1. Customer toilets via the kitchen. UK health and safety would throw the ultimate hissy fit. LOL

  2. Good ⛅ raising om namo bhaskaraya namo namaha 🙏o God bless you all world people 🙏

  3. Good gradens and super cinary and very beautiful greenary and excellent building s good looking beautiful beaches 🙏👍✌👌😘🌹🙏

  4. Am I the only one that leaves my card in the holder when I leave my room just to keep the air con on? I know I shouldn’t, but I hate coming back to a hot ass room!

  5. so @12:12 in the black outfit and white jacket ladyboy of female?….ok just watched again playing with hair and square jaw……ladyboy 🙁

  6. 14:21 sitting there drinking beer is kinda boring and girls there are less attractive to Chinese guys. In China, a group of guys standing on the street, smoking, boasting to each other and sharing some information, is really a relaxed and funny thing, Boys’ talk or men’s talk, you can say. Better than sitting there with an average girl.

  7. 13:53 top of screen bad little kid, they threw somethin at him haha then he slaps guy in the back

  8. Firstly i’m an addict to your 112. Bro, why don’t you make a trip to Medellin Colombia ?

  9. I would just like to say thank you for your videos I just went on my first solo trip to Thailand and stayed at the ark bar from your video I was nervous about traveling on my own but it was definitely an eye opener as a 25 year old man from Dublin. I’ve booked myself a month this time traveling Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. I wish one day I can by you a beer for changing my outlook on life thank you Bangkok 112 your a Legend

  10. Are you planning to go to heaven with this lifestyle? Excessive alcohol consumption and prostitution!

  11. are there some garbage man or truck that passes by to pick up those trash on the ground or just hte rain

  12. Cambodian government is the most corrupted government in the world and I wouldn’t go there to a penny in that country.

  13. During the 70’s and 80’s … that Sharkeys bar used to be a hub for all the CIA operatives and all the shady mercenary characters man … knife fight among patrons used to be very common …

  14. Yah too sad if the dickhead parking has a flat or a scratch from the rear to to hood of the car.

  15. What a trash dump and nightlife is so bland. Go Thailand or Vietnam for better nightlife, food, pretty/cuter girls and cleaner city overall.

  16. At 17:44 , I guess this means they all prefer to drink non-alcoholic beers & “alcohol-free “ Vodka shots ( in other words, water!) ?

  17. When I hear u talking with girls u come across as a supplicating beta Schlub Read The Rational Male and stop filming other people

  18. Very nice report..and especially liked the shot of the sun over the river in the very last scene.. with super music in the background… good luck to you. !! Thanks for sharing !!!

  19. Mint ! Love it all. Thanks for sharing some more Phnom Penh experiences 🙂

  20. he seems like a pretty young guy how did he earn enough money to seemingly retire like this?

  21. Wow they really updated sharkys now, used to be different, the stairs and the top of the stairs, I guess much changed after Big Mike passed away… had some good times in that bar back in the day.

  22. @ 4:16 I love these boats that sail together, with the sunset. @ 8:22 Dickhead, no doubt. @ 9:25 A bitch who abandons her child on the street, anyway I don’t like to see kids running at night on the street, and I saw some on this video.

  23. I like how you don’t pan around the camera to fast, you hold it still for 7 to 10 seconds, nice footage.

  24. You never film the girls at the 136 bar. I was there a bunch of nights good people watching from the second floor. I’m always checking to see girls I smashed there.

  25. What’s with the guy sitting at the bar watching the female playing pool and red skirt, not bad looking, sitting a couple of seats away keeps giving him the ‘look over here eye’. I would’ve chatted her up. At least she’s better looking than any of the females in your previous Vlog 390. lol

  26. A naked kid on crossroads, a heap of plastic garbage every corner, asphalt sectionless streets, Rickshaw with rip off meters looks perfectly like late 1980s Asian city. Wouldn’t prefer to go here, must be a dump.

  27. Thanks! Just made my reservations at the Harmony Phnom Penh due to this Vlog. 👍

  28. Nice vid, I’m arriving tomorrow, staying at Harmony. Looks better than Siem Reap which is a complete dump…

  29. I’m not going to ignore the elephant in the room .What have the be health issues had to do with prices and normal every day Life ? ❤️. ☮️

  30. 9:36 I 100% agree with you. There is no system of government welfare in those countries, but we, as a world, have enough food that NO ONE should go hungry.
    10:30 I want that coke can!!!
    11:07 EVERY bathroom needs that sign. LOL
    17:42 So the essentially means they are drinking a short of water.

  31. How is the liquor there? Do they have counterfeit liquor problem? In some country I visited the whisky I’m used to drinking tasted off. Like it was diluted or mixed with something else which made me sick.

