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  1. LINK to Hospital.. Nam Saigon Intl. Hospital

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    1. Thank you Reekay and stay safe in Cebu with your Gf….hope soon we can run to Vietnam or Malaysia, best wishes to both of you.

  2. I wish you could have talked with David about the difference in dating in Vietnam as opposed to the Philippines. Your interview was very informative thank you.

  3. Hi Henry, Interesting interview with David Foster…I considered going to Vietnam for a medical issue and there’s your interview! May I please have contact details from David regarding the hospital? Thanks, Ian

  4. Great video! Agree with the overall comments. Question though as this brings up a a good topic. Given that the healthcare is very affordable… out of pocket. Does it even make sense to get/buy any type of healthcare plan if it may be cheaper to just pay for it out of pocket for anything that happens than paying a monthly fee to a health insurance co (Safety Wing/World Nomads/Alienz). For example a plan such as Safety Wing (Cheapest I found) would have a plan for insurance ($60USD p/mth) in the event of say a major emergency such as falling off a bike and breaking some bones and you have to go to a hospital and take an ambulance which would require a $250 deductible but then they would cover 100%. So the insurance is there for emergencies but if the cost of falling off a bike/ambulance or other major emergency is cheaper out of pocket does it make sense to even get a health insurance plan considering health insurance at least for 40-49 years old with Safety Wing would cost you $720 p/yr + $250 deductible. vs just paying for anything out of pocket that may come up even in a major emergency that would require some sort of major surgery. Thoughts?

    1. the pros for self-insuring you mentioned. as for the ‘cons’… self-insuring isn’t a good idea if a major incident happens, such as heart-attack, cancer or major surgery.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea 11 confirmed cases. They start of the outbreak has just begun. I got this information from my vietnamese friend in danang.

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