Dive Sites Koh Tao – Sail Rock, the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand

Koh Tao is an amazing place to dive with over 20 dive sites to choose from. One of the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand is Sail Rock. This is just a short boat journey from Koh Tao, and Roctopus Dive visits it every Sunday. Here, you can enjoy some amazing corals, large schools of fish, possibility of Whale Sharks, and a ‘Chimney’. The Chimney is a vertical swim through, starting at 5m and going down to 18m.

For more information about Koh Tao dive sites: https://www.roctopusdive.com/dive-sites/

See all diving available on Koh Tao (Thailand): https://www.roctopusdive.com



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