Da Nang Vietnam Tour/ DaNang Vietnam City Tour/Da Nang Vietnam Attractions

Da Nang Vietnam Tour/ DaNang Vietnam City Tour/Da Nang Vietnam Attractions
Da Nang City is located in Central Vietnam. Had an amazing experience.
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  2. Wow….Vietnam city tour….. awesome view of Vietnam…. beautiful waterfalls…👍

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  4. I’ve been to Vietnam twice, but never to this area. It’s on my list now!

  5. Da Nang looks beautiful! I visited Hanoi and Saigon but never Da Nang, would love to one day!

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  24. Woow amazing tour
    Beautiful waterfall
    Those buildings look antique
    Hi really love boat 🚣‍♀️ ride
    Those grilled meat look delicious 😋
    Thanks for sharing with up
    I wish I would visit sometimes

  25. I always wanted to go here. But never could.. thank you for sharing.. beautiful it is..👍😊

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