4 days travel in Kyoto Japan -attractions

Kyoto is to Japan is somewhat like Venezia (Venice) to Italy in my opinion.
I chose to travel to Kyoto instead of Tokyo as my first trip to Japan
Simply because it is feeling much more like “Japan” to me.

It is a city with both, lots of culture and things you can do for shopping still,
and Kyoto is famous for having soon many choices on food.
English speaking is another plus, international friendly 🙂
Some of the top attractions are busy areas, so better go there at night if you want some personal space.

Oh, BTW, about the train that goes from Kyoto-Nara-Osaka, you will see Nintendo’s building on it’s way – we past so fast that I couldn’t shoot a video about that though

And, Thanks for my boyfriend being with me on this trip 🙂

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