Diver Clow – Jeju Island South Korea 1 * Cave Dive *

South Korea – Jeju Island, Seogwipo City

Located at the southern part of South Korea is Jeju Island, one of the best vacations areas from this country where is totally recommended to visit severals of beautiful waterfall and of course the Hallasan Mountain, which is an inactive volcano with a lake on the top of it of course the landscape from the top breathtaking.

Jeju Island have many small island where you can go for great dives all of them with own magic, on this video i dove in Seopseom which is close to Seogwipo City, located at the south of the island.

Is many direct flights from Seoul, to Jeju City, is recommended to take the Airport Limousine (Bus 600) located at exit number 5 of the international arrivals from Jeju International Airport, price is W5.500 to Seogwipo City.

** Important ** In South Korea Google Maps is not the most accurate app for guide yourself, so i would recommend to use apps like NAVER or KAKAO MAPS. (I used Naver during all my time here and works perfectly)


The recommended time to come to visit this Island is between September and October the water temperature is between 22º and 25º Celsius and visibility tends to be better, at same times this is period of typhoons so don’t forget to check the weather report. Period Between July to August water temperature is around 27º but visibility is not that good.

On this area generally you book your dives at your closest dive shop (or you can take the one I would recommend) you will be briefed at the dive center and your gear will be prepared. You get into a Van which takes you around 7 – 10 minutes to the closes wraf where you will have to options of dives (please talk about this when you do your dive reservation):

1.- Seopseom Island Diving W100.000 (average price): Your gear and air tanks are loaded into the boat and you will arrive at Island with all your equipment, is a rocky area and there is enough space for set your gear and have almost 1 hour of surface time interval (Cookies, coffee and tea. From this point you will have 3 Dive Sites availables which is Small Hangaechang West, Small Hangaechang East and IONs Reef (North). (This place is a beautiful island with direct view to Hallasan Mountain, bring your phone on the dry bag for your best shots and selfies.
**Important ** This Video as it shows say Big Hangaechang is not the same that you are looking on the video, to see Small Hangaechang please check the next video.

2.- Seopseom Boat Diving W130.000 (average price): You will set your gear from the wraf where for every dive you make a boat will pick you from there drop you on the dive site and bring you back to the same spot for almost 1 hour of surface time interval. This alternative gives you the chance of do different dive site including the Island Dive ones. Big Cave Black Stone Omunyeo, Small Cave Neoal and surroundings, Big Hangaechang, Wreck Diving at Monseom Island (This last one have a different prices that you should ask on dive center)

** Important: This price is only a reference about 2 dives and not include rental gear, prices may vary between dive centers **

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