5 Japanese Things Germany Needs

In this video I am talking about 5 Japanese Things Germany Needs. Since I just moved back to Germany two months ago after living for 6 years in Japan, there are quite a few of my favorite Japanese things that I am already missing. I could talk about a lot more things but the ones I listed are for now the most relevant in my opinion. I hope you will enjoy my new Vlog style! 🙂 This video is also my first video that was completely edited on my iPad using Luma Fusion. For more information about my gear please check out the link below.

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  1. Coming from Japan:

    German public transportation…

    American: Hold my beer 😁

  2. hello just find your channel. Interesting to see compararation between japan and germany =). I have also travelled in japan and I loved the country, and i am a Brazilian/argentinian living in Germany. Oh yeah, onsen are the heaven and you can find them easily… About cleaniless both japan and Germany are awesome for me, i have lived in sao paulo (which has one of the biggest japanese comunities outside japan) and buenos aires… they are great places if you really want to know dirty cities 😁. havent been in Dusselfort but i think its a more industrial big city, there are many beautiful small clean cities around Germany =). I dont remember very well but i found public transport a quite expensive for travel distances between different cities in japan. But yes inside the city they have a awesome public transport offer, I got lost a few times in the subway in tokyo, mostly because i couldnt find the EXIT signal in english 😁. I invite you to my channel if you would like to be youtube friends, the videos are in
    spanish but with english subtittles =)

  3. I want to visit Japan in a month or two. Would be nice to get a short break from Hong Kong after all the crazy stuff that has been going on. I saw that Wanima has a concert in Osaka in the beginning of February. Maybe I’ll try to make it there. Great video. As a Finn I can say that everything is more expensive in Finland than it is in Germany. But Finland is better. You should visit there and make a impression video about it. Keep up the good work.

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