here😂

  26. I wasn’t aware that touching someone on the head (in your first video) was a “no-no” in Malaysia. In Thailand, certainly, this is the case, as its roots there lie in the Buddhist tradition. Maybe it made its way down the peninsula and has been retained even after the Malays converted to Islam.

    Also from the first video, PDA’s by Muslims is called khalwat- or the sin of close proximity. This is if you are with a woman and she is not your wife. Muslims can be punished under Sharia Law for this and I have seen signs in public parks in towns like Taiping alerting people to this fact. For Westerners, Chinese Malays, and non-Muslims in general, this is just socially uncouth.

    It’s also a decent thing not to eat out in the open during Ramadan. As Muslims fast between the zuhor meal at sunrise and the iftar meal at sunset, it’s culturally insensitive for a non-Muslim to eat in front of them. There are plenty of cafés run by non-Muslims you can eat in, or just take food back to your hotel room.

    What is a definite thing in Malaysia is pointing to something with your index finger. I originally thought it might be an Islamic thing- as the first finger can represent the first pillar of Islam, and thus be an insult to the Prophet- but this is not the case. It’s just a Malay thing. If you need to point at something or someone, use your thumb or your whole hand held flat.

  27. Never offer Malay buddy for Chinese Restaurant, Never offer indian buddy for beef feast, some chinese buddy also not eating beef.

  28. I’m 47 yo Malaysian. i’ve never in my life hold my hand up when crossing the street… 😊😊

  29. Not sure if this is something foreigners do as well, but if you see a bag or maybe something obvious placed at a seat/table at a Starbucks, that seat’s taken.

  30. I am a twelve year old psychopath Malaysian commenting on this video. These things that I wrote are based on my own experience and will apply to Indian Malay and Chinese, not just Muslims. Unless I highlight the races.
    You should wear pants/skirts that is over your knees when going into a Muslim’s house or a Indian temple.( Muslim and Indian)
    Never ever use your second finger to point at anyone or anything, it is rude.
    3) Do not cut any conversation especially when it is the elders talking
    Do not drink water or eat food after 6:00 am or before 5:00 pm when the Malays are fasting. They are not allowed to eat or drink after 6:00 am and before 5:00 pm.(Muslim)
    Walk home alone at night.. it is DANGEROUS!!!
    Never drink tap water in Malaysia. It might be common to drink tap water in some countries but not in Malaysia.
    Ask if it is okay before you take a photo of someone. Sometimes even when that person is in the background
    There is no need to give tips to cafe or restaurants. I don’t actually know why, my mom told me is unnecessary.
    If you are driving in Malaysia, never go past the meter because there might be a unsuspected camera and may fine you. You can look for a humongous yellow signs that have a picture of a camera on it. There is going to be three. When you see the third one, you are getting close to the camera so SLOW DOWN.
    Do not buy those things in a mini machine that you can normally find near convenient stores. I might only be 50 cents, but there are ones that are not at all what they seem.

    Bye the way, have you tried cendol/ abc before? It is perfect on a hot day even if it is beside the road.

  31. in bahasa malaysia. kami hormat dan suka kamu semua.jika kamu sesat di malaysia.jangan takut untuk bertanya.kami orang malaysia agak ramah.terima kasih☺️

  32. Never touch or pat someone on the head. It’s regarded as bad manners and considered very rude by Malaysians. Another is never wear your footwear into a Malaysian home. Always remove them before entering. Do understand that Malaysians are one of the most tolerating people you will ever met so don’t be scared or feel bad if you do something wrong. We don’t take much things seriously except our food! 😀
    Great video.

  33. Not Darren Quan, it’s Darren Liew. Chinese surnames come in first! Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Malaysia!😁

  34. The Crispy Chicken Rendang fiasco happened in 2018. When Malaysians had a meltdown because a chef on the show ”Master Chef” commented on our local dish that made no sense to us Malaysians.

    Here is a local channel talking about it:

  35. Abt crispy chicken rendang.. Malysian make fun to the guy who claiming his food stall selling “crispy chicken rendang”.. Its impossible to get crispy because of his texture like soft and soup. Once it becoming trend food in malaysia wanna make different and all things becoming crispy. 😂😂😂

  36. And number 11 : Always bring your handphone wherever you go, because you don’t, and you in trouble, trust me, no one will going to let you use their handphone!

