12 things to do in SEVILLE, Spain | Voted as Lonely Planet’s Top 10 ‘Best in Travel’ | Travel Guide

Seville, Spain.
A photographers paradise.
On this travel guide — we’re going to be heading to some of the most picturesque popular places you won’t want to miss. Voted as Lonely Planet’s Top 10 ‘Best in Travel’ destination 2018.

I’ve compiled a Google Map and info here:

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Las Setas De Sevilla – Large Wooden Sculpture (also known as Metropol Parasol)
Seville Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
The Giralda (Bell Tower)
The Royal Alcázar. (Official website) https://www.alcazarsevilla.org/en/
Plaza de España / Spain Square
Parque de María Luisa (Museum of popular arts, Archaeological Museum and the Royal Pavilion)
Walk along river near the Torre del Oro
Santa Cruz neighbourhood
Bullfighting – Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. (We weren’t interested in doing a tour or seeing an event. It’s cruel in my opinion, but it is a Spain tradition.)
See a Flamenco show

July – August 35 – 36 C or // 95 – 97 F

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Behind the Scenes with Australian TV Journalist Kristina Costalos
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  1. Great video BUT how do you get away with not showing the #1 attraction apart from using a stock photo from trip advisor?

  2. In spring season the orange tree’s rows along of the streets of Seville are plenty of so aromatic white blossom. What a pity you nose can reach to smell now. It said a short tale that the poet king of Seville, Muhammad Ibn Abbad al mu’tamid order create a grove with almonds and orange trees to compose in the beginning of spring a white carpet of petals that resembled a blanket of snow Since his wife Itimad AL rumayikiyya wanted to know the snow.

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  4. Excellent travel video editing job and very well organized, appreciate the list of ‘Things to do’. Love the pace and beautiful angles taken by the photographer. Would love to have a list of recommended restaurants but that can be found easily in other websites.

    Will be in Spain for 10 days prior to my cruise in April. First stop is Barcelona and plan to spend 4-5 days in another city, Seville was highly recommended by my colleagues. Hope to meet some friendly people there.

  5. Well, it is beautiful but the fact that Spanish can’t speak English to a country that you can’t walk easy from tourists it’s helerious. At least i found two African drivers that could talk.

  6. I’m sorry but are you seriously complaining about not being able to park or use that Lime thing in certain parts of the city? Those are everywhere now it’s insane, they’re awful, we can’t even walk around Seville anymore because of them. Please be a bit more conscious, don’t be lazy and use you legs!

  7. Nice review although the concha is an abomination compared to the old beautiful architecture that is seen around that area.
    That money should of been spent on other Seville landmarks that are in need of restoration.
    I should know, I am from this gorgeous city.

  8. I live in SEVILLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! So I know every thing that you saw ( but I am not Spanish )

  9. Hi!
    My name is Daniela and I’m from Seville.
    It’s very pretty , right?
    I’m glad you like it. ♡♡

  10. Been to Barcelona but missed this place. Will visit again with wifey and family. 🙏😍

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