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  1. U need to go to Tonbrige area in Kent,the town was named that cos there’s so many bridges, There’s loads of ancient villages over 1000 years old around and there’s castles from William the Concor and a folly with a fake top cos the top blew off in the 1979 hurricane. The roads are cobbled and there’s lots of lane with no speed limits and u can go to the place where the first speed ticket EVER was given East Peckham (if u go there it will make sense why, u literally play dodgems when going round the church there s paintented all the schools around are rlly old and there WW2 bunkers everywhere. This village I live in is in the doomsday book and there is evidence of a stone age settlement been there.

  2. Edinburgh castle isn’t on a hill it’s an extinct volcano
    I went to my cousins wedding not in Scotland but all the men where wearing are family kilts and all the women (me and some others) had to wear the sash witch is like the blue one the queen has but not blue just in the family tartan. It was horrible cos we all had to wear white blue or yellow dresses 🤮

  3. Cambridge city is nice in the summer. History, architecture, food and decent shopping. You can also go punting on the river.

  4. I live in Lancaster, you should go to the Lake District one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever likely to visit and York! York is a must one of the oldest cities in the land.

  5. If you go to Cornwall you should visit looe, st Ives and lands end. Warwick castle is a must . Then Stratford upon Avon for Shakespeare.

  6. You’ve got to visit the Lake District, England’s jewel in the crown. Also visit Ribble Valley in Lancashire, there are ruins of water mills that pre date Manchester, also lots of history from the 16th century to 11th century castles to roman villages

  7. The White Cliffs are where the South Downs meet the Channel and they run along the South Coast for about 90 miles west from Dover to Brighton. The most iconic view is about 70 miles west of Dover from Eastbourne to Seaford. if you’ve seen photos of the White Cliffs it’s more than likely that the shot you’ve seen is from Seaford Head looking east towards Eastbourne and Beachy Head, Google it and you’ll see what I mean,its breathtaking and well worth the trip..

  8. My fav places are: north Cornwall, Yorkshire, Edinburgh… I never could like Manchester though.

  9. I think you should go to Portsmouth historic dockyard to see the Mary Rose, it really is stunning.

  10. If you get to Liverpool check out the mole mans tunnels that’s fascinating. Get a ferry across the mersey and look at Bidston Hill there are 1000 year old rock carvings

  11. Salcombe in South Devon and Polperro in Cornwall are amazing, quaint seaside ports (Salcombe has beaches, Polperro is more a fishing/smuggling village).

    Lake District is a must. South Lakes (e.g Windermere) is more commercial. North Lakes (e.g Keswick, Ambleside) less so, and better for it (in my opinion). Take boots and walk a few mountains – start with Hellvellyn and Lake Ullswater.

    Belfast is my favourite city in the UK. Stop in the centre and spend a night in Fibber Magees for live Irish Music until the early hours (It’s opposite the Europa hotel, most bombed hotel in the world – don’t worry Belfast is safe now.)

    Glencoe, NW Scotland and the area. Don’t stop in Fort William (nothing special) try Oban.

    Driving the NW 500 is a real experience, but you need a week to enjoy it.

    York is a must.

    Dartmout in Devon is great, although parking is tricky!

  12. Rye is a must see! Lovely little place. Also Edenbridge where Hever Castle is is lovely. There’s so much to see in this country, we’re very lucky.

  13. Warwick, Derbyshire (specifically Bakewell and that area), anything in the Peak District, Cornwall is a definite, but please don’t just go to the common areas there’s so much of Cornwall to see other than the obvious places. Overall just try and head north, there’s so much up here that you can explore 🙂

  14. You need to go
    Hadrian’s Wall
    Somerset has lots nice villages
    Glastonbury Tor
    Cheddar Gorge
    The City of Wells and the wells cathedral
    Glastonbury is a hipster town with lots weird and wonderful shops .

  15. Really interesting list. So you mentioned Manchester. Great place, but I highly recommend the city in summer. It has a totally different vibe in summer and it’s lovely to walk around the historical canals of Castlefield when the sun is out. Liverpool is just 35 minutes away by train and couldn’t be more different. Liverpool feels grander than Manchester (architecturally) even though Manchester feels bigger – but both are really decent big cities so close to each but so different in every way.

