Diving Batanes THE CLEAREST Visibility in Philippines

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Exploring the underwater world of Batanes. Incredibly clear waters, full of marine life and corals.
By far the clearest waters I’ve scuba dived in Philippines.

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  1. woowwwww what a great world under the Ocean!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ this video is the best ever!!!!!!Finn&Sherlyn. Great couple💗🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️👫…. love u guysssssss💗💗💗💗💗

  2. This vlog is insane it’s like watching a Nat Geo episode!!!!!!! Love it!

  3. just subscribed this account but i have other accounts that is subscribed BTW this is my vlog account dor doing my which is protecting west Philippine sea maybe one day we get to see each other but for now God bless you and you take care always what your doing makes you more Filipino than locals.

  4. I have to watched the whole thing. The music, video and everything in it was very organized. Breath taking and captivating. Batanes is in my bucket list and hopefully my son can dive here too.

  5. Awesome photographic presentations……the best I have ever seen!!!! For sure ….keep up the great work. A Fan

  6. I’m from Philippines but, I can’t even travel in our country like what you do, lucky men! Godbless

  7. So beautiful! And that is an awesome underwater footage!!! Keep doing what you are doing FinnSnow!

  8. This is SoOoOoO worth watching. No wonder this popped up on my YouTube recommendations. I’m a Filipino and I never went there before!
    I suggest u try this island in Southern Leyte (still in Philippines) called Limasawa Island. History says that there is a cross that Magellan planted there too. And there’s also nice beaches and cliff diving. I went there before and I suggest u try it too!

  9. Wow. One of the best diving spots in the world I have seen. Definitely, a must-visit for us. Awesome video.

  10. My goodness Finn! These underwater shots are stunning and amazing.. When i was a young boy growing up in Batanes i used to go to the sea and catch fish for food and i use spear gun.. Now while i’m watching this i realize how magnificent these fishes and how beautiful creatures they are. I never also appreciate how beautiful Batanes underwater back then. Thank you Finn for sharing this. ☺️

  11. I’m more interested in the 1st background music… what ‘s the title of that song? Anybody?

  12. This video made me cry and makes me sooo proud of my county!❤️❤️ Good job guys!👏🏼👏🏼

  13. I met the owner of Dive Batanes at the Matahao Small Boat Harbor – where the dive boat ventures out from. He assured me that the conditions off Batan are great. Thanks for proving him Right!! Great shots! Nothing wrong with longanisa and an omlette to start the day off right!!

  14. I hope you see this question. And find time to reply. May I know What camera you used in this video?

  15. nice but sad at the same time . there’s almost no fish. It’s like a desert land. hopefully one day the fish will recover

  16. Finn you need to try in Dauin Negros Oriental specifically in apo island in which their under water marine lives is considered the most wonderful marine site of the world.

  17. you have a nice camera can i share your video on my page its so nice of you to vlog batanes .thank you so much

  18. Wonderful underwater footage and the music goes like i am being drawn to the center of the ocean gliding like a mermaid. Bravo, one of a kind Mr Finn Snow. Hope to see the title of the songs with every segments… only if you can and it would be my great pleasure. I understand most are raving for your background music too. Great selections👍

  19. I enjoyed very much on the underwater shots including the music … great job. ..new subscriber here!

  20. You should dive or free dive the eastern side of Batanes from the point Tahuhura to Diura and from Diura to Imnajbu.

  21. I’m one of your huge fans. Appreciate all your efforts. Be safe always! Frm Canada.

  22. Awesome shots you too…such beautiful scenery! Always a joy coming along with you on your adventures. If I may make a suggestion, please try to hold your shots a little longer in your edits so your audience can process and explore what you are actually seeing, which takes a couple of seconds. But I know you want us to see so much of what you are seeing. Love watching you – God bless.

