DIRECTIONS: Thai Immigration Visa Extension, Muang Thong Thani – AMNESTY ENDS JULY 31

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***First off, there is no way I can give 100% of *ALL* the options to get to the Temporary Visa Extension Office so, if you think I missed anything or have Any specific questions PLEASE feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help… Don’t get frustrated*** …at least, I hope you don’t.

By now, if you live in the Bangkok area you have likely heard there is a new location that foreigners must go to to do their 90 day reporting before (or if you need to extend your temporary visa) *before or after* the July 31st Amnesty deadline.
I tried to provide info on the Move to Temporary VISA Extension Center at Muang Thong Thani from July 13th,2020 onwards.
(from the Thailand Immigration website – link below)
*** Immigration Division 1 Responsible for Bangkok area ***
1. 90 Days Notification
2. Notification of Residence for foreigners
3. Short-Stay VISA
I just went to do my 90 day report on Thursday July 16th so, I wanted to share a few options to getting there, as well as returning.
For sure you can take a taxi from literally ANYWHERE in Bangkok but there are a few landmarks that will make it infinitely easier for you, or your driver to get there. The first is IMPACT – the giant conference and convention center/complex. The next is THUNDERDOME and The IBIS Hotel or Novatel, Mueang Thong Thani.

I tried taking the #166 Bus from the Victory Momument Bus Stop, a short walk down the street from the BTS “Victory Monument” stop ****make sure when you take the #166 bus its the one with the RED “IMPACT” Sign In the Window. Take it to the end of the , then a quick motorbike ride to the Immigration Offices.

For more information on Thai Immigration – this is the link to the website (in English):

Link (shortened) to Information of the Temporary Visa Extension Location at Muang Thong Thani:

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  1. Very informative Mike. Does everyone have to do 90 day reporting at that location? Also, check out the Viabus app while waiting for #166.

  2. what was the purpose of submission of 90 day report at that location ? proximity to accommodation ? shorter queues ?

  3. I left in 76 after 5 years and now it’s a different Thailand, I miss those days but would love to
    see if any of my old haunts are still around. The people, food and country still entices me 🙂

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