A new life in Spain? | Andalusia | VPRO Documentary

How is it to leave your country behind because the situation is not safe anymore and how is it to settle down somewhere else? Journalist Stef Biemans and his wife Audrey left their home to find a place where they can stay safe.

A year ago, Stef Biemans and his family still lived in Nicaragua, in a quiet area of the pleasant village of Masaya. But his street turned into a war zone when the country went into a deep crisis and President Daniel Ortega cracked down the protests. Stef searched for a place to stay and ended up with his wife and children in Andalusia. To find his way and get to know this part of Spain better, in this six-part series he writes letters to the inhabitants. Stef discovers Andalusia on the basis of those letters, but parallel to this story you follow his personal situation, which of course is strongly influenced by the crisis in Nicaragua.

Stef, Audrey and their children Camilo and Lucy are newcomers to Andalusia, along with thousands of people who reached Spain by boat from Africa last summer. Here they are trying to build a new future. But can you settle down somewhere else if the situation in your own country escalated? And how do people in Andalusia welcome newcomers? Are they welcome?

Director & Presentation: Stef Biemans
Research & Production: Barbara Smit
Edit: Pelle Asselbergs & Stef Biemans
Camera: Niels van Koevorden, Joost van Herwijnen
Sound: Tim van Peppen, Simone Galavazi, Jillis
Commissioning Editors: Joyce Daamen
Production vpro: Nicole Frints
Audio post-processing: Tim van Peppen
Production vpro: Nicole Frints
Color correction: Gerhard van der Beek
Production vpro: Nicole Frints
Subtitling: Daniel Naamani
Communication vpro: Bert Bentsink
Online Editors: Elmar Veerman &
Thanks to: Roel van Broekhoven

Thanks to Roel van Broekhoven, Nicole Frints, Alejandro Avila, Jeroen Goeijers, Gerhard van der Breek, Daniel Naamani, Bert Bentsink, Elmar Veerman, Thomas van Manen, Hadewich van Daalen, Üelle Asselbergs, Audrey Sanchez

Original title: Nieuwkomers – Brieven aan Andalusië (1/6)
8 september 2019

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  1. Excelente documental, el punto de vista del “racismo” es distinto entre las nacionaidades y además entre distintas personas dentro de una misma nacionalidad. Pero creo en lo que dice la persona de color “Así nací y no tengo por que ocultarlo ni sentirme venrgüenza por eso” y poara mi, justamente racismo sería denigrar lo que naciste, sino pregúntale a Michael Jackson…

  2. Sometimes racism shouldn’t be taken too seriously because it can still bring a good laugh. I liked that racist jokes. I remember calling my Chinese descendant friend a “fake Chinese” just because he don’t eat pork and don’t understand mandarin lol. But make sure to say these kind of sensitive dark-jokes stuff only to your very best friend or else one will be offended.

  3. Nicaragua was a Spanish colony so they speak the same language and can integrate with no problems. Unlike others that have gone there.

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