  16. I live in Manchester but did lots of weekend trips when I first moved here. I visited Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, York, Lough Ness, Lake District and Stonehenge. I loved Liverpool, Lake District and Edinburgh a lot, York is a must for Harry Potter fans. Cornwall and Cambridge are also nice places to visit and easy to visit from London.

  17. Bournemouth is a great visit with some amazing beaches and the town is right next to the beach

  18. Try the Norfolk broads, they are a series of man-made rivers stretching throughout the county.

  19. I live in Cambridge and we have some nice places. Unfortunately my home town of St. Neots isn’t one of them but there are some nice places, Ely is really nice and very historic

  20. You are quite right. Bath is in the West Country. Somerset to be precise. The water out of the tap at the spa, while being purified, tastes like how I would imagine liquid fart tastes like.

  21. If you go to Bristol , make sure to see the suspension bridge!! So pretty especially at night

  22. The street you are thinking of in York could be The Shambles and it’s just a stones throw away from the shortest street in the UK with the longest name Wipmawopmagate

  23. Broadchurch was set in Dorset, not Dover. Though Dover castle is very interesting the town is a bit of a shithole if I’m honest, on the other hand Dorset is lovely.

    Rochester is well worth a visit when the Dickens festival is on, and very easy to get to from London. Leeds castle should be on everyone’s to visit list.

  24. What are you talking about? Broadchurch was made at West Bay in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast, not Dover!!

  25. Anywhere along the causway coast.. take a car up from Belfast and drive all along the coast. -Carrickfergus, Brown’s bay, Giant’s causeway, Portrush, Portstewart, Benone Beach.

  26. The street in York is called the shambles and it’s what inspired Diagon alley. It has the shop that must not be named there now. Highly recommend York and the moors nearby, especially if you love history! Plenty nestled around. Come to Pickering and you can catch a steam train all the way to Whitby 🙂

  27. No shout out for Yorkshire? Castle Howard, Fountains Abbey, York, War of the Roses, David Hockney, Grassington, Burton Agnes, the Dales, Alan Bennett, Pateley Bridge, Vikings, Aysgarth Falls, the Bronte Sisters, Studley Royal, Scarborough, the Moors, Philip Larkin, Harlow Carr, Betty’s Tea Shops, Saltaire, the Rhubarb Triangle, Michael Palin, the current Dr Who and just great people – Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!!!!!

  28. Anywhere in Gloucestershire, from the City of Gloucester with its Docks and Cathedral (Harry Potter was filmed there), the Spa town of Cheltenham, Cirencester and the Cotswolds, the Forest of Dean and the Wye valley. So many great places to see.

  29. Best beaches: Cornwall
    Best city: Liverpool
    Best scenery: Snowdonia
    Most beautiful village: Boscastle
    Best Castle: Conwy Castle
    Most posh: London
    Las Vegas Of UK: Blackpool
    Best Amusement Parks: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park.
    Best Island: Hilbre Island.
    Best Universities: Cambridge, Oxford.
    My favourites: Liverpool, Scotland.

  30. Hey Yvette. I’m from Brighton and we are actually as famous for our nightlife as the day trip tourist stuff you were talking about. Definitely if you come back you should do a night out as well. You’re really missing out if you don’t its why most people come here !

  31. Haha! Thats so funny, I grew up in Brighton & yes we did hang out as kids (pre teens) on the Pier & play the slot machines, but then I also had a Fruit Machine in my room so… Tho 1 day I had won, then tried to keep winning & put like £20 (1980s 20 quid!) straight back in, which taught me NOT to gamble x

  32. You need to visit the Lake District. It’s my favourite place to visit and I feel home sick when I leave! I’d suggest Autumn when it’s quieter and some of the nice colours are out. In summer it’s rammed full of tourists and you struggle to park anywhere (and who doesn’t love a narrow road with a big drop on 1 side and 10 cars trying to pass you! lol).

