ABSTINENCE-ONLY?! Sex Education USA vs. Germany | German Girl in America

Official regulations in Germany▸00:02:13 | Personal experiences in Germany▸00:03:31 | Sex Ed in the USA overview▸00:08:36 | Interview with American friends▸00:09:59 | Statistics on Sex ed in the US & Teen pregnancies▸00:19:43 | My personal opinion▸00:22:20
About me: Hi there! My name is Felicia (Feli) and I’m from Munich, Germany. I’m 25 and have spent about two years in total in Cincinnati, Ohio where I first did an exchange semester, then an internship, and then attended graduate school. In my videos, I am talking about cultural differences between America and Germany, things I like and dislike about living there, and other experiences that I have made during my time in the States. Let me know what YOU would like to hear about in the comments below. DANKE 🙂
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  1. I am aware that this is a very sensitive topic but it is one that has been on my mind for a while and I’m glad that I finally got to finish a video on this and share it with you guys! I am sharing my personal view on this topic in this video. You do not have to agree with me and are welcome to share your arguments and opinions in the comments as long as you stay objective and don’t insult anyone. Thank you guys for watching and for your support! 🙂

  2. When is the US going to enter the nineteenth century? Ignorance in this and other issues is not bliss. Abstinence is working so well when it comes to dealing with the drugs problem.

  3. Oh boy, that old bugaboo…SEX!

    Americans will always have it like this with sex because they live in a theocracy and until that blessed day comes when they muster the courage to send all those evangelical freeloaders and other religious hacks packing, they will be like this, hypocritical and duplicitous (sp? English is not my native tongue).

    How else can you explain all the political sex scandals? On one hand, publically, the perfect family men/women. Privatelly though, Sodom seems like Sunday school! 😛

  4. Americans are very oppressed about sex, even the more liberal states if you compare to much of Europe. Their laws and beliefs are so out of date and too conservative, the religious nuts are so ridiculous about sex Its evil and you’ll go to hell, etc etc

  5. I think the United States places a great deal more emphasis families teaching such things. My experience with my son is very different from my experience with my father. I learned from school and the streets (not a good way in general). I made sure that I would have lunch conversations every month with my son where we became more comfortable discussing what was or was not on his mind. We also discussed respect for women as well as understanding ourselves. I found some of these conversations to be some of the most bonding I have had with my son. That does not replace school, but I would recommend it to augment what you believe is right or wrong with the public education.

  6. There are many different cultures in the US. in one culture the guys could date outside their culture but the girls could not. In one culture the grandmothers wanted their granddaughters to have babies so they could hold their great grandchild. They started pressure their grand daughters at 13. Older girls (seniors) wanted babies because it was cool and their mothers would take care of the babies. Would sex ed had helped?

  7. In America, the social, emotional, and spiritual consequences of sex simply aren’t taught, but only the absolute basics of physiology, birth control, and abortion. The recent emphasis on abstinence is due in part to the fact that after three generations of liberal sex ed, American women are starting to discover that engaging in premarital sex using birth control, while temporarily avoiding pregnancy, can result in permanent avoidance of marriage. Sadly, I know of too many women, who after fooling around in their younger days, must make the difficult choice between a man they don’t want to marry, or never getting married at all. When they are young, women really don’t grasp the significance their virginity plays in a man’s decision to marry, or merely sleep with them. By the time they meet the sort of man they would like to marry, it’s already too late. The statistics bear this out – in America, after 40 years of “liberal” sex ed, we have the highest STD rates, highest out-of-wedlock birth rates, highest divorce rates, and lowest marriage rate in more than a century. If birth control worked as promised, it would be the other way around.

  8. Wow, thank you for that super professional, high quality and informative video! Rare on YT but so important! Didn’t knew a lot about sex education in the US and I am a bit shocked about the poor education to be honest. Even more important that you did this video! 🙂

  9. Ich bin spät zur Party, aber auch von mir ein Riesenlob für das differenzierte und überzeugende Video. Zeigt für mich, dass du auch heiße Eisen anpacken und sachlich und überzeugend besprechen kannst, ohne zu “judgemental” zu werden. Wirklich toll gemacht.

