24 Best Things to do in Bristol, UK

From Banksy to bridges, markets to museums, and churches to castles, this Bristol city guide shows you all the best things to do in Bristol, plus tips on where to eat, drink and stay. For more information about Bristol, visit my full guide here http://bit.ly/Bristol-Guide

Planning a trip to Bristol? Here are the top 24 things to do in Bristol, UK.

My personal favourite thing to do was see Banksy’s artwork.

Top 24 Things to do in Bristol in England

1. The Exchange – See the clock with the two-minute hands, the Nails, and St. Nicholas Market
2. See Banksy street art – From the “Well-Hung Lover” to “the Girl with the Pierced Eardrum”, there are 10 original Banksy artworks around Bristol. Here is my free walking tour http://bit.ly/BanksyTour
3. Climb Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill
4. Bristol Cathedral – Step inside one of England’s most beautiful medieval churches
5. Bristol Museum & Art Gallery – Learn about the history of our world and see Banksy’s “Painted Pot Angel”
6. Ashton Court Mansion & Estate – Wander the fields, see the deer, go hiking to relax in the outdoor café.
7. Watershed – Got to the cinemas, grab something to eat, or shop at the Watershed.
8. Spend some Bristol Pounds – This local currency supports the community.
9. The Mathew of Bristol – Visit the reconstruction John Cabot’s boat he used to go on to discover North America in 1947.
10. M Shed – Head inside M Shed to learn about the history of Bristol and see Banksy’s “Grim Reaper” and “Tesco Petrol Bomb” print
11. Climb aboard SS Great Britain – Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this is one of the most important historic ships in the world. Climb the mast and explore this incredible museum.
12. Eat at Cargo – Dine and shop in this tiny village of covergo cargo containers
13. Drink a cocktail at Hyde & Co – Enjoy a cocktail in this low-lit speak-easy set in Prohibition and inspired by New York cocktail bars.
14. Eat Vegan Junk Food at Vx – Indulge without the guilt of harming animals at this awesome vegan cafe.
15. Visit Royal West of England Academy – See incredible contemporary art set across 5 stunning and naturally lit galleries.
16. Visit Georgian House Museum – Learn about life in bristol in the 1700s and learn about the slave Pero Jones who was enslaved and lived here.
17. Stay at Brooks Guesthouse – Stay one of 4 retro rocket caravans on the rooftop. Get my full review here http://bit.ly/Brooks-Guesthouse
18. Stay at Avon Gorge Hotel – Wake up to wonderful views of Clifton Suspension Bridge. Get my full review here http://bit.ly/Avon-Gorge-Hotel
19. Royal York Crescent – Explore this one longest Crescent in Europe with 46 houses 1700s
20. See Clifton Suspension Bridge – This marvel of engineering was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel
21. Wander through Birdcage Walk – Located in Clifton, this colourful walkway runs through the grounds of an old church
22. Shop in Clifton Arcade – Shop local in 17 independent stores selling antiques, vintage clothing, and jewellery,
23. See the Giant’s Cave at the Clifton Observatory – Take the 130 steps down the tunnel to the panoramic lookout
24. Blaise Castle Estate and Museum – Explore the beautiful parklands, castle & museum where you’ll see Victorian household items.

For my full review about staying at Brooks guesthouse, visit http://bit.ly/Brooks-Guesthouse

For my full review about staying at Avon Gorge hotel, visit http://bit.ly/Avon-Gorge-Hotel

For more things to do and see in Bristol, check out my Bristol city guide here

Love Banksy? Use my free self-guided walking tour to see 10 Banksy Original artwork http://bit.ly/BanksyTour

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  1. Which one of these places do you want to visit the most? Got a question about Bristol? Ask me in the comments below 🙂

  2. Looks like a really nice place, when lockdown is lifted I’ll be making plans to move that way from Buxton.

    Loved the caravans, they are very similar to the American Airstreams.

    I would love to live in an Airstream on a few acres of land in America.

    You sound like you have a New Zealand or Australian twang in your Accent. 👍😀

  3. Ok, now take a tour thru easton, St. Paul’s, St. George, fishponds and Lawrence hill

  4. I’m originally from Bath – uk but I live in Bristol – uk I definitely recommend the M-shed museum, We The Curious, Bristol zoo and aquarium as well as The SS Great Britain and Za Za Bazar 🙂
    Make sure to check them out!

  5. I’m a Korean student and I’m going to Bristol as an exchange student this fall semester! I’m really looking forward to it😆 Thanks for an excellent video 🙂

  6. What part of town would you recommend a group of young adults stay while visiting? We like to eat, drink, explore and have fun 🙂

  7. I’m in love with Bristol. I was living there for a 2 years. And I’m still regret that I can’t live there anymore 😥😥

  8. Hi great video, I have never been to Bristol what is the main shopping centre like. Cheers

  9. It seems that in my first time in Europe I’ll arrive to Bristol, thanks a lot for all these tips. Great video!

  10. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0477095/ another terrfic movie i never watched.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Curle Keith Curle made 100 appearances for Bristol City before winning the 1988 fa cup over Liverpool, with Wimbledon for the crazy gang, before he subsequently was bought by Man City….. Also World class striker Andy Cole did his apprenticeship with Bristol city, before moving on the Man Utd.

    what about the bristol beufort fighter bombers? were they made in bristol?

  11. I expected to see the New Room Wesley’s Chapel which has had a huge impact not only in the UK, but the rest of the world.

  12. Appreciated the information on John Cabot, from Nova Scotia where the world-famous ‘Cabot Trail’ in Cape Breton Highlands lays claim that John Cabot also visited this part of Nova Scotia as well as Newfoundland, to ‘discover’ this part of North America.

  13. What a great video. I visited Bristol a while back but it looks like there is a lot I missed out on. Better plan a trip there again 😁

  14. Great Blog and videos, I want to travel to bristol… Your article deffinetly help me.
    24 Best Things to do in Bristol, UK

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