A Visit to Shangri-La Resort – Mactan, Philippines

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  1. Shangri La Mactan site: http://www.shangri-la.com/cebu/mactanresort/
    It was ‘Olongo’ Island.. (my video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfL1p_25s34
    Maribago Grill Resto Video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHzl6NgDTh4
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  2. Hi Reekay, How much is to stay in a resort like this one? and is this considered a 5 star?
    Did you stay here long term? if so does the price drop to being alot more affordable or no?

  3. Expensive, the staff was so nice!! Horrible traffic, but the resort had everything!! I think we were the only Americans there! Dominated by Asians

  4. Hey Henry. Did you get a day pass there? How much was it and did it include lunch or dinner and all amenities? Will be on Mactan in November this year.

  5. I was in Cebu recently and they don’t offer day passes for the beach anymore. It is crazy expensive still.

  6. Its a swanky place no doubt about it…The walk in rate 15 years ago (when I was there) was in excess of $330 per night and that was a “basic” room ~ We moved on down the road to cheapsville…I’d imagine you could get an advanced reservation (Corp rate/Shangrila members rate) for $250 or so…Its out of my league for certain…Pork belly for P850…LOL

  7. I stopped here on my first visit ….absolutely fantastic , beautiful beach ….expensive back in 2004 , I guess it still is ….

  8. I stayed there for few days in 2015, its my favorite compared to Movenpick and Plantation bay. I love the white beach and the jet ski, you can see little fishes, excellent service, beautiful landscaping, the buffet was awesome and I had great memories. I will come back again Shangri La.

  9. * Thank you Henry for another informative video. I remember in one of your videos you were in Incheon Seoul airport & mentioned about shower accessibility! I will be in Incheon airport next week & I have to stay there till my flight time at 3 AM. That’s why I can’t stay in hotel that night, since I have to be in airport around 12 midnight after a tiring day in DT Seoul. Would you mind to tell me how to access the shower & rest area. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks for the tip on the Loctote Bag… I wasn’t familiar with it. I was getting tired of hanging on for dear life to my leather shoulder bag every time I travel someplace and need to lay it down for a while. I’ve ordered a Loctote and look forward to using it on my next trip to PH.

  11. Good afternoon Henry do you have any contacts in real estate in dumangeti I’m thinking of moving there in the next four weeks

  12. Reekay, the only problem i had with this video is that,,,,,” it didnt look like phils” or feel like it, hahaha,,,, i could have gone to the bahamas for that, or even hawaii, or anyhwere in the caribbean,,, hahahah, lol…… Wheres Phils? haha LOL,.. Getaway Holiday !!! hehe

  13. That’s a nice place. I was on Mactan Island last year in November and when I took a tour around the mid to eastern part of the Island we went past this place. If I’da stayed there I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t explored the rest of the Island. Lol.

  14. Did you spend the night? Would like to have seen a room. Great vid. Thanks for the tour. Went to Plantation resort down the road from them. Thought it a bit humid there, but very relaxing. You say the air is better there? The Plantation day pass included free lunch buffet. Same there?

  15. Upscale was the key term for this one. It takes a lot (overhead) to operate a nice resort like that and Shangri La is certainly a nice one. Worth it. One of the things some people may not know, the amenities in a resort like this one include everything imaginable. Nice place to spend some relaxing time. Nice video, glad to see you back in the saddle doing the informational videos.

  16. Very nice place and atmosphere.
    Is the new mega casino, resort, and airport development still going ahead in Mactan?

  17. Reekay, I’m staying near Ayala. We should get together and settle the issues once and for all.

  18. Don’t you have videos discussing how to become a teacher an English teacher if you do could you please post the link thank you

  19. Very pretty. That’s nice point of view for those that want to experience PI for the resort aspect.

  20. Hi,

    Sure it’s a good place to stay but very expensive for me can’t afford this …..
    Thanks to share this

  21. Nice video, a really nice resort, how much for one night there. May I also ask what was the name of that bag you had? Regards Frank

  22. Thanks for posting Reekay. Some of my wife’s richer relatives spent some time at that Resort a couple of weeks ago. That buffet looked very good!

  23. Thanks for the memories ReeKay when me and my wife met in 2014 she worked at the Gift Shops in Shangri-La Resort. Nice Place! But very Mahal (Expensive). 1st Class service for sure!

  24. Hola Henry todavia por Cebu??nice,,Bueno si yo tubera algun amigo que me imbite ..seria super jajaja se ve muy carito ,El unico que me anime a quedarme ya hace 2anios fue en SOPHITEL EN MANILA great restaurant el SPIRAL Y bien carito ,,jajajajaj OK muy interesante el resort PRONTO ESTARE por Philippines otra ves..saludos A mi me encantan las buganvillas..

  25. in my opinion, Shangri-La is still the premier beach resort on mactan after all these years!

  26. I will assume your friend is checked in the hotel. did you have to pay to swim? or is it free as a guest of your friend?

  27. reekay that place is stunning,looks like it needs its own postcode its that big,i think i would have to sell my left kidney to stay there.thanks for showing me,cheers

  28. I was able to stay at the Shang for a couple of months back in 2008. A first class resort as are most of the Shangri La properties. It’s VERY secure. Henry didn’t mention the 1/4 mile drive up to the hotel after passing thru the security gate. Even at 2 or 3 in the morning, there are staff stationed around the property. When you stay as long as I did (yes I was working), the staff become family and you become very attached to them. I can’t say enough about this resort. It’s a bucket list kinda place.

  29. Looks really nice. I wish I was there but I’m in the states dealing with bullshit from other people. I spend more time dealing with people that want to lie, cheat, and steal from me then actually going out there and making their own money. It’s a damn shame! Being honest and hard working is not a desirable trait anymore in America. We’re in the age of the death of comedy, music, fun and human decency.

  30. pay 3000 peso to get a room or your not going in. How can the hotels own the whole beach .
    Its like a war zone there so many Cops and Police dogs

  31. I would like to live in such a wonderful place and going only time to time to the big and loud city.
    Are there any condominium s with this standard in Mactan?

  32. Thanks Henry! I stayed there my first few visits to Cebu. Shangri-La is fantastic, but super pricey! Haha. It was really nice to see the place again.

  33. Nice Video, That resort was only my list of possible places to stay for a while when I am in the area. You helped their business a bit, I will now stay there for a few days😀

  34. I hate driving to Mactan, way to much traffic. That place is very expensive for my taste. Nice video, thanks for the info.

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