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hallo Zusammen (Hi everyone), I’m Diana! 😀I am a Canadian expat from Toronto and I have been living and working in Berlin for 3 years at a tech startup. ☾ On my channel, I share my experiences and thoughts on living and working abroad as an expat in Germany. Thanks for your support ☮

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  1. Planning on moving, taking some time but I got to find a job, my ultimate reason is the startup scene and i love that you mentioned it.

  2. Hi, is English a common language in Germany? I am looking forward to move there

  3. You’re such a sweetheart Diana, discovered your channel recently as I am really considering to move to Germany. Thank you for being so informative and helpful with sharing your thoughts and personal experiences 💖💖💖

  4. This has been such a great list of reasons to be in Germany that I have come across so far here in youtube. I am sure this is going to help a lot in decision making for a move to Germany. Thanks!

  5. Of course we german care about other people and have festivals and no speed limit because u only live once amd why should we waste the time with more wars anymore we enjoy the life every day and work hard for this opportunity and nice to have u in Germany

  6. I work for the government and get 30 days off for vacation. That is part of our collective agreement.

  7. Hey Diana! We love your channel and the content your produce! We have just moved to Germany ourselves and will be making some videos about Germany life too! Check it out if you are interested!

  8. Health care is excellent, but we pay a lot for it and you have to wait weeks for appointments with specialists.
    Transport great. People are super unfriendly and closed.
    Berlin is not Germany.
    Highly conservative.
    Narrow & uncreative citizens.

  9. Lawrence here from Dinsmore Colony in Saskatchewan Canada, do the German’s know anything about curing MS if anybody knows PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS PROBLEM please respond

  10. how does someone move to Germany? I’ve tried looking up the restrictions and permissions etc, but it doesn’t look like I can. I was born there, my parents left when I was a baby, they’re basically Austro-Hungarian, I was born in Deutschland, but I can’t seem to get back. HOW do I get residency? even citizenship? I hate living in Australia. Always have. Desperate to find a way back to my homeland. ANY tips or info would be awesome. TIA

  11. I’m with ya! as an Ami living here in Germany for the last 3 years…. I LOVE my new life here! maybe I will make a video on my take on life here!? great video, thanks!!

  12. Great video and all good reasons for sure! I am planning to move to Bavaria later this year!

  13. thanks for all the tips, I like moving there and I look forward to have these as keyinformations.. as my dream going to be true

  14. Hi Diana, gonna move to Canada from Germany in 2021. My 18 reasons against Germany:
    1: very high taxes in Germany
    2: questionable right-wing politics on the rise
    3: way better wages in canada
    4: bad street conditions when it comes to driving a car in germany (or europe).
    5: Canada offers afordable housing, while Germany is 90% apartament-living
    6: Homophobia/racism 2020 still a big deal in german public
    7: weed = 100% illegal
    8: Canada has WAY more beautyful Nature than Germany
    9: fees for public toilets in Germany (no words…)
    10: Canada has the USA as Neighbour (to visit California, The big capitals)
    11: Two words: cheap. fuel.
    12: Socializing in Canada is much more based on a even level of respect, while germany its a lot about persons reptuation only (f.a.: being educated canadian = good raputation in germany in the first place)
    13: German healthcare sucks. You still have to pay extra cost for dentist service or not being provided with private rooms in hospitals. Try to get an appointment for a doctor, wich will take MONTHS, so lots of germans use hospital emergency service instead to avoid month-long waiting time. Healthcare/retirement for elderly people is another bottomless pit in Germany and not 100% covered by public healthcare. Lots of old people live on a minimum retirement income and have to do part-time jobs (no joke).

    14: German public transportation is NOT RELIABLE. Its expensive and despite being well-connected the train system in Germany has the worst delay rate in whole europe. The Taxi-cab fares are pure rip-off.
    15: Bad english spoken. Good luck find people that speak even simple english outside the capitals.
    16: No shopping possible on sundays.

    17: All themed “festivals” in Germany are just about 1. drinking and 2. food
    18: Streetfood in Germany is really bad and one-dimensional. It all comes down to Döner-Kebab or some Variation of WURST.

    Won’t take you to the fray, just my impression over last 25 Years in Germany. Can’t wait to go the canadian way on the long term.

  15. Am thinking of moving to Germany those who think we can hook up and be friends WhatsApp me +254718575508

  16. Could be an advertising video sponsored by Angelika Merkel LOL 🙂 … but Diana, nice video btw. keep on going with your experiences … have a nice time, cheers

  17. It is awesome to see how you got used to the German culture I think the same is happening with me here in America they have a very different culture and it is cool to experience that 👍🏻

  18. *Hi, I have been wondering about credentials needed… If anyone could provide a link, I’d appreciate it! I’m currently in school with only a crapton of retail work under my belt. I’m trying to figure out what to get my Bachelor’s in that Germany would recognize.*

  19. Hello Diana your vidios are very informative for all especially for new comers. I came here for 6 months for short term scholarship. But I am in love with Germany. So what do you advise me to stay here since the immigration policy is changing.

  20. I was in Germany for about a year for an art residency, two art shows and a class on psychology in Berlin. I want to move but I want to find a job opportunity to be there. Any information would be good.

  21. I have just discovered your channel……..you should be a national treasure in Germany because you make the perfect spokeswoman for Germany, your video was so riveting and you made it interesting so WELL DONE 🙂

    I also love Christmas and it is my favourite time of year <3

  22. It’s really nice to hear such a positive opinion about Germany. We Germans often don’t have such a positive picture of our home country ourselves. Which I think is a shame because you could appreciate the positive sides without forgetting the past or overlooking negative things.