  10. As a sex educator in Germany I can tell what many schools do besides educating students on their own.
    There are different places where sex educators work that you can go to to create a more private and intimate atmosphere for the students. I for example work with my male colleague and we split the classes into whoever feels like they belong to the boys or the girls. They prepared questions beforehand and I read them out so we can discuss them. That makes it even more anonymous and in my experience students tend to ask the “important” questions because of this, the ones they maybe wouldn’t ask in class.
    Besides Puberty and birth control they ask a lot about feelings, relationships and body image. In my opinion that’s just as important as the “normal” sex education toppics, that are unfortunately not always talked about in schools.

    Maybe that’s an interesting fact as well 🙂

  11. Whadaya meeeean it isn’t “required to be medically accurate”? If it’s anything else, how is it considered education!? What kinda system is that?! And to all Americans reading this, don’t “We-know,-it-sucks” me! That shit is unacceptable.

  12. I’m a German girl and this video shocks me! The sex education in the US is terrible. I’m so happy to got German sex education.
    My experience were a bit other. The first time we talked about this topic in school I was in primary school. We talked about things like pregnancy and how babies grow in the mother. It wasn’t about the sex or something like that… the next time we had this topic I was in 7th grade or something like that. We learned about all the stuff she metioned in this video and the n there was one lesson were boys and girls were separated and we had a female teacher. While this lesson we learned how to use an condom and tampons and we could ask her our questions.

    Sorry for the bad english🙈

  13. In NRW, it was pretty similar to your experiences. In 4th grade, we firstly had sex education and the teachers asked the parents to talk about it with us, even befoer it started ( and my primary school was strictly protestant, but nobody ever complained about this). Later in 6th grade, we went on a trip to a women center, that was much likely to the one you talked about. After this, we didn´t really have sex ed anymore, because my teacher in 9th grade thought, my class was too chaotic for this topic. Still sexuality was mentioned in neary every class and by nearly every teacher, as far as it showed up in a text for example and although the student were a bit ambaressed to talk about it with their teachers, it was the teachers duty to inform and to teach us, so they let us giggle and continued. Maybe, Germany is just a bit more open about this, like my mother,( who is a priest ) who firstly took me to a nudity sauna with her when I was 9. But one big difference would be, that my parents would never allowe me to sleep over at my boyfriend´s. I have a friend that is a boy and when I wanted to sleep at his place, my mother called his mother to discuss, if this was alright for her. After that episode, it was never a problem for her again.

  14. All I know is that Felicia is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen! I could listen to her musical voice all day long. 🙂 Marry me, Felicia!

  15. My son asked me about the pregnant girls in my high school, his teacher had asked him to do so; I told him that in my high school simply there were not pregnant girls, and this is true. They were other times, other customs. When I was taking German classes I met a beautiful German girl, I was talking to her about being my girlfriend and she was open and receptive about my requests. One day I followed her after work and she went to the house of her boyfriend who lived alone and spent a long time in his house. I had to renounce her, I valued virginity. I like a book about the theme: Das grösste Wunder ist der Mensch – Antwort auf die sexuelle Konter-Evolution. By Dr. Siegfried Ernst. His thesis is that by abusing sex man goes against evolution and it can be observed among other things in the arts like music for example. I remember writing a paper in school about The Fatherless Society and I think this a consequence of sex abuse. I mean that sex is not only about pleasure but it has consequences in the lives and happiness of other people.

  16. Sex Ed in England is sort of a mix between the two. We got told about sex and contraception/abortions etc but not until around the age of 15 (a little to late in my opinion) but still more open then bible belt america

  17. The funny thing is if you ask conservative Americans, they’ll often act as if the public schools are simply pumping all our kids full of sexual knowledge but the more I talk to kids in the schools (including my own) they teach so little about it! The circle I grew up in was very strict about that. Anytime I was alone with a girl they acted like I was courting hellfire. I can say from observation and personal experience a lot of people who grew up under the notion that you should never touch or be intimate with another person often end up in bad relationships because the first time they kissed a member of the opposite sex or whatever they decided they had to get married whether or not they were a good fit. It’s funny that the rest of the world sees us as hopelessly outdated and so many Americans will tell you how the public education system is so godless and liberal! But I agree with you–acting like it’s dirty and not properly educating the kids does NOT serve anyone well! And teaching them the facts in a professional, calm attitude will be better than letting them pick it up here and there and be embarrassed by it. Sorry for such a long response–thank you for the video, well done as always!

