Cambodia Nightlife 2017 – VLOG 208 (bars, clubs & girls!!!)

Cambodia Nightlife 2017 – VLOG 208 Phnom Penh (bars, clubs, girls)

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A VLOG of an evening drinking around the bars of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The parts of this video are:

0:04 Preview of the whole night
2:13 Map of the locations in this video
2:20 Silver River hotel
2:44 Balcony view of 172 Street
5:37 First beer of the trip
7:32 View of the Play Penh hostess bar
7:59 Late dinner at La Dolce Vita restaurant – really nice food.
8:46 View of some other bars on 172 Street
10:12 A beer at the Black Pearl hostess bar
11:29 $1 mototaxi ride to 104 Street
14:45 Phnom Penh Hooters bar didn’t happen…
16:03 Oscar on the Corner hostess bar, with live music
19:50 Live rock music
20:34 104 street bars. Marine and Air Force bars were good on this trip. Rose bar wasn’t so good when I visited. The bars can be fickle though from night to night…
22:11 Mototaxi ride to 136 Street
23:22 136 Street
23:56 Outro

Additional comments:

Street 172

This is Phnom Penh’s cheap charlie area. It is home to many inexpensive bars, restaurants, guesthouses and also has a few hostess bars thrown in for good measure.

It is a good place to find $0.50 draught beers and many expat teachers congregate here in groups for the inexpensive offerings. The food is generally good here and many restaurants do take away service for the local expats.

$1 moto taxi ride.

I went everywhere via tuk tuk or moto taxi and never paid more than $1 for a trip.

Phnom Penh is not a place to wander around alone late at night, even around the tourist areas. Cambodia is a much poorer country than Thailand, and reports of violent crime against tourists/expats often are suppressed in the news.

Street 104

Street 136

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Jimmy Urine – Un Deye Gon Hayd

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2nd song
Andrew Applepie – Feel Better

3rd song
Digital Solitude – Silent Partner
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Outro song
Termite Infested White Picket Fence – Tomove

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