  23. I wish to move to great Germany come September I found a job to take care of the olds which I have been doing in my country but the new immigration law is requesting for skilled labour. I am still to face the embassy in some months time. Can some one help me out. plsssd

  24. I want to move to Germany and have visited multiple times! What a great video, have to agree about Ritter Sport and Christmas culture 😉

  25. Rittersport chocolate, yes! That is a super good chocolate (im innovativen Polyethylen Knick-Pack) at a remarkably low price. I discovered it here in Canada, where I’ve lived since 1953 (we emigrated from Germany when I was only age 3). I do fully speak, read, and write German, despite living in Canada since age 3.

    Obwohl Rittersport sehr toll ist, halte ich noch immer Lindt & Sprüngli für die beste Schokolade der Welt.

  26. as a swabian i have many reasons to get out of germany today, inclusive the inventions of the usa in our country.

  27. Thank you dear for your valuable information and amazing explanation!! Really loved!!!

  28. Move to Germany – especially Berlin? We still have lots of ununsed park benches. We even have more bridges than venice – but most of them are already inhabited because we can´t build apartements as fast as people move to Berlin from all over the world. And they tell us, that this is the reason for the explosive price increase of our flats.

    I mean we couldn´t even build an airport.

  29. I’m from Canada as well and am wanting to try living in Germany. You are my new hero!

  30. If you like Christmas as much as you say, you should take the time to travel to a town in northern Bavaria (Mittel Franken). The name of the town is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. There, they have a store that only sells Christmas ornaments and things like that. As far as I know, it´s the only store of it´s kind in all of Germany! Enjoy it. Even if you don´t buy anything, it´s worth the time. I hope you have fun!

  31. I love how you explain stuff, and I did learn a few things, but please, don’t put your camera in auto-focus, it just ruins all that effort, and makes the video a bit jarring to watch 😊😁👍

  32. I’m moving to Leipzig in a matter of days. Hope I’ll manage in setting up my life in Germany.

  33. scratch no.17. getting scammed and poisened is the norm, bc of low margins (7,5€/pig which is allowed to live 6-7 month) in the food industry and to many mouths for not enough land to produce sustainable. you can produce food for 10 years without a single inspector visiting. Insecticides and pesticides not beeing allowed in germany are eaten through spanish oranges for example.

  34. Unfortunately, your view of our country is totally naive! For example: We usually don’t buy used things because we think they are great, but because everyone is broke. A vacation here is definitely nice, but living here gets worse every day. At the end of the month, most Germans ran out of money. 33% of the residents believe that our government, Angela Merkel, is a dictator. If you say something about the millions of problems you are called a Nazi. Free speech is only available here if you give the government’s given opinion again through the media. Very very afraid of losing their existence if they address problems. Hundreds of murders with knives etc. by refugees and foreign groups happen every day. Many are afraid of being public.

    Leider ist deine Ansicht über unser Land totall naiv! Zum Beispiel: Wir kaufen gebrauchte Sachen in der Regel nicht weil wir es toll finden sondern weil wie allle pleite sind. Ein Urlaub hier ist bestimmt schön aber hier zu leben wird täglich schlimmer, überall wird man abgezockt vom Staat. Am Monatsende haben die meisten Deutschen kein Geld mehr. 33% der Einwohner glauben das unsere Regierung also Angela Merkel ein Diktator ist. Sagst du etwas über die vielen Mio. Probleme wirst du als Nazi bezeichnet. Freie rede gibts hier nur wenn du die vorgegebene Meinung der Regierung duch die Medien wieder gibst. Sehr sehr viel Haben Angst ihre Existenz zu verlieren wenn sie Probleme Ansprechen. Täglich passieren hunderte Morde mit Messern etc. durch Flüchlinge und ausländische die Gruppen. Viele haben hier Angst in der Öffendlichkeit.

  35. What about language, is it acceptable too? Have you Ever felt difficult to communicate to German people?

  36. not only do you have mandatory vacation days, but your employer can actually be fined, if you don’t take them… so your employer actually has an incentive to let you use them. This is mainly to prevent things like getting paid for not using vacation days and so on.

  37. ich denk mal mit meinen kleinem hirn, und nehme an, dass man in nord amerika niemals so ein gesundheitssystem durchführen kann,weil die ärzte dort plötzlich viel weniger verdienen würden. und da lobbyismus dort sehr stark ist, könnte es kein präsident einführen so ein system wie hier. anders kann ichs mir nicht erklären. im sorry

  38. I love your hair 😊🌻🤗. Great video and I am surprised about Germany. I’m thinking in living and working abroad,maybe I should consider to Germany but I don’t know how are the options for a food engineer 😂

  39. In times when i was young asia was safe, that’s why i traveled there. Asian food still is my favourite since then. Hope the world will be available soon for every worlds citizen

  40. Haven’t been to Berlin since 2003 or so, but I’ll be attending a conference there in September of 2020. Can’t wait to visit one of my favorite cities again. Oh, and number 22 on the list: Döner!

  41. I don’t live in Germany but for me there’s no reason to move to Germany. I live in this awesome little country called the Netherlands. Germany is only a one and a half hour drive from my home but so is Belgium.

  42. Very likable video. Really! But Berlin is probably the most open minded city in Germany at all. Not this representative. – I love most #16 Ritter Sport!

  43. Hey I’m going to move to Berlin next spring, so excited and hope I could be alright there. 👐🏼

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