    Northumberland is worth a visit too if you love history. If you based yourself in Newcastle for a few days there’s Hadrian’s Wall, dozens and dozens of castles in various states of repair and some stunning beaches (a lot of which also have a castle at one end of them!). Alnwick is def worth a visit too, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan as the castle was Hogwarts. Barter Books is stunning too and you can easily spend a few hours there browsing. I haven’t been in a long time but the gardens are nice too.

  33. Best beach: Bournemouth

    Best for fun: Alton Towers (large theme park)

    Best for walking & sight seeing: Lake District (Cumbria)

    Best cheap(non expensive) area: Blackpool

    Best posh places: Dorchester, Windsor, Oxford, Bath, Cotsworlds

    My personal choices: York and Bristol.

  34. Wales is my favourite place in the world (Caernarfon is my dream location and you’ll love the little streets of shops) my Currently live in my home town of Nuneaton, famous for a couple of things but as you’re a history buff we are home to George Eliot.
    We also have tonnes of charity shops some
    Of which have clothes that are all £1 each.
    Glastonbury and Bristol are amazing places. You should do a stone circle tour, there’s loads lol

  35. I cannot recommend Kynance Cove in Cornwall enough. One of the most stunning and interesting beaches. And I live in Bristol- definitely worth a visit!

  36. Have you been to Newcastle? I think you’d love it – it’s actually named after a castle and you love them!

  37. I lived in York for 9 years, Would recommend for a short visit, a few large museums a few small. I can give you food recommendations for days.

  38. Broadchurch was filmed in West Bay in Dorset plus the Jurassic coast is well worth a visit

  39. Bath born woooooo did you know England’s 1st king was crowned in Bath and the grand old duke of York nursery rhyme is about a hill in Bath : )

  40. Try Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, South Shields… (skip Sunderland) 😉😉 only joking l’m a Geordie, the rivalry is hilarious. South Shields is lovely, crap town centre but gorgeous sea front. Fun Fact: Our bridge over the River Tyne was the prototype for the Sydney Harbour bridge.

  41. Yeah, Amanda’s right. the Lake District is spectacular. It’s a shame you won’t be able to try Cumberland sausage when you’re there. Thar’s spectacular too.

  42. My top trip for travellers to the UK (which I’m guilty of repeating under quite a few youtube travel videos) is to make an effort to visit somewhere off the obvious tourist trail some time during your trip. I’d say for every five days you spend in places like London, Oxford or Edinburgh (seemingly the golden three that ALL tourists go to, especially Americans), spend one or two days somewhere a little less obvious where there aren’t so many of your fellow travellers. Perhaps Bristol, Manchester or Liverpool if you’re into cities, or The Peak District, Lake District or Cornwall if you want more nature. Some of these places do get plenty of tourists, but not so many from other countries.

    I apply this rule when I’m traveling too, often some of my best memories are from the more ‘real’ places I visit.

  43. If you go to Bristol you should visit my friends bar on a boat in the harbor called “under the stars”, its lovely. You should definitely check out us up here in Yorkshire too. Gods own county.

  44. Lincoln!!! were doable in a day but with your love for castles and cathedrals you should definitely hit us up!!!!

  45. Should try the north and east side of England gets over looked a lot. The north is unbelievably beautiful and the east side has places like Lincoln and York with fantastic history.

  46. if you go to ireland go to westport Co mayo beautiful views in the day,crazy nightlife.good food 100%craic

  47. If you like beautiful scenery the best places are all on the west coast of Britain, it’s wet, more lush and more rugged than the East. This includes:
    – Cornwall and Devon which have rugged cliffs, beautiful beaches. Make sure you try a cream tea, whether you put the jam or cream on first depends on the county and is a matter of huge argument. Devon also has Dartmoor and Exmoor national parks. Dartmoor is dark and brooding and definitely has an atmosphere, but is also beautiful. You’ll get four seasons in one day snow/hail/ rain/sunshine/fog. Exmoor is green and light and full of tumbling streams. Probably one of my favourite places in Britain.
    – Pembrokshire in Wales is very similar to Cornwall, but doesn’t have nearly as many tourists as it takes a long time to drive there. A bit closer is the gower, just past Swansea which is also lovely. Snowdonia you’ve seen and Tenby, but did you visit the Llyn Peninsula just down the coast? It’s lovely.
    – The lake district. Don’t let the name fool you, it also has the highest mountains in England. Each lake has a different character and there are loads.
    – The Hebrides. Absolutely gorgeous and a great place for seeing British wildlife e.g. grey seals, basking sharks, otters, sea eagles, golden eagles, red deer, etc. Best time for seeing any other these are at dawn/dusk.
    – Also the Scottish highlands are stunning and the Peak district National park in Derbyshire is nice too.
    – Dorset on the South coast isn’t too far from London and gorgeous. Be sure to visit Durdle Door, Lulworth cove and the Cern Abbas Giant.