  32. Hell of a good video. Food, ladies, hotel, bars, street kids, views, etc. Well done ✔

  33. You should get that fungus on your toenails checked out. Other than that, video well done.

  34. Wow, Cambodia didn’t look like this 50 years ago, When we “weren’t there”. Wink-wink, nod nod.

  35. Be careful with your camera on those streets dude. Only a matter of time before it gets snatched.

  36. Nice accommodations Mate
    I bet we’re short on beer money now
    Can we engage with Cambodia 🇰🇭woman or is that a no no Forget Monopoly rules here Cheers 🍻

  37. Lmao how did you ended up waking up at 08 :00 in the morning , thats a first in your vlogs
    The girl at the Sharky’s bar was hot af and good at pool “cough”

  38. It wouldn’t be a video if you didn’t have a bathroom scene…..🙃

  39. look at that kid @ 13:52 . i think he steals something and then someone throws something at him and then he randomly punches a guy’s back. there’s a lot of WTF moments in this video

  40. Woah what a shithole this place is. The little naked boy looked like the same boy seen before sat alone next to that post. How sad poor little one.

  41. Seen the girls, waving and kissing guys off. Then running to the arrival part of airport waiting for the next atm guys to arrive.😀

  42. oh man, your living my dream. should be back pattaya june stayed phnom penh last 2 visits 136st and pontoon are brill. but pattaya i love best. just getting more suspect making up excuses to the wife. lol great vid

  43. Call people who go to the gym regularly “fitness freaks” and it’s fine. Call people who don’t care about their appearance “lazy” or “disgusting” and prepare for outrage.

  44. What’s up with the piles of garbage in the streets? How is it picked up, man or machine?

  45. The views from the rooftop were great but the views from the Corner 136 bar were much better.

  46. Fair play Bk112 your videos are fantastic well done! I like Phnom Penh but I still get the feeling of the city, that its still suffering from its tragic past. You ever go to Siem Reap BK112?

  47. 13:47 – Not to be Mr. Gross-out here but the majority of people who use the public toilets do not wash their hands afterwards and touch that same doorknob you’re touching on the way out. Remember that. And even when they clean the bathroom it’s doubtful they think to clean the knob. I always use a paper towel to grasp it, or if they have those lame hand dryers then I’ll use my sleeve of the side of my shirt if need be.
    14:52 – I swear I have seen that guy on the bike before in one or more of your other vlogs. Anthony Bourdain’s cousin?
    17:23 – Maybe they should install a slide for patrons on their way out?

  48. Nice one 112 looking forward to the 4k footage.
    The little naked boy made me laugh, but so sad .

  49. Thank you my man as always B.112 bring his A game hey just wondering how my knee’s got broke from old dick head anyways thanks.

  50. The Chinese guys always look like they’re waiting for one of the other guys to walk in 1st. Its like if someone else goes 1st, then it isn’t shameful to enter.

  51. Sun and moon awesome i can witness! but your hotel killed it! my mate owns a big building company there in pnom and all i can tell is chinese are coming!

  52. That was great👍I’m in Hua Hin at the moment….can’t bloody sleep.Was in Laos 2 weeks ago…been over here in SE Asia for 6 wks now….6 wks to go.Off to Vietnam for 10 days on Saturday then over to Cambodia for the same.
    Then back to Thailand for the remainder…probably Samui and Pattaya 10 days each and the finish off the rest in Bangkok…got a mate who’s lived there for 12 years.
    Love your vids pal….can you slow down time?….its going too quickly.🤣👍

  53. Aside from the very pretty ladies I think this video was the most disturbing due to those little kids . A truly WTF moment.

  54. This looks a nice place to visit, not too expensive and plenty to see and do. Great Vid. Definitely on my travel wish list

  55. Sunset Montage was excellent. Crazy with the garbage on the side of the road there. LOL.

  56. Looks great there in PP 👍 hope we will get a vid this Saturday too 🙏 I am ready to cancel all my plans to stay in and watch it 🍻 I guess the Chinese guys are trying to pluck up the courage? Sweet and sour balls spring to mind as does spring rolls now I’ve said that. Sharkys looks a decent bar definitely. Harmony hotel looks great

  57. Great video,makes you want to be there. Nice to see the Dagenham navy at 3:35, too.

  58. 4:50 depends on your perspective. All to yourself without a Cambodian hottie in a bikini is not my idea of “winning”.

  59. oh i forgot what music is playing at 20.42 and the artist? i must get it if i can..

  60. Could you tell me what camera you are using to shoot this, the images are so crisp and clear…

  61. You’re videos are ALWAYS brilliant. Love them, keep up the brilliant work mate. 😀

  62. 112 another wonderfully done Vlog ! Excellent footage and supporting information , thank you !!!…

  63. Cant say 100% with the food. I took a group of street kids to jollibee in Philippines and only half ate their orders. The others took theirs to go, probably for their gang leader. Either way I fed a cpl atleast

  64. Dude! What’s with your toes? That just light n camera playing games? Or do you need to see a dr?

  65. Хватит снимать туалеты, что больше нечего

  66. Just got back from a month in thailand. Had the time of my life. I would recommend to anybody. Only problem i fell in love with a local girl.

  67. Love your new concept with the music. Just the best. It put me in in a trance. Can you do more and the trance music is the best too.

  68. I look forward to these wonderful adventures. Hope to do some of my own soon. Thanks for producing these !

  69. Lady in purple @12:24 looks fantastic….please don’t tell me she’s a ladyboy

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