  18. Interesting, I was just looking at teen pregnancy rates , Germany and the US are pretty close, the US at a low of 18.8% and Germany was high at 17 per thousand age 19 years old in 2017 . If you look at statistics. Countries that educate appear by the numbers , have a lower teen pregnancy rate.

  19. Did they mention the magical pill screws up your hormones, what happens when you get off the pill and the risk of developing breast cancer for what you have sown?

  20. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and my first sex ed class (I had it in 5th-8th grade, moved to a bigger city in KY before 7th grade) was taught by the health teacher who was also a local pastor. Like many places, we were shown a video of a baby being born. What made it awkward was that it was a home video of the pastor’s wife, who we all knew…

  21. In Austria we had something called the “love talks” where we went to different locations like a gynecologist, a urologist, a youth center and the local hospitals delivery suite. There were also mediators, police and people from women’s center coming to school to talk about different topics. This was a class project that followed us the whole year. I was really glad that I didn’t have to talk to my mom about it because back then that was really embarrassing for me.

  22. “Can I get pregnant from kissing”

  23. Many girls got pregnant because our dumb public H.S. near Virginia Beach didn’t even teach sex ed. I was so bored with stupid classes, I read college level books in H.S. and corrected the many errors of dumb teachers who barely graduated college. My friends and I laughed at the ignorant and foolish teachers. I later became an AI scientist, which I had done back in H.S. for fun.

  24. In our dumb public high school near Virginia Beach, there was no sex education and many girls got pregnant. I was so bored with dumb classes, I read college books in H.S. and often argued with ignorant teachers who barely graduated college, no kidding. We didn’t have sex education classes, but I didn’t miss it because I read it all myself. I later became an AI researcher, as I did it back in H.S. for fun.

  25. In our dumb public high school near Virginia Beach, there was no sex education and many girls got pregnant. I was so bored with dumb classes, I read college books in H.S. and often argued with ignorant teachers who barely graduated college, no kidding. We didn’t have sex education classes, but I didn’t miss it because I read it all myself. I later became an AI researcher, as I did it back in H.S. for fun.

  26. Sometimes I think I would have a very difficult time as an American Immigrant in Germany…especially if my kids were going to a German public school. Granted, I do remember that I had a difficult time in school with questions I had and the curiosity that came with sex. It was not until I got married at the age of 37 that EVERYTHING came together.

  27. it is much better to be open and honest and be as objective as possible. I remember that it was a big day in high school that the girls went to one class and the boys went to another class. I believe it was fairly comprehensive no real pictures but drawings, no big focus on abstinence but some focus on STDs I think it was about 10th grade so sophomore year of high school so I was about 14 years old. my dad used to tell me if I had premarital sex I would get syphillus lose my mind and the only job I would be able to get would be garbage collector, or I would get a girl pregnant have to quit school get married and the only job I would be able to get would be garbage collector. So I waited until after I graduated High School to be sexually active.

  28. Thank you for creating this excellent, informative video!

    I do want to point out one thing that is completely unrelated to the content of the video. I know in German you “make experiences”, but in English, you “have” or “had experiences”!

  29. haha this started a fight between my father am i..
    were a christian family. and for a long time i had horrible feelings about sex, shit even just saying the words penis and vagina, that was always like a ‘bad word’
    which is ridiculous… but i have a toddler.. and when she gets to the age of 12 or 13 were going to have the talk.. im going to ask her if she wants to be on birth control
    if its something she feels she needs…
    i always want her to feel open and honest with me. i want her to feel safe enough to ask me questions she has..
    my dad thinks thats just me giving her free run to be a whore and have sex with whoever she wants whenever she wants..
    but its not that.. i mean for me, my sister was 13 when she got pregnant with my oldest nephew…
    i do not want to be a grandmother that early. its not me giving her permission or my blessing to sleep with who ever she wants..
    for me its knowing teenagers are going to be teenagers… i was a teen once, and i know things happen… im not naive, ignorant nor am i stupid.
    and i would much rather her be safe and responsible if she is going to be sexually active.. which come on.. teenagers are. most are atleast.
    my dad will never agree with me, but he is not her father..
    i mean i once had a condom break when i was 16. (in a committed relationship, with the same man im still with weve been together for 10 years)
    but i was so terrified… i went to one of my friends house to talk to her mom because i was so scared… so i NEVER want my daughter to feel that way..
    i want her to feel comfortable enough with me to come to me with questions and concerns!!! i think the USA could take some notes from germany on his subject!!

