Avoid this SCAM Pharmacy in Indonesia. 🇮🇩

The last place that you’d think would try to scam you would be a pharmacy in a non-touristic area, right?

All medication in Indonesia is stamped with it’s retail price. However this pharmacy in Sumatra has a policy of charging foreigners more than double. The medication I asked for was 22,000 for Locals and 50,000 for foreigners apparently.

The way to deal with such unscrupulous behaviour is to walk away and find an honest business to give your money to. Sometimes it may not seem like a big deal when you know you’re being ripped off for a couple of bucks but if you willingly allow yourself to be scammed then you’re just encouraging the scammers and making it harder for the next potential victim. Next it will be 3x the price, then 4x, and more as long as they can get away with this kind of behaviour.

But a better way is to put them on YouTube and expose their terrible practices to the world.

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  1. I feel sorry for you man, but i think most cashiers (they aren’t pharmacist) indonesia just wants to benefit from tourists … but not all of the local pharmacy store is like that. (There are other shady type of store as well tho)

    So if you encounter them, please just leave and search for other store.

  2. Good thing you didn’t buy them, she literally coughed on them right in front of you with no shame lol..god works in mysterious ways!

  3. Don’t eat food at small stall in Indonesia, they’ll double up the price if you’re a foreigner..

  4. I think she can’t speak english. So she doesn’t understand how to handle your complain. So she just say no to make the situation not complicated for her

  5. I think she can’t speak english. So she doesn’t understand how to handle your complain. So she just say no to make the situation not complicated for her

  6. You went to 3 in less than 5 mins. 90% of all those pharmacy’s are guaranteed to be scams. Even in Britain I’ve got a 45 min commute to go see my GP

  7. The lady with the motorcycle helmet who tried to help looked just like my Indonesian fiancé. Anyway the girl in the first pharmacy wanted to charge “tourist prices,” which is to be expected in all places of the world. You could tell by attitude she trying to take advantage of the situation. I myself hate paying more than the locals, that’s why I have my Indonesian fiancé with me whenever I traveling around. Especially since I am a “bule” and my physical appearance obvious Westerner. It really harder if you are a female actually, my 2 daughters were in Indonesia and got taken advantage of left and right.

  8. you right sir, the price in back is HET (Harga Eceran Tertinggi) mean the HIGHEST PRICE IT SHOULD BE SOLD. so actually its suppose have lower price from it or the highest is the same price with HET

  9. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  10. dude, it’s not a pharmacy, we called it “warung” or small local shop. They do charges more than official pharmacies. And she couldn’t understand English very well. U should be looking for the bigger brand local pharmacies like K24 or guardian

  11. Hey there. I’m Indonesian and I feel so sorry for this annoying experience you had while in Indonesia. FYI, Drugs in Indonesia would have “HET” written on it which is the highest price a pharmacy can sell. Most pharmacies sell drugs with lower price than HET, but you can look at the HET to avoid scams. Hope this won’t happen to anyone else again, and please enjoy Indonesia!

  12. Is the dialogue scripted? Man of principle: “Ok, I’d rather just suffer with my mosquito bites than play a bloody white man price. What a cheek.” It’s like Shakespeare.

  13. woa actually im like looking at your video walking around indonesia and you were at my home town
    i like that you were good on looking on price but actually every shop that at the side road shop must bargain well to get better price
    just like in this video, theres rambutan and badak drink i dont think its that expensive out there .must be carefull for something like that , must be around 5.000 rupiah for badak . peace , i like your video

  14. i am an indonesian and im so dissapointed that the locals are treating foregneir like you they scam some people out of town too actually tourist from other city/province i know this because my cousin from namibia visit my city and try to buy some medicine and the cashier charged 2 times the price this is ridiculous

  15. it’s really stupid when he coughs and closes with his hand that holds medicine like that would be a lot of germs

  16. you can visit Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 too…

    i hink you need a reciept paper signed by a doctor

  17. Wtf!?? there is absolutely no impression of a pharmacy

    “Pekerja pertama ga punya otak!!, ketawanya gitu amat lagi”
    “MALU LAH”

  18. HET : harga eceran tertinggi or its means “the maximum price”, but many farmachy mostlly when u buy in hospital they sell more than that price.