  37. When you come to malaysia 1st don’t talk trash about our nasi lemak in front of us if you say it to your self or to your friend who is not a malaysian then it’s ok

  38. “do not ask for crispy chicken rendang.” good one there. this is related to one Masterchef UK 2018 contestant (she is a Malaysian) who made the Chicken Rendang as a complimentary dish that accompanied the Nasi Lemak she made. one of the judges commented that the chicken was not crispy enough and the sauce (rendang) should be separate. if he has had chicken curry, then he should know that the Chicken Rendang was a drier version of the curry. honestly, i cannot think how he thinks that the chicken should be crispy and the sauce separate. due to the judge’s unfavourable comment, the contestant got eliminated.

  39. There’s no such thing as crispy chicken rendang 😂, this issues was about a dumb comment from an international chef who said chicken rendang should be crispy which is never true.

  40. Sometimes when I can’t use my right hand for any reason, I’d say “sorry, left hand” and everyone understands. A tip for you 🙂

  41. The handshake thing is for Muslims, and I use my left hand too… I didn’t know that haha but since Malaysia is multi racial country, we have lots of religions so it depends on which area you are at or with who and which religion… Yea cuz I’m Chinese and some of these apply to Muslims or Hindus or any other religion.

  42. the crispy rendang is from the MasterChef uk or smthg, the jury complaint about the cook’s rendang isn’t cripy and soggy when that’s how the rendang supposed to be cooked and taste. anw do visit Sarawak whenever you went back to Malaysia

  43. The crispy chicken rendang thing refers to a British episode of “Masterchef” where someone prepared this dish poorly. Malaysians and Singaporeans went ballistic in local social media.

  44. Most of this applies in islam called “adab” or attitude. You dont have to be in malaysia, you just have to be muslim

  45. When you go to malaysia or at the airport or anywhere Do NOT bring a pet with you(Unless your doing it the park or on a street) It’s disrespect to halal ppl

  46. You should come over to Penang, Malaysia’s food paradise. People here are more open minded

  47. About the left hand being unclean, there is a practical reason for this. Consider that in Malaysia a majority of people eat food with their fingers not with utensils. This is with the right hand. However, when you have to go to the bathroom, you wash your bottom with your… left hand! That is a sort of tradition. So you can understand why people might be offended if you pay with your left hand.

  48. I would say that when crossing the street in Malaysia it’s ok to just walk across, but just stare at the driver and they should stop.
    Also I see many dogs and cats in restaurants and 7/11s cuz they are everywhere.
    Also it’s kinda sad that Melaka has a ton of smokers in restaurants and on the side of streets.
    the left hand thing is not really noticed in Malaysia but this all depends on where you live in Malaysia
    And number 10 was perfect
    The bonus ones were great but that rendang one was just a joke.
    Thanks for hearting my comment on the 6 things to never do in Malaysia.

  49. when riding escalator, stay on the left side so that people in a hurry can rush on the right.. just like car on the road in Malaysia..

  50. It’s so funny that this is the only comment section without jokers, like people here be technical and writing paragraphs to you while in other comment sections it’s all just finding weird shit in the video or making fun of it.

    Wait wait wait, I just wrote a paragraph to you. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤔🤔

  51. about the “don’t open the umbrella indoor or the snake will come to house” actually, it’s a superstition where the boomers don’t want the vase or anything to be broken as we open the umbrella :))

  52. The crispy chicken rendang is bcuz there is NO crispy.the chicken rendang is served not crispy and GOOD in that way.

  53. Malaysia is a multicultural country. Malay cannot eat pork, Most of the Chinese and all Indians cannot eat beef.

  54. you pretty much can do everything in malaysia, except kissing, make out in front someones who is malaysian…it didnt matter if he/she was malay chinese or indian..90% of them kept this kind of lovey dovey in thier own private room.

  55. Actually most of the thing such as the shaking hand and no pet (actually more like only dog is not allowed because dog is haram for malay i know its weird 😂)is more like only malay because malay is more like a very respect cultural to themself so yup….

  56. Btw in 2020 the smoke will be gone because idk why im still a kid but i like people that like malaysia

  57. for me, all the norms that u found in my country is because we malaysians prioritized all the cultures here.. some of ppl might think us malaysians not living the modern way, yet this is the key that resulting for this harmonious country..

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