  30. WA state just made it mandatory to do health education on gender and sex started in Kindergarten to high school. That how Netherland do it in school too. They have lower pregnancies. There a Documentry on sex education about USA vs other develop country.

  31. Its weird that in England we are sterotyped as prudish but our sex education is nowhere near as prudish as in America. We have our first sex-ed class at 10 years old and watched video featuring full nudity, intercourse, and birth. Ours sounds very similar to Germany in fact.

  32. It’s really bad in Asian. We learned nothing about sex. Our parents don’t allow us until marriage. It’s fucking outdated but teenagers can’t do anything.

  33. I live in Fairfax County, Virginia USA. I’m 38 years old (born in December 1981). When I was in 5th grade and up (1992 and forward I think), my parents had to sign a consent form before each sex ed unit. I tend to remember that is guys were given more information on the male end of things. As I recall, we were taught about condoms and some stuff, but were taught mainly that the only sure way to be sexually safe is to abstain. I feel that I would’ve done well to be provided with more information. For instance, I don’t know how to put on a male condom because I was being penalized during class that day. The policy for content taught in class was a lot like Las Vegas … what’s said in class, stays in class. I kind of understand that, but I missed that key part. And no one caught me up. Thank you for this video.

  34. I had sex Ed in California but my parents were religious so it was the devil and I never had any such communication with my parents.

  35. Or you could look at Washington State which is trying to pass a bill to teach early elementary kids (starting around age 5) how to have sex, sex positions, oral sex, etc. The curriculum is so graphic that the video feed for the legislation hearings had to have a graphic content warning. Just look it up: ESSB 5395

  36. Teaching abstinence only is mostly just in the “bible belt”. I’m American & I was taught comprehensive sex education in school for multiple years – you can’t judge an entire country as big as the US on of one place you’ve lived

  37. You having an amazingly great “American Accent” . We do not have a similar govt IMHO. 1st, 2nd, amendment is very special to us.

  38. In my experience with dating American women, I always have a condom with me when I think sex will come up. Usually during the heat of the moment, I will say “are you sure you are ok with this?” And the woman will say something like “Yes, keep going” but then I will say “hang on one sec” while I reach for a condom, and a good few times, the women were fuming saying “condoms are so uncomfortable” and would insist I don’t use one. I’ll be honest, I enjoy casual sex with women I don’t know very well, so I do not trust them to be on birth control because there is no way for me to know if they are and if they are consistent with it if it is something like the pill. It sure would be great if guys could take a pill, but I’m sure women would be upset about that too.

  39. I just want to say that I thank your awesome very inspiring and it’s wonderful what you do with your videos . I don’t think you should ever 2nd guess yourself . because you are super professional and I’m more than sure your dedication and decisions to make or not make videos is more than up to par . Also if I might add it is hypnotizing and relaxing not to mention very informative these videos you compose . I absolutely enjoy them . please do continue . God speed and God bless .

  40. You look too happy when talking about this topic; like your holding back laughter. Much like what it’s referred to as “duper’s delight.”

  41. Good topic. I recently watched a great documentary about the horrible state of sex education in America. I wasn’t aware it was so bad throughout the country. Sex education was actually done pretty well, from what I remember, where I live here in the northeast. I’m 28 so it was a long time ago, but I clearly remember my 65 year old teacher putting a condom on her prop, affectionately named “Mr. Woody”, like it was yesterday. It was an extremely uncomfortable class lol, but very necessary. There are definitely negative consequences to American kids going completely without exposure to proper professional sex education. A lot of kids these days are getting exposed to pornography on their smart phones before receiving ANY important education, if at all, which is obviously detrimental to a developing adolescent mind. Others live in extremely religious environments that discourage any type of conversation whatsoever.

  42. Wow, seriously well produced and researched! This must have taken you forever. Very well done! Als US-Amerikaner in Deutschland habe ich mich oft gefragt, wie die Unterschiede aussehen … keine Überraschung leider.

