This trip to Kamikochi resort in the Japan Alps was decided by me all of a sudden at 10pm and at 6am had to leave Tokyo and had no hotel booked for the night! but Kamikochi has a Hotels Association who knows where there are rooms still available in the town and given the exorbitant prices of all hotels in this town they recommended me Alpen Hotel where I could have a somewhat fancy capsule bed in a ladies dormitory for $110 a night including hot spring, dinner and breakfast. Lucky that only one more person was sharing the dormitory and it was way cooler than I expected! It was the 2nd time in my life to not have a private room but actually there were curtains around the bed and charger for the phones and all in all new and very clean as the hotel was renovated in 2018! For a single room you would pay $260 and some $450 for two persons so you understand that we don’t talk cheap here! The expensive rooms also get even cooler food sets! The SPA hot spring was a great relief after a day of mountain trekking and they even have a cute gift shop! Most of all I am so very thankful to the staff who were so kind to let me walk around with their Croc shoes after I ruined my feet in my boots during climbing that difficult rocky trail and they even allowed me to take their shoes to Tokyo as I threw my boots away right there! That being said, I was totally right to climb that other mountain in Japanese Zōri flipflops! And so wrong to come here with actual shoes! Immensely grateful to ALPEN HOTEL for the Croc shoes and for being so wonderful with me throughout my stay! Can’t wait to go there again in spring!!


  1. kampai🍻 Asahi the 🥇nihongo dioso desu ne😘best place and kawai kawai 🧝🏻‍♀️😍👋💫🌏

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