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Here is a travel guide that I took some time putting together showing you 16 things to do in Kuala Lumpur, including the Petronas Towers, some markets, street food, infinity roof top pools, nature and more….


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  1. Hey I am from UK, do you know where I can rent a 1 bedroom flat for £500/month (gym+pool). Cheers

  2. AMAZING! This is so calm and so relaxing to watch and as I watch this I dream of what it will be like to live here and soon I will know what it will feel like to live in the city of dreams.

  3. allah amader k jaioyar toifik dan koron i love malysiya i love malysiya all people i live forom Bangladesh

  4. I did all the main tourist places in KL mentioned in your video. The ones that wasn’t included that I did and would like to add are Merdeka Square (close to Jamek Mosque), KL National Mosque, KL Tower, Little India, Central Market. Also worth visiting the small town of Putrajaya which lies between KL and KL Airport

  5. Beautiful Brother Country Respect From Pakistan


    We are ☝️ we are UMMAH OF MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H)

  6. UPDATE: KL Forest Eco Park isnt free to enter anymore, it costs MYR40 for international tourist to enter now

  7. I’m Thinking about going to Kuala lampur and this was just the perfect video to get to know more about the city 🙂

  8. Where is this helipad located exactly in KL? Also how much is charge to visit or any minimum purchase

  9. Hi Aaron, really like your channel and videos. 👏👍Could you please make ‘things to do in’ videos for the other Malaysian places like Ipoh, George Town and Langkawi that you visited. I have booked my trip for Feb 2020. Will be helpful.

  10. Hey mate. Thanks for using my tune in your video . Feel free to grab any others for further vids or if you want me to make you something let me know( maybe something more country specific ). All in the name of fun. Keep well. Jon ( Staytment)

  11. I love KL so much im travelling alone there such a wonderful experience always 😘😘😘

  12. Aaron, you have put an awesome number of interesting spots in KL, lined up for a visit. Of course there is much more places to discover in KL as well. Great editing and music as well, to go with it. The narration must have been a good exercise for your mouth, with your stressful emphasis, cause you really love KL. Cheers Bro.

  13. Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur.
    Thanks for promoting “my city ” 😅
    I can see you love pisang goreng.
    How about durian?

  14. I would recommend The Face Suites if you want an infinity pool looking over the Petronas Tower and KL tower. 2 birds in 1 shot
    Been there last year, rented a Penthouse suite for a nice price for 4 persons, you can watch my video

  15. Nice video you have here Aaron Explores. Hope you had a great time in Malaysia. Just the only thing that u haven’t try is my mom Nasi Lemak. 😂

  16. Are you coming to KL again in 2020? Perhaps you could narrate the new refurbished lake titiwangsa…Love your video about KL.. 👍🏼👍🏼

  17. Hahaha I barely go to KL… Never been at those places you have been.. Speaking of rainforest jungle tracking, apart from KL, still got at Pahang ( longest jungle tracking with hanging bridge) and Penang… You have missed a lot of tourism places at different states here…Please Do come here again one day

  18. Thank you Aaron for the comprehensive and thorough travel guide to KL. God bless 🙂

  19. Thankyou there foreigner for teaching this local about his own capital city of his own country. Going next month with my family.

  20. Kuching attractions are Bako national park, Darul Hana Bridge, Kuching waterfront, Damai Beach Resort, Tasik Biru, Wind cave, Siniawan Old Town night market, borneo highland and also annah Rais Hotspring.

  21. Kuching located in Borneo, the capital of State of Sarawak. Kuching food from kolo mee, Sarawak Laksa, Kek Lapis, Kompia, Umai, Midin and Kueh chap.

  22. Somehow i knew banana fritters a.k.a. pisang goreng gonna get a special mention based on your reaction in previous video.

  23. Thank you for coming to our country!! May you enjoy your trip here. Please come again in the future!! 🤩🤩

  24. Hey aaron, do you ever get lonely while your travelling around these amazing places solo?

  25. also Titiwangsa Lake, Tugu Negara, Dataran Merdeka, Putrajaya, Istana Negara and Kampung Baru for nasi Lemak…

  26. Good to see you update man! Well i watch this last night and the food compilation get me mouthwatering… In the middle of the rainy night!!! Anyway I managed to fall asleep which is why I’m late to comment! 😁 Its raining season now and some part of the country is flooding. Are you back to ur hometown for Christmas? Take care, where ever you are!

  27. Omg Capsule hotel?? Roof just above your head 😳 Now I know for sure you don’t suffer from claustrophobia 😊❤️

  28. Hi Aaron. Have you try our Nasi Lemak in KL? Nasi Lemak is a must eat food when you visit Malaysia.

  29. Great video Aaron! It does look amazing as i’m sure it is & Yes I am jealous!! Bug Spray…sst, sst… Lol Hope all is well & can’t wait until the next video!! Cheers mate!

  30. You could add Kampung Baru, one of the last Malay village right smack in the city. Walking about the village area, admiring some very beautiful, traditional Malay houses, enjoying really really good authentic Malay food and learning about its colourful history are something that should not be missed while in KL. Another stop would be Chow Kit Market

  31. Hi Aaron. Normally not first but there’s always a first for everything!!
    Hope you’re catching up on things? I’m thinking of going to Ukraine next year, so watching your vids on it.
    Are you thinking of doing a Q&A or live stream to chat about your recent travels? Might be an idea if you have the time.

  32. Kuala Lumpur looks amazing can’t believe liked eating that 🐸 keep up the great work your knowledge on the places you go is very good shows a lot of dedication

  33. ما شاء الله جميلة ذكرتني بمراكش
    Çok Güzel 🤗🤗🤗😀🇲🇦🇲🇦

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