Alternatives to the Philippines? Happy Independence Day USA & Happy Filipino American Friendship Day

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July 4th happens to be Independence Day in the USA and Filipino American Friendship Day in the Philippines. We talk a little about that and we discuss other countries where you can “wait things out” until The Philippines opens again to foreigners.

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  1. Hi. Is Grab available in Cebu for rides? I need to get from the ferry terminal to the airport at the end of the month.

  2. July 4th was celebrated as Philippine Independence Day before. For almost half a century Philippine was a colony of the United States ( after The Treaty of Paris). Officially, Philippine gained its total Independece from the US on July 4th, 1945. Why the change of date since 1962? Because of sheer politics at that time. The date June 12 as the present Philippine Independence Anniversary Day is incorrect, historically speaking.

  3. Sounds like an incredibly annoying situation with the Quarantine passes there. Luckily, when I went out to the Metro on Thursday in Central Bloc, they were still accepting the barangay passes with an I.D. No lines, the police help desk was gone and the store wasn’t busy and no lines in the check outs. I read somewhere that the local government was holding 10k of passes, hopefully they’ll cut some of them loose to your area.

  4. happy birthday! USA, you’re in the good spot of development in the visayas region

  5. Hey Jason, how are you doing my friend? Just wanted to wish you a very happy independence day. Philippines 2021. 😊

  6. QR passes do not protect you from COVID19. It’s the facemask, hand sanitizer, disinfection and social distancing that slows down the infection rate as this is a respiratory infection. They’re starving people with ECQ, GCQ and MECQ with very little food assistance. Those with limited resources can not survive on a four month or more quarantine. They should start opening the economy.
    Happy 4th of July.

  7. Only in the Philippines does BS like that happen. That gov is so inept and useless. Yeah I’m ranting. Be safe bro.


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