Cebu City: *ECQ Update 7/1/2020* More of the same, a short update.

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They extended the lockdown another 15 days until at least July 15th. I talk about this and other small updates as I walk to the supermarket.

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  1. Thank you for the update, Jason. I really enjoy seeing your new area, where I’ve spent so much time in the city. I would love to see some video inside Rustan’s if you’re able to capture any footage in there, I shopped there frequently and have often wondered what it’s like now under the quarantine. If you are able and comfortable stating it, what apartment complex did you move to? Sure is a great location. Thanks again for the video updates, stay safe!

  2. Thank You For the update Jason. Your walk route to Ayala Mall takes me back to February 2020. I stayed at Solina tower 3 there and walked every day the same to get to Ayala mall. I hope to get back to Cebu sometime this year if things open up safe for US citizens. I enjoyed visiting there. Mr. H from Tucson AZ

  3. Hey Jason, how are you doing my friend? I hope that you are staying safe. I can’t wait to get back to the Philippines. Even with the lock down in cebu, it’s still much better than the United States any day.

  4. Great video Jason at Cebu business Center or Park 👍 and my favorite Ayala Mall…. have you tried any lechon yet?

  5. *QR Coded Pass*

    the New Pass has a QR (Quick Response) Code

    just wondering if it has any significance — or — big impact in terms of mitigating the COVID situation

    did somebody scan your QR Coded Pass?

  6. They’re not too strict in the business districts, which is understandable bec they’re not as populated compared to purely residential barangays, esp now that offices have temporarily closed

    Things could change though once infections reach the condos like what happened in makati, quezon city and bgc (taguig)

    Hopefully that doesnt happen to cebu city

  7. I’m 69, American in GCQ Talisay. Not allowed into Gasaino malls even with a barangy pass and medical certificate. I thought seniors were allowed to go out for essential needs… Food, medicine, etc. But we were allowed to go inside Robinsons. Must be certain store policies. Thanks for the update

  8. Hi Jayson, in metro supermarket are they checking for everyone’s pass and if so are they looking at what Barangay is on your pass. I went to JY square supermarket, bank and landers yesterday but left this big placard in car. I was able to get in stores. My pass borangay is APAS. What is your Barangay?

  9. Thanks for the update. Here at Riala, I was told in the office to continue using the previous barangay pass in the I.T. Park. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues when i take my first trip out tomorrow. And yes, anywhere but the U.S!!!

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