  19. it’s isn’t even a real pharmacy/apotek, it’s just toko obat (unofficial drugstore) no wonder if you got scamed

  20. Its not fair if u said “indonesia” on your title, it happened in arround toba right??

  21. A real pharmacist will never be wearing a bloody T-shirt and mess hair. We are professional. #justtelling 😁 peace and stay safe!

  22. Come here to tell you that pharmacy is ‘apotek’ in bahasa Indonesia, while Pharmacist is ‘apoteker’, same as Dutch word. That first apotek u came was totally not a pharmacist. Real pharmacist will never be act that way. Next time you come to Indonesia and get bitten by mosquitoes again, u can use this. Cheers!

  23. Malu maluin itu cewek yg jaga apotik yg pertama… Amatiran. Layani pelanggan sambil makan es… Yg satu nya batuk batuk kena ke paket obat nya…perludiajarincara batuk yg benar. Trus itu Bohongin harga lagi… Rasain di tinggalin bule.

  24. Did you go back to the 1st shop (a coughing & smiling girl) and to show them that you just bought only $22k IND Rupiah? That was so rude of them…..sad 🙁

  25. is expensive not because you foreigner, is because this Drugstore is not real Drugstore spesialist, because they selling other than drug. even in the big city price always higher than pricelist. because in indonesia depending on strategic place. if your Drugstore is so much reachable, than you can play with price. in indonesia drug is business they dont follow pricelist.

  26. First one, ugly + bad attitude.
    Second girl, gorgeous + good attitude

    wtf is wrong? if you know you’re ugly then act nice! shame on you.

  27. Actually it’s not apotek, it’s toko obat! Means illegal drugstore with no pharmacist

  28. in which city? … very unprofessional … the city was very tacky… very different from Jakarta … i am from indonesia too jakarta ..

    Mampus lu tukang apotek penipu … muka lu kerekam jelas wkwk

  29. I want a be your guide,,if u come to YOGYAKARTA,,,its FREE not charge,not scam to 😀

  30. Verry upset dude i am really sorry for that woman,,,really bad services and attitude,,i am indonesian once again really sorry

  31. Piece of advice : speak slower to neutral the accent. Maybe they understand better, also with shorter words.

  32. They do this to literally anyone that speaks a different language than them. I went to places in Thailand and Laos that charged us extra because I spoke English

  33. Sbnrnya ini bule mnurt gw gak sopan jga
    Coba lihat video lainya dah…GK ngehargai budaya kita…dan GK ngikutin aturan…bukan di Vidio ini

  34. hadeh, medan lagi medan lagi..kemarin2 berita Polisi medan pungli, skrg publiknya mo coba2 pungli..malu2in..

  35. Well, it’s third world country. Never over estimate everything in third world countries

  36. The girl should not treat a tourist / foreiger like that otherwise she will get the same treatment if she is in overseas.. (working in other people country) think about that girl…!! Everybody should get treat equally 👍☺️

  37. Prices deferent from store to store .. If you like the price, you can take it, but if you don’t like it, you can refuse..
    don’t Angry my friend 😘🌹

  38. sir, i think the first one isn’t an apotek, it’s a ‘warung’. cuz i thought i saw them selling sugar/flour there, no? 🤔

  39. Kasih tau orang bule bagaimana menyebalkan nya orang muka petak batak sumut ini.. Hobi palak asli bos tukang palak semua warganya.. Gak bule or domestik pasti kenak palak.. Kau tau kota paling tidak aman di Indonesia kota mana?? Ya medan sumut keamanan nya minus – 2% holy shithole city..

  40. dude i just looked it up… you can get benzos (xanax) in indonesia with out a prescription

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