20 Essential Paris France Travel Tips

Paris, the capital city of France, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, but there is so much more to see than just the Eiffel Tower. We’re Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers, and in this video we’re sharing our Top 20 insider Paris travel tips with our Visa contactless cards, all without taking out a euro.

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  1. Great cinematography. Nice pace you went to. The medieval part.. The safe was cool historical and decor.the wine tasting place is fun


  3. I told my mentor who is from France that I really wanted to learn French. He told me when this corona deal blows over eventually to spend 6 months in France. I really want to go 🙂

  4. Great video guide, gentlemen!
    One of my favorite things for inexpensive food is to do takeaway from Lebanese deli/shops for dinner especially if I’ve spent my day having a nice lunch and a couple stops for coffee (sometimes with dessert!). My favorite spot for afternoon coffee is Place de la Contrescarpe, the atmosphere is very local, very quiet.
    Brioche suisse Is what I crave daily from Boulangerie Murciano on rue des Rosiers 😍

  5. Alex needs to sue his barber, very bad hair day, keep indoors for the next three months.

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  8. Some of the few words that you guys said had fairly good pronunciation, but Diz arrondisment should be dizieme arrondisment. Désolée

  9. Unfortunately all your tips were not helpful. Please write each tip and place names and addresses. Your pronunciation were not good at all and I did not understand the sight seeing names. You did not give any good hotel or restaurant’s names. I am sure you too had a good time but you were not helpful to me. I am planning on going in June 8-13 of this year, and need real help and guidance!!!

  10. Before my first visit, I read about the history of France. Granted it was the abbreviated Wiki version, but it really helped me appreciate what I was seeing. Especially fascinating is the history of Baron Haussmann. You’ll never look at a mansard roof the same way! lol

  11. I have rented an apartment in the 7th arrondissmont for the month of May. I have visited Paris 8 or so times before, but for only 3 to 5 days, so always feel a bit rushed. I can’t wait to leisurely stroll the city and you have now made it part of my goal to see all 20 arrondissements!

  12. Thanks for this video! and as ex Parisienne, living now in Dublin, I really like ‘le Marais’ & la rue des Rosier 😉

  13. I love you’re ideas. A bit late for me but a hidden gem I used was the secret entrance to the Louve and the Cuban vendors help in getting the perfect photo spot for a tip. Keep up the travel videos guys, I love to hear youre ideas for my trips!!

  14. Lovely video of Paris, great job. It’s inspiring me to continue creating travel videos, too. Cheers!

  15. Looking forward to my next visit to Paris this year i will definitely bear all of your advises in mind.👍👍👍👍👍

  16. “Incredibly safe city” hahaha. We got here at Gare du Nord, rode the metro near there. Got cornered by four black people, pushed us, cornered us, threatened us, push our luggae, and in the midst of all that distraction, stole my wallet with cards and phone inside a sling bag hanging across my chest. This all happened in the first 15 to 20 minutes of being in Paris. Lovely.

  17. What would be the budget for a trip for two to Paris. Including airfare from North America

  18. Pro-tip. If you buy coffee at the bar. Drink it at the bar. Don’t take it outside or else you’ll be shunned as a cheapskate/ rip-off

  19. Would recommend any one going to Sainte-Chapelle, Palace of Versailles Garden’s light show.

  20. Great overview of Paris; solid tips for the first time visitor. I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

  21. I am going in July! Can’t wait but I’m kinda wondering where can I book hotel?? If you guys have info I would really appreciate it!
    Learning the language since now 🥰🤪🥳

  22. Gonna be alright by pop talk, first song I’m gonna play while enjoying croissant and cafe in Paris, chill masterpeace. Nice vid guys 🙂

  23. Be careful booking air bnb particularly if you are travelling by yourself. Do your research, and try to connect with people who know the area or the building before you make a final booking.

  24. loved the video, discovered some new places i would like to visit next time. Great tips as usual!

  25. So in my hometown we have flafl same omg sounds great … thanks for sharing guys

  26. Take the Bateaux Mouches especially at night. Start at Pont de L’Alma and get great pix of Tour d’Eiffel when the lights fire up! Stay on or just off the R. de Beaubourg near the Arts et Métiers metro, the Café Beaubourg is right opposite the metro. Uber is fast and reliable except for one or two times when the driver ditched us! Just cancel and book another. You can get a refund directly from Uber. The Métro is the best and cleanest I’ve ever seen so use it every chance you get if you’re all tuckered out and find yourself leaving Versailles at a late hour. Lastly always greet the shop keepers and café staff with a friendly Bonjour Monsieur or Madame/Mademoiselle and a smile and Bon journée as you leave.

  27. Beautiful Video and great locations ! Thank you for sharing ! Keep your wonderful job going !

  28. The Porte Saint-Denis 1:56 is actually in the 10th arrondissement… It is shown as part of the 2nd arrondissement in the video.

  29. You guys look more French than dog merde on the street! Cute jackets! Merci beaucoup, mecs!

  30. Merci what a great video! I stayed in the 15th and the inexpensive bus trips in and out were an adventure In themselves. School kids grandparents ,office workers of all different cultures sharing the rides. I had a baguette underneath the willow in the middle of the Seine. What memories

  31. Great video guys, super helpful tips! My favourite has to be Montmartre and the adjacent African quarter where I stayed last year. Near there is a great bistro called ‘La Recyclerie’ which I totally recommend: its got its own urban veg garden and has a big focus on reducing food waste and encouraging greener dining, all in a beautiful building made from recycled material!
    Great content, carry on!

  32. It was nice meeting you at Jim’s 😉 Very nice video! I recognized my city in your video and it’s not an easy thing to do if you are not from here! Well done!

  33. So i heard there have been protests in Paris, is it still safe to travel? If so, can any Parisians inform me on the best ways to communicate with locals without being rude. Like what to say and what not to say? (All i know is bonjour)

  34. I have stayed all over in Paris. All arrondissment’s are unique and I recommend more than one visit to Paris and changing where you stay and what you see! 😀

  35. Thanks for the tips! My favorite neighborhood is #1! I would love to have a picnic on the Seine❤️
    On another note, I didn’t see a notation/ highlight/ suggestion for Arrondissement #8. There was video shot of an address but no commentary or attraction suggestion.
    Because I found this “missing link” does this mean I win a “tap Visa” and a coffee meet-up with the “Bro-bassadors” of Paris? My daughter and I will be there January 23rd to celebrate her 16th birthday 🎂🎁🎈🎉
    Just in case… I liked this video, I left a comment aaaand I follow you on Instagram!😁😆

  36. U guys always do a great job in making want to drop everything and head out on a vacation

  37. I know that Paris has a lot to offer, but it’s so overrated as a travel destination that I just can’t bring myself to be excited about a trip to it.

  38. A stop at Jim Haynes’ house sounds like an awesome thing to do. I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m in Paris. Thanks, guys!

  39. 9:45 For our friends foreign tourists who want to visit our capital with few people, I recommend the month of August because Parisians go on vacation ! 🙂

  40. I’m French and I have to rectify something about the 15th point: Indeed, parisians are rude (actually all the rest of France hate them), but in “province”, which means the rest of France, people are adorable and polite.

  41. Hey all, Namaste from Kolkata, India! 🙏 Vagabrothers deserves 1 MILLION 100,00,00 Subscribers. Let’s wish they reach this milestone soon. ♥️🙏😍

  42. whoa so glad I found this video. i’m going to paris for the first time in three days! can always count on the vagabrothers to be my travel guides 🙂

  43. 5:29
    Could anyone tell me where’s that photo be taken ? It’s so beautiful photo spot, Merci!

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