TH Nightlife 

A Carousel Pub. A Rotating Saloon. A Merry-Go-Round Bar. Pattaya, Thailand

Merry Go Round Night Life. Red light district hookers. Dizzying Drinks. Never lost my equilibrium, never got dizzy. It’s fun. It rotates at an even pace. If you love people watching, this is it. And you got all the bar-girls who want you (your $).

You’ve heard of Revolving Restaurants. It doesn’t revolve. It rotates. What’s the deal with that?

We made it to 5OO subscribers! Half way there! Thanks, guys. Dance With Me. 5OO more till the needed 1OOO. Please subscribe, share this video with your mom’s boyfriend.

I’m backpacking around the world. Been doing so since May 2016 and I’ve only made it as far as Asia. Slow as seersuckers. If you like “adult” R-rated stuff with a dab of humor, then subscribe for crying out loud.

Music by Ehrling – Dance With Me
Dance With Me by Ehrling:
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NO hidden cameras. The girls were asked about using it.


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