  43. When I was 14 I wrote a letter to the Dr Sommer team. And the letter got printed..bravo sure did help me a lot growing up.

  44. A funny question in Bravo Magazin… I try to translate it correctly. Boy 14 years old asked Dr. Sommer: “I have sex with my girlfriend since two weeks now. She’s pregnant now in the 3rd month. Are my sperms really that strong?” 😂😂😂 no joke unfortunately. These kids should wait until they knowledge is better and they growing up more… My daughter is 12 now. And she can ask me anything if she has questions. When she is ready to talk she know I listen to her… My mum talked about it to me and she is Catholic (all my family) and with no sex before marriage adduced. But better to be open then risk a teenager pregnancy. That has nothing to do with religion. It’s human thing. And I am Catholic but also realistic. Gut gemacht Felicia. 👍👍❤️

  45. I have heard females in Germany are very promiscuous compared to American standards. That it is not uncommon for females in their young 20s to have had 20 or more partners already. Is this true? Do you think this elaborate sex education might have contributed to over sexualizing German youth, while promoting low reproduction rates?

  46. Do most Christians in Germany believe in following the bible on not having sex before marriage?

  47. Don’t take data from the UN, according to them climate change should’ave killed 1/4 of humanity by 1989.

  48. After seeing this, since my daughter is in school, I rushed to check out whether Maryland requires abstinence to be stressed. Fortunately it doesn’t – MD only requires it to be mentioned. In all other respects, MD is pretty liberal. I’m English (though I’ve been living in the US for 30 years), and when I went to school in England in the 1970s, we were taught comprehensive sex education. So it seems many parts of the US are at least 50 years behind Europe in this regard. It’s embarrassing really.

  49. Hello my name is Bhagat Singh Rawat my from India Rajasthan you picture I am requesting I like it

  50. I had sex education in the 6th grade in the state of Illinois and it was very similar to what you described in Germany. I moved to Texas right before I started high school an found out there is no mandatory sex education for students. The only sex education students in Texas got (at least where I went to school) is in health class which is an elective credit and not necessary for graduation.

  51. in Germany the laws are different around age and consent as well you should discuss that. Here you could be labeled a rapist for sleeping with someone that’s 17. once labeled your persecuted for the rest of your life and put on lists.

  52. Sexual education is better across Europe than it is in the United States. Apparently young people are raised to stupidity in the United States.

  53. Are you Catholic or not. If you are, abide by their rules. If you are not, make up your own rules because the Pope and the Catholic Church has no control over you.

  54. As a member of the Roman Catholic Church, I doubt that the Pope would approve of two unmarried teens sleeping together at their parent’s house.

  55. This why Germany and the majority of non-Catholic based European countries are completely LOST and represent the downfall of their societies and cultures. Go to the Netherlands, Germany or Scandinavia and you will find that God and a living a pure lifestyle is totally absent from family life. Similarly, in some countries there are more unborn children being aborted than being actually born … what an absolute HORROR. Thank God for countries like Italy 🇮🇹 and Poland 🇵🇱 for maintaining their religiosity and moral lifestyle. Germany 🇩🇪 has been completely destroyed by their lack of morals and Angela Merkyls horrific migrant migration policies.

  56. “Sex in America is an obsession. In Germany it’s simply a fact of life.” Marlene Dietrich

  57. This makes me wonder what the drug and mental health education are like in Germany. Our puritanical society is causing so much damage and it really pisses me off.

  58. I did not have sex education in school. I’m curious if in the US, Germany, or other countries the potential religious concerns are mentioned. It seems to me that if we believe it is important to have factual information regarding what contraception exists and where to get it, factual information about what different religions teach about sex and contraception could also be important (not presented to say one has to believe those religious assertions or not, but that it is something that informs the choices many people make about sex).

    I have a hunch that part of the reason conservative Americans are against Sex Ed is that they sense the topic is presented in a way that largely ignores the conservative viewpoint. Did you have any exposure in Sex Ed to religious perspectives about sex and contraception?

  59. I have never been an advocate of abstinence only. That said, it should be mentioned at some point as, to my knowledge, the only 100% proven way to avoid pregnancy and STDs.

