2:59’’ Tourist Attractions in Cornwall, England | abandoned lighthouse

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  1. Lonely lighthouse but very nice and still well maintained even though it’s abandoned.

  2. Great vídeo. Fantástic flight and amazing footages 👍.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Greetings from Portugal

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  5. I walked with you through this wonderful area. It is beautiful and the filming is very well done, especially the ones from the drone.

  6. I have never been to Cornwall so I watched this video with eagerness and curiosity. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. Big lk. New frnd from Scotland.

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    Light house.
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  14. Beautiful lighthouse and sunset scenery with a great landscape! Thank’s for sharing this fantastic video! 👍

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  17. All Britain is amazing, especially Scotland🍁🍁 hope i can visit oneday☺

  18. A very nostalgic view of the lighthouse! Thanks. Happy new year to you and your family!

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    Naturally, this is a rare and precious sight in Japan.
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  25. This video is absolutely stunning. The shots are so clear and professional looking. It’s movie quality and I love that light house. The scenes you capture are like art I swear. Great video I really enjoyed seeing it.

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  31. Wow! That’s beyond amazing lighthouse! Nice colors of sunset and great flight too!

  32. What a wonderful place and beautiful nature,
    Thanks for sharing your amazing work 🤗👍👏

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  43. Fantastic seaviews, it’s so wonderful to see the waves rolling in and the beautiful lighthouse in the sunset. Gorgeous! Thank you for this relaxing video.

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  50. Very beautiful footage of the lighthouse in sunset, my friend…love it! 🙂💖💖💖

  51. Lovely Footage as always. Your capturing of the beautiful nature is unique. I want to see more 🙂

  52. These places are awesome… I hope one day i could be there and paint that landscape with the lighthouse.

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  56. Amazing sunset colors. Sometimes it seems to me that living on such an island would be a better idea 😀

  57. Fantastic video from Cornwall! Beautiful lighthouse in the sunset, gorgeous drone views 🌟👌

  58. Awesome aerial views my friend 👍
    Thank you for sharing and you have a great week.

  59. Hi, beautiful location and beautiful shots … Thanks for sharing … super like !!!!

  60. Wow! Great footage my friend. Very relaxing! Gorgeous place! Fully watched. See you around my friend.

  61. Preciosas escenas del faro envuelto en una bella luminosidad. Buen vuelo. Buen trabajo. Saludos.

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