Crete: The Best & Worst of Visiting Crete, Greece

5 Things Tourists Love & Hate about visiting Crete, Greece, from the incredible prices and world class beaches to the insane driving and sunburn that turns tourists purple. The best and worst of visiting Crete, Greece. Whether you are heading to Chania or Heraklion there are a few things you should know before you visit Crete as a tourist. Tourism information for Crete.
Filmed in Crete, Greece
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019
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  1. This video was very helpful! The people seem very lovely, and the island looks gorgeous.
    I’m planning a trip in July with my fiancé and we plan to fly into Heraklion then head west; going to Rethymno, Chania, Kissamos (all spending about 2-3 nights each place). We have about 4 days left and I was thinking staying in Elafonisi area, or staying a bit north of that so were closer to Chania when we fly out, we could also go back to Chania and stay there again. What are your thoughts on that idea?

  2. Loved Crete, nice people. nice food. Roads are good and quite empty in September. Driving was a pleasure after finding my bearings going into Heraklion by bus at first.

  3. If you don’t like driving there the busses will bring you everywhere 🙂 I travelled around the whole islands for a month taking busses 😊

  4. Just a perfect choice for vacations. Also, an absolutely nice way to explore south top coasts of Crete and feel really privacy is with a sailing boat…

  5. Welcome to REAL Paradise. Best climate, best beaches, best people, Best food,best olive oil, best wine, best knives…best everything place on Earth! and that genuine hospitality.. Just stay away from turist places lol… Eat where locals eat, buy where locals buy and you will have the best experience.. Many non Greeks 2nd home…

  6. The rolled pasta is called ‘skioufikta’ which are usually cooked in broth and then served with ‘anthotiro’ , a local cheese.

    Thanks for your video and geia sou from Crete.

  7. Nothing wrong with driving in Crete, I have always hired a car and have had no problems.

  8. Talking about driving in Crete. I am from Crete, I grew up there, the driving is nowhere near as horrifying as I found it in Arizona.

  9. Hi we we’re thinking of going to Crete this summer, always had good recommendations to go, but we don’t drive & that seems a must if the public transport not that good ( just my impression from the video) so can you still enjoy Crete if your not driving?

  10. “Greek time”.. So I wonder if one of Crete’s own prophets said.. “Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, idle bellies.”.. Has much changed since Epimenides of Knosos said it in 600BC?

    Was he a speaking the truth or was he lying? It’s a paradox

  11. This was so helpful! We are going there in July and going to spend 10-12 days there. Now, from what I understand the island is huge and you either fly into Chania or Heraklion and go either East or West? What do you suggest for a couple that likes the city and beautiful beaches?

  12. very accurate points!People please be careful when you drive in Crete,the roads are full of pumps and chuckholes!

  13. This guy is running out of things to talk about. Please shut up about sunburns I’ve got a sunburn skiing ⛷. My 7 year old nephew knows the sun is dangerous if you’re not wearing sunblock

  14. I had my only disciplinary incident of my naval career in chania. I was late getting back because I was in the strip club there. 😂

  15. Chania of Crete, #1 yearly in all Greece with fatalities from traffic accidents… I know because I live here since 92
    Absolutely no respect in the traffic laws….

  16. Next time you come contact me. I liked how you praise us. You will eat home food. Be careful with the driving, cause we have literally killers on the road.

  17. I’m from Crete, living in Heraklion. the things that Wolters World saying are all accurate! Great video! I want to support you and i am willing to meet any visitor here and guide them arround or provide any info they need. Cheers!

  18. Hey i follow you a long time now and you finally came to Crete!!
    i agree with your video even tho i own a rental car company 🙂

  19. Going to Greece in Summer and not bringing a sunblock/sunscreen is not Crete’s fault… it just shows those tourist have no idea about their destination’s climate

  20. Kato Stalos has been our summerhollidayplace the last 7 years. Love the people, food, beach, sun and everything else. Going back this summer too. <3

  21. Very accurate, thank you. Been holidaying in Crete for years and finally moved here. Love the island and the people.

  22. I’m going in the last last 2 weeks of March. I won’t have to worry about heat good job too I dont like hot weather.

  23. We had great weather for two weeks in May. Had a fantastic time, historical site, great food, best hospitality and super value for money. I was surprised by the lack of flights. We had booked direct flights well in advance and had two flights cancelled.

