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A Day at Rusutsu Resort and Westin Rusutsu (Hokkaido, Japan)

After winning the “Grand Prix” of the Sakura Collection x Japan Touch Fashion Award 2018, I had the chance to go to Japan for a week to present my work during the Sakura Collection 2019 Fashion Show and to discover Japan. For the last days, we went to Rusutsu Resort and stayed at Westin Rusutsu hotel, where we did a lot of fun activities !

Thanks again to Rusutsu Resort and Westin Rusutsu for their warm welcoming !
And also thanks to the Sakura collection to make this wonderfull trip possible !

Rusutsu Resort:

Westin Rusutsu:

Sakura Collection:

– Rin’ – 沙羅雙樹 –
– Kamori Wonder lights projection’s music

I don’t own the music !

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Thanks again for watching, see you in my next video !


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