    N.B. When you went to Chepstow castle did you know there’s a large cave system underneath it and the racecourse called Otter Hole? It’s only accessible to experienced cavers as the entrance is tidal and you can only get in and out at low tide which makes it unique in British caving. The Bristol channel has the second highest tidal range in the world (15m/50ft)

  48. Show Norwich some love. We always get overlooked because of where we are situated but we have so much to offer!!

  49. It’s always nice to hear of people visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow and say they love it. I’m a hypocrite though. I live literally slap bang between Edinburgh and Glasgow and I hate them both. The only time I ever go to either, is if work takes me there and I moan like a bitch! Give me the outback any day of the week.

  50. If you like roaming ponies horses cows and pigs walking along the roads and in the high streets come to the New Forest in Hampshire, you can get eh train to Brockenhurst from London, hire a bike there a ride around the forest..

  51. I don’t recommend Brighton. It used to be nice back in the 50’s and 60’s. Now it’s controlled by a lefty Council who have ruined it, graffiti everywhere. Give it a miss.

  52. Bath is nice but most tourists never get to Cirencester which is another Romania town worth seeing. It has a lovely church and ‘s beautiful park and lots of interesting buildings.

  53. Lake District, Yorkshire dales, Yorkshire moors, Newcastle, York, whitby, Durham, Robin hoods Bay (Yorkshire) and Suffolk to name a few

  54. You only mentioned York. There’s plenty of other towns and cities in Yorkshire. There’s Leeds (where I work), Harrogate, Scarborough, Bradford (the city of my birth), Halifax (where I currently live), Huddersfield, Sheffield, Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract, Selby, Doncaster (the birthplace of Jeremy Clarkson), Rotherham, Bridlington, Skipton and Hull to name but a few Yorkshire towns and cities. There’s the Yorkshire Dales with lots of beautiful scenery. I’m surprised you didn’t visit Portmerion when you were in North Wales. It is a picturesque little place and is best known as the setting of The Village in “The Prisoner”. Another Roman-era city you should visit is Lincoln with the magnificent 14th century cathedral which was once the tallest building in the world and the first to surpass the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  55. Morton in the marsh is my fav Cotswolds town pretty cosy pubs etc and do visit Snow hills (excentric American mid last century filled the house with an incredible collection of ‘Stuff’), See SS Great Britain in Bristol the fist steel ship largest passenger liner made its name taking people out to Oz in the 1850s! Not far from Cotswold is Laycock and Laycock abbey the village big Harry potter location and the abbey the home of Fox Talbot who took the first photograph! Norwich is worth a look and the Norfolk coast as is the Yorkshire coast. Leicester where I live near (though I’m from near St Albans originally and the there is a Roman amphitheatre there)! is really worth a day trip/weekend hour from St Pancreas. Richard III was found in a car park here! My own Aussie cousin loved the visitor centre built over where he was found. Bits of Roman/Medival early 19th century stuff about and thriving Indian community with good food!

  56. Carreg Cennen Castle is a must visit for dramatic. I love your honest views on lots of British things and agree with certain ways that you are about them…it makes me think I’m not British as I will tell anyone how I am if they ask! Bath is actually the start of the Cotswolds. I have a recent video of the sunken garden, which is a perfect description! Edinburgh has similarities to Bath. If you go to Wales or Scotland for the waterfalls, go after a long period of rain to see them flowing well. Many Blessings from the Cotswolds!

