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Brisbane Australia? Yeah it is definitely one of the best cities in the world for so many reasons. Come check out our things to do in Brisbane Australia to get a taste of how awesome this city is.

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  1. What an ugly boring city…The river looks like a sewer outlet..WHY WOULD YOU LIVE THERE ?

  2. yes right the 13 things about Brisbane ! or Australia …..
    1/ real estate more expensive than Paris or Monaco ?!!
    2/ cigarettes at 57 dollars !?
    3/ To find job good luck !, police check-certificate 3/4/5 ect….., ticket red,bleu,green !, and more………..
    4/ the food right !, for sure we are not in France !?……..
    5/ tourism its very quick Bne/Gold coast or sunshine coast and you can drive 4/6/8/10 hours you are still in QLD !!…….
    6/ the speed limit and 4 cops for 100 citizens !?…….limit i felt to be in North Korea !!….
    7/ The fabulous bank system !, fees plus fees plus fees !??…..
    8/ 5 states 5 differents rules !?, i dont understand the concept !?….
    9/ They dont producing anything ( cars, planes, helicopter, submarine, aircraft carrier, Boats etc……)
    10/ About communication internet or mobile its super expensive, have look in europe en cry !
    11/ Medical system or private health ! good luck ……$$$$
    12/ They depending from China about everything and the citizens are scared about the GOV in France by exemple its on the other way ……..
    Morality, its good to visit but once again go in Europe and see and compare………

  3. Definitely on my bucket list. My brother visited a few years ago and absolutely loved it. He liked Brisbane more than Sydney. I starting to see why.

  4. Nice city, I spent a week there. Needs better bars and restaurants though. Its seemed quite dead in the CBD, which I realise is a business district, but it just lacked cool places to drink and eat outdoors.

  5. Hello man. I have a lot to catch up on my friend. As always an amazing b-roll for your intro. Loved the drone spinning around you several times haha. What a lively place man. Great work 😊👍 liked for you

  6. Great job ,Keep uploading and Thanks for sharing with us. Stay connected
    a new friend , best wishes for u

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