15 PLACES I STAYED IN KOREA ⭐ ft Capsule Hotel Style Airbnb

Today I’m giving you a tour of 15 different hotels and Airbnbs we stayed in through the span of 2-3 trips to South Korea. Sometimes we get “fancy.” Other times we sleep on the floor. On the rare occasion we question if the guest towels are clean. There are various types of lodging. This is only a handful of what you may experience, depending on budget, location and season. Hope you find this video to be helpful! Below are links to some of the featured accommodations:

1. Bingo Rooftop House in Seoul: http://bit.ly/2Gcgn9l
2. Airbnb in Gangneung
3. Pension in Jeongseon
4. Sun Cruise Hotel: http://bit.ly/2SeQiNr
5. St John’s Hotel: http://bit.ly/2Gc9Prt
6. Shilla Stay Mapo: http://bit.ly/2MF7bf7
7. Dirty Airbnb in Eunpyeong
8. Bricks Hotel: http://bit.ly/2HHsaPD
9. Airbnb near Samgakji
10. Hotel The Designers: http://bit.ly/2WybKwn
11. Airbnb in Busan
12. Days Hotel Jeju (near Olle Market): http://bit.ly/2Wu7Kge
13. Check Inn Hotel: http://bit.ly/2RWCpUX
14. Airbnb near Hongdae University Station: http://bit.ly/2RWLmNQ
15. Hotel Ora near ICN: http://bit.ly/2UvRuts

Note: This is NOT a sponsored video. Rates will vary upon season, special events, etc.


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