  57. If you like history try Avebury in Wiltshire, the village is inside of a Neolithic henge and stone circle. There is an avenue of stones leading to Silbury Hill a huge man made hill also the West Kennet Long Barrow (tomb). Only a short trip across Salisbury Plain to Stone Henge from there. The village pub is the Red Lion dose not bad food. Easy to find if you are driving its on the A4 just passed Marlborough well signposted.
    Lots of nice little villages in the area and the landscape is dotted with Neolithic burial mounds or tumulus.
    Also if you do go to Cornwall check out the South Coast for the small fishing villages, St Mawes is very nice and you can get a ferry across the harbour to Falmouth.

  58. You said that you’ll be returning to Oxford but you MUST go to the countryside outside the city called the COTSWOLDS which has some of the best scenic and quaint architecture in the WHOLE of the U.K. Towns like Burford, Broadway, Stow on the Wold, Bibury, Bourton On The Water etc.
    Stratford Upon Avon ( Shakespeare’s birthplace) is just to the north of the Cotswolds too.

  59. In Chester the word you were looking for was ‘rows’ shops on top of shops in two ‘rows’. Glad you made it to my local City – hope you had chance to do it justice. Also, the castle you loved so much was at Conway (Con-way if you are not Welsh) or Conwy (Con-wi if you are Welsh). To be a true City in the UK, there has to be a Cathedral so Chester is and Liverpool with two catherdrals also is! I’d go to Eire before Northern Ireland – Dingle area is stunning you can fly to Shannon or Cork and hire from there. York is another roman walled city – incomplete wall but then so is Chester incomplete..if only just! Good vid!

    EDIT: It will need a week to do either but get up to the Shetlands and the Orkneys as both are fantastic places. Flying direct may be a tad expensive from London but you can get to Aberdeen by train or car and then overnight car ferries to either Island Group. Driving up would be a chore for you but may be cheaper in the end as you will have to hire on the islands otherwise.

  60. Cornwall, Devon, The Lake District, Canterbury, Cambridge, Oxford, The Jurassic Coast, The Yorkshire Dales… there are so many!

  61. York is great. Youll love it. Loads to do. Ghost tours. River tours. The Cathedral. Dick Turpin. Castle.

  62. Norwich! A wonderful place to visit, but so few people know about it. Worth combining it with a trip to North Norfolk, Wells, Cley-next the sea, Holt, Burnham Market etc.

  63. Did you mean ‘Conway’? Another place for you. Sshhh – Salcombe, south coast. If you fancy hanging out with the posho ‘made in Chelsea’ brigade , thats the spot. Bit more of a mix now lots of people know about it. V.nice. check it out.

  64. A great place to go “scilly isles”. Stay in St Mary’s and visit the other islands on day trips. Its so close, yet feels very different to the rest of the UK with tropical plants on Tresco.

  65. A Board Walk are usually called a Promenade. St Albans was a fairly major Roman city too (Verulamium) Probably a lot of exploring to do there, if you are interested in history. Technically cities are only such if they have a cathedral. Just some fyi’s

  66. Devon/Cornwall. So many lovely places. Do a walking trip along the south west coastal path. The section between Hayle and St Ives is stunning. Do Dartmoor as well, loads of great walks and places to swim in the rivers. Then wade into the debate on the correct way to make a scone. If you like pebble beeches, Beer is pretty hard to beat.

  67. Cotswolds is best in the summer, very touristy though. You’ll both love Bourton on the water. There’s a roman villa over that way too. Just the ruins/ foundations but worth a look. I’ve always meant to have a look but haven’t been there yet.

  68. If you can forgive Birmingham for being where Edgbaston Cricket Ground is, where England always beat the Aussies at cricket, then try Birmingham… home of not to mention the Black Sabbath Bridge, the Bullring, Spaghetti Junction, Brindleyplace, and the JRR Tolkein Tour. Birmingham brought the world Cadbury’s chocolate, but that’s not all, Birmingham invented the BALTI, and we have the Balti Triangle in town. An area full of Balti Houses.

    Make it a bit of a trip, to include and Shakespere’s home – – they are all in the area.

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