Cost of VISITING Cambodia – CHEAP prices of hotels, food, tourist activities

Here are a ton of costs of visiting Cambodia! I recently made a video on the cost of living in Cambodia, but didn’t include the cost of hotels, transportation, and tourist activities. So here is a list of costs that would be included in the cost of a trip to Cambodia, and you would probably have these expenses living in Cambodia as well. Two things I accidentally left out are the cost of travel insurance and the entire city of Kampot :-o. Oops!

Cost of LIVING in Cambodia:

Is Cambodia Safe?

Cutest Cafes in Siem Reap:

What to do in Cambodia Playlist:


HOW I BOOK MY HOTELS – SAVE $20 ON BOOKING.COM which is how I almost always book:$20-cash


Move to Cambodia blog by Lina Goldberg:

Move to Cambodia

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