Best of Scuba Diving Anilao, Philippines in September 2017

Highlights: Finding an Electric Clam, watching a Hawksbill Sea Turtle go to town, and the amazing visibility at Sombrero. (also getting attacked by the hated Titan Trigger Fish).

Other Critters: Yellow Frogfish, Leaf Fish, Candy Crab, Xeno Crab, Skeleton Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, Bubble Coral Shrimp, Whip Coral Shrimp, Nudibranchs, Crown Jellyfish, Schooling Tangs, Green Sea Turtle, Hairy Squat Lobster, and lots of fish and corals.

Dive Sites: Twin Rocks, Caban Cove, Kerbys, Solana, SamSam, Sombero, Bethlehem

I use a Cannon G7X in a Nauticam Housing with a V25 Video Light and a CMC lens for the Macro Shots.

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