  24. Crete is my favourite island. I wanted to say that, for all of you who don’t drive, or want to relax on holiday, the buses are very good. Years ago when I lived there for a while and based in Chania, I went all over the island by bus. Start off at Chania bus station and go wherever you want, although, after saying that, the far west needs a car. Best day of my life was Samaria Gorge. Start off at the bus station, get a bus to the Omalos Plateau, walk down 1000 steps into the gorge, spend 5 hours of delight walking the gorge, have a swim and dinner at the other end at Romalos then get the boat to Sfakia where you can then catch a bus back to Chania. Paradise.

  25. Funny im from chania and i see the restaurant i used to work there 2 years ago its an Italian restaurant called ilpadrino it is shown in the thumbnail 😊 good video

  26. Wolter the Greek Tourist Board should hire you buddy. I love your videos, you have a great disposition. You are a shining star and should be an example to other bloggers Cheers!

  27. Greece and the Greeks are the best……but……Beware of Islands where the British laid the sewage pipes. You find a sign in the toilets not to put anything down it, not even toilet paper. This is because we Brits laid down overly narrow gauge pipes. There is a plastic bag provided to put the used toilet paper in. I just wasn’t comfortable with that, so I got round it by cleansing my bott in the shower, then cleansing the shower. This led to the hotel owner wondering understandably, why the bag never had anything in it and if I was risking bunging up the pipes. I confessed what I was doing and she couldn’t stop laughing. Like I said, the Greeks are great……We’re the crazies. Mark is right about the sun. It’s like Florida in the sense that you can burn in less than an hour.

  28. I really like Crete, driving there is a little bit different, the locals drive crazy, I even seen a car with no hood or doors in Heraklion that must have been getting driven to the junk yard to be scrapped.

    The brand new highway (up above the old highway) that they just built is good,the roads in the towns and in Heraklion are very narrow with motorcycles and mopeds/scooters parked up either side, even in a little Nissan micra hire car it gets tight at times..

    I found that there are a lot of old beater cars and pickups that the locals keep at seasonal places like stalida where they board the whole town up for winter and leave the old cars there for the next summer, the first 2 weeks of each summer are spent pressure washing the dust off of everything and painting things to freshen them up..

    There are lots of stray/feral cats there, they are all friendly and are such a big thing that they are even on the postcards.

  29. Hello my name is Manos and i am from Crete, i leave in Heraklion
    I have to say all that you say is true i give some tips for the Town :
    Dont come August the prices goes up.
    You must try giro suvlaki (γύρο σουβλάκι) we have the bigest in Greece
    Dont take taxi here is expensive, you can take the bus if you wanna stay in the town, if you dont rent a car and explore
    Dont stay all the time in the hotel go out,
    I have work in big hotel for some years i have see many many people stay inside beacause is all inclusive,
    and they dont go out to check the beautiful areas-beaches-museum and staff like that!!!
    good work and thank you for the good words about us…!!!
    Γεια μας 😉 Happy new year!

  30. Working in Oman, we used to see families come to visit. We called them the lobsters bc they ignored no shirts even with sun block advice. They burned very badly in 10 mins

  31. Paleochora in the end of September was wonderful, allways around 30 degrees and not overcrowded. The food was amazing.

  32. Went to Crete this summer with my partner.I can honestly say it was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had.The food the weather the beer🤩I would recommend it to anyone!

  33. Hike the Gorge’s and in many of the village towns order the fresh fish – they’ll go right out in the boat and catch what they can and bring you back your dinner – The BEST!

  34. Greece, whole humanity owes you a lot, I’d give my life, literally, my life, for seeing the blue and white flag flying in Constantinople and hearing a Christian chant and mass in a Hagia Sophia bared of those horrible minarets. Love from Mexico.

  35. I find the sun in Crete and the Mediterranean in general very nice and mild! Spf 15 at the start of the holiday tends to be enough. Well, compared to Australia at least. Depends on skin tone too obviously.

  36. Great video Wolter!
    You mentioned at 07:58 that you can arrive by air in Crete through 2 airports but the island has 3 airports! Heraklion, Chania & Sitia

  37. People are very friendly. Place is horrible though. Lots of other nice Greek islands to go to.

  38. Amazing how many incorrections and plain bs this dude can come up with in just 16 minutes. You should be ashamed over this video! Idiot! Just so typical american…ten days in Chania (which he cant even pronounce) and all of a sudden you’re an expert.

  39. It’s so funny – going to Crete in Summer and saying “I hate the sun”… And remember: a lot of cars on Cretan roads are driven by us, tourists 🙂

  40. You seriously didn’t highlight the 1970s airport on Crete as something you’ll hate??! No updates since 1978, no air conditioning, 1 display for all flights, and wire seats.