  60. This is so embarrassing and sometime abstinence from sex can’t work and need real sex education and not from the Bible

  61. I went to a catholic school and we had no sex Ed whatsoever we had a theology of the body but it said nothing I learned everything from the internet not porn but videos like this

  62. We Americans are so conflicted and hypocritical about sex! On one hand, our culture is saturated in sex, from porn to Victoria’s Secret to pro football cheerleaders. On the other hand, we want our daughters to be virginal in all things, even though many of us weren’t when we were young. Religious prohibitions are severe, and many are so uncomfortable talking about sex that they send their kids out with no relevant information or education on the subject. No wonder the US such a high rate of teen pregnancy and STD infections! We are providing our daughter with information needed to navigate her soon-to-be-adult world.

  63. Yeah the American religious right wing is ridiculous and thinks this abstinence No sex until you’re married bull crap is the way to go. Clearly it’s not working it’s a bad idea and it’s ridiculous

  64. Excuse my verbiage, but abstinence only education is literally “fucking for virginity”. Hence why the majority of abstinence-only sex ed schools typically have higher pregnancy rates and higher incidences of STDs. However one feels about the substance of it, it seems to not work as far as practicality.
    Also, well done on your research for this video!

  65. I went to Catholic and public schools in Massachusetts in Maine in the eighties.

    In my Catholic grade school we had books on human biology with the naked man and woman just like you had in Germany. In middle school in Maine, we had a woman from Planned Parenthood showing us how to put a condom on a small zucchini.

    In high school, we had the full course on contraceptives, venereal disease, abortion. We were also told about the difference between “intercourse” and “outercourse.” We also had a presentation by Maine Right to Life on abortion (which seems pretty crazy to me, looking back on it, given how fraught the politics of all this were and are even more so today) which was just as graphic as all the pictures we’d previously seen of genitalia afflicted with various sexually transmitted diseases.

    Then, we had a Planned Parenthood “non directive ethics” section where we were told all about the law regarding pregnancy (if you are male, and get a girl pregnant, you have no say on what happens to your child: she can abort, give the child up for adoption, or keep it without marrying you, in which case you will have to pay child support until the child is 18) and then told we needed to figure out how we were supposed to behave based on that information.

    It was all enough to put a a teenager of sex altogether, forever.. Which I suppose was the objective. The planet can’t handle more babies, and our parents wanted us to behave ourselves, after all..

  66. The problem in the U.S. is that a lot of conservatives either are afraid of factual knowledge, or don’t know what that even is.

  67. One thing that I didn’t know till I was about 30, is that women can only become pregnant for 5 days or so in a month. I thought women could get pregnant at any time, and was paranoid every time I had sex. Now, that doesn’t mean that the other days, I would have not worn protection.. because I would have. Mainly, because I’ve had health issues all my life, and did not want to get disease I could easily prevent.

    I’m incredibly picky and over-cautious on alot of things, and sex and alot of partners is one of those things. I do believe it is correct that if you have alot of partners, it is harder to bond with your partner that’d you’d wanna be with for your lifetime. Better to have less partners, and make it special with that one person, looking back in hind-sight as a 45 year old.

  68. I am totally with you. Also in my opinion it is important to teach about birth conrol, health savety, etc.. I totally understand the religios concerns because a lot of americans are way more relgios than germans. However, also in marriage it´s good to know about birth control, etc. It´s fine to mention abstinence as savest way or to discuss in religion class but I think it´s important to teach knowlegde of how your body works.

  69. I am a dinosaur, being born in 1968 and went to school through the seventies and eighties. I saw the debates and cultural conflict unfolding in the news , though as a child and youth I had no comprehension. There was no real sex ed throughout my primary and secondary schools. The Health Classes that passed for it were merely reproductive biology with some STD scare tactics. I never knew anything about condoms or other forms of prophylactic measures . I learned by experience as a college student. I agree that this factual and practical education needs to be taught , at least when puberty is near at hand!

  70. “Can I get pregnant from kissing.”….I feel like that question might have actually been different and perhaps you didn’t want to be so explicit lol

  71. Some states in America still don’t properly educate people which is just insane. Schools shouldn’t be governed by religion. It should be a country wide thing to make girls know they can go to a clinic and get the pill, and guys to know well there is no shame in buying condoms.

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