  41. I’m an archaeologist who spent a summer working at Knossos and this brought back so many happy memories! I’ve backpacked all around the world and yet Crete remains one of my very favourite islands 😍

  42. Nice video! As a Buckeye ExPat living here for a bit over 13 years, the driving took a bit getting used to. Crete has the highest insurance rates after Athens. Way too many drunk drivers here and motorcyclists trying to become your hood ornament. If you go grocery shopping here in Greece in general, the prices listed include the VAT tax and yes they tax food items at the grocery stores here( something we did not have in Ohio ). You can’t beat the weather here, over 300 sun days a year and yes it’s great all year long and we do have a limited winter tourist season, the snow birds of Germany and France as well as the UK.
    We are situated just outside Rethymno which lies about halfway between Chania and Herakion. There are local beers here that are fantastic if one enjoys a great beer. Brinks which offeres a dark and blond beer which are unfiltered and not filled with preservatives. There is also a new kid on the block called Cretan Kings, another fine beer.
    There is also a third airport which is the smallest situated on the eastern side of the island just outside of Sitia which is the newest airport on the island. The airport in Herakion is the oldest and shows its age while the Airport in Chania was purchased by Frapport of Germany several years back during a mandatory EU legislation requiring the privatization of many of Greek owned airports. They have done a fabulous job of modernizing and bringing this airport into the 21st century. Earlier this year RyanAir pulled out of Chania complaining of high landing and service fees however Aegean Air and Olympic still fly out of there.
    As for getting reasonable prices for food, yes hit the villages! Great food and plenty of it!
    Sunblock, a wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses are required from April until October and even in the “off” months you will need the hat and sunglasses.
    As for security in the hotels, many will have in room safes, personally I don’t trust the electronic models since they tend to have weaknesses in their locking systems. Do yourself a favor, leave most of your jewelry at home. Don’t invite trouble by advertising with bling. This really applies to any travel in the EU.
    Be ready to eat well, drink well and have a great time here on the island!

  43. I think that if you come to our country at winter you would see an other Hellas. No many tourists so you can enjoy food an archological sights.


  45. Would love to go in winter, I hate the heat.Also do not know what i would eat. hate garlic and spices, don’t like feta. i would have to survive on fruit and bread and plain veggies.

  46. Yes, Crete island is SPECTACULAR! Nice video! And raki mmmmm στην υγεία σας! Or γεια σας!

  47. Wow Mark. I am following you already a couple of years but this review makes me really proud. Thank you for loving our island so much. Greetings from Crete. I wish you and your subscribers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  48. Don’t forget the Dont be vegan at the Greek restaurants cause they will kick you out

  49. If you like adventure to south crete and in the mountain parts of crete the villages, there are forests, gorges to hike mountains there are villages in crete that have at least 1 meter of snow for a few days every year it is not only sun. And in the south it is like going to north africa there are wild and rough beaches lot of wind in july august september and 40 degrees unders shade

  50. I am a Cretan, living in Heraklion, and I can say that this video is really useful and accurate!

  51. Public transportation is not good unless you speak Greek. Cretan people, in general, are only hospitable superficially. Often if you’re not a native you pay more for the same thing a Cretan orders. Don’t think that you can integrate into their culture even if you learn to speak Greek. They pay women less than men. Walkability is not good as sidewalks and crosswalks are poor. Cretans are habitually 45 minutes late if they show up at all. However, dancing and music are good points.

  52. Hi Mark as some one that was born in Chania and visit all the time to see relatives and living in Australia I was very sceptical about what you were going to say . You did a fantastic job pointing out some of the pit falls well done . Drop in on my relatives any time . Just one thing forget the Greek words use Creten dialect instead of no or OXI say OI like Oie any way good job well done agree with everything you say.If are happy and some one asks you did you like this say AME just one word pronounce the A like ahh then m like m and then e like in the word echo keep up the good work you will be given an honorary βρακι a saraki and good to see you already got the mustache


  53. funny story about having an international driving license in greece from the US- i have a cousin who lives and works in istanbul at the moment and i went to go visit her. we booked a weekend at the closest greek island and we decided we would just drive over from istanbul. she has a turkish drivers license and a car, but she rarely ever drives so the plan was for me to drive her car. i thought greece was like any other country which does not require a international permit so i didnt think anything of it until the night before we were going. i decided to double check and i learned i needed the permit!! oopsssss!!! we decided to go anyway and see what would happen, and the border agent said they would NOT let me drive the car into greece so we thought all hope was lost. luckily, on the turkish side, they have a service where someone with a turkish license can pay a fee and have their license turned into an international one. so she ended up having to drive in and it caused us a few hours of STRESS!! but now i know for next time. wish this video was around back in july hahahaha

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