  23. What I notice on your blog is that you chose nice music and scoring is superb.. BTW new subscriber here

  24. T(a o you Finn for sharing the oceanic beauty in Batanes. I hope the locals will forever protect this place.

  25. Proud ivatan hereee!!!! Thank u for visiting our place😊😊 i hope u enjoy the beauty of our province😍

  26. superb and stunning underwater videos. thanks for taking me into the underworld with your adventure👍👍👍👏👏👏

  27. Ivatan watching here 🙂
    You have stunning shots!
    I miss diving in batanes. All the best!

  28. Great shots, I guess there’s no Corona yet under the oceans of the Philippines. Just went to Boracay nobody really pay attention to the dang Virus.

  29. One of the best underwater shots and vids. Those corals and fishes — just wow!!! That was beyond my expectation.

  30. I love this videos, so incredibly beautiful and graet people. Thanks for sharing, rea;y like you both and greetings from the Netherlands.

  31. watch mine too sir, :D, i only used 1 camera (gopro5).. how i wish i can have my own cam like yours… very nice…

  32. so beautiful down there..hats up for you finn for exploring so many places here in the Philippines..,,🥰😍

  33. congratulations. your videography has improved a lot. appreciate what you are doing. watching your videos reminds me of places I visited in my younger years and afforded me to see places I will never see. muchas gracias Señor Snow

  34. Mr. Finn Show and gf, congratulations! Actually, you’re in the Land of Creation for Philippines is the land of creation where in the book of Genesis tells how the Supreme Creator made all things that exist both animate and inanimates!! 👍👍😉 You and other adventurers are so blessed to swim and dive in sacred marine/nautical places on earth!
    Sorry for the atheists and non-believers of Creator not raising argument in here but it’s time for you to believe, and get saved through His Only Begotten Son to be saved as John 3:16 says. ✌✌

  35. Did Seth (Sez) Styles, former youtuber American, give GRO Princess Sarita in Dumaguete, HIV and pregnant?

  36. Turn DOWN the intro music! I think that Tubataha would give Batanes some competition in visibility. Where’s the FISH there? Is it as “fished out” as the rest of the PH (except Tubataha)?

  37. Amazing footage taken under the sea, together with the back ground song, I’m falling in love again.😘😘😘

  38. Man! if this creative videography can buy the franchise of ABS-CBN you are now the owner of it lol! kudos keep spreading the love and beauty of this country.

  39. Best video, song choice and video editing is superb. 👍🏻 Would like to watch more video like this from you.

  40. Wow wow wow! So amazing & spectacular😍.You & Sherlyn are the best as ever in scuba diving 👍🏼👏🏼

  41. Batanes is refreshingly beautiful. I would love to have a vacation house there!!!

  42. Wow…. This video remind us the wonderful art of God. I hope the Department of Tourism and Batanes Authorities will protect the beauty of this natural wonder.

  43. So beautiful in there feels like I wanna go there too and experience scuba diving 🤗 your camera is amazing too!!!!

  44. Thank you for visiting our place for sure you’ll always be remembered here Mr. Finn Snow thank you and god bless on all of your trips and much power and love to your channel♥️🙏

    Thank you very much for sharing your love if nature to all of us🌹🙏🏽🌹❤️🌹🙏🏽🌹You are all Amazing 💐🌷💐

  46. You must have felt right at home with that volcanic landscape all around

  47. Just Wow..i have to save this video. Those shots and the music makes me feel relaxed

  48. This sets your Vlog from the rest! Another great videography Finn, cheers from Cebuano in Melbourne the land of Ozzz

  49. Filipinos are the coolest people and has the best island paradise in the world.Thumbs up if you agree. 👍🙂 Thanks for posting this Finn!

  50. Wow! You are the only blogger in the PH who can produce high quality and amazing underwater scenes. I am in awe of God’s creation. I wish I know how to dive. Thanks for sharing Finn.

  51. Wonderful dive film Fin! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the world!
    Denny Connors
    White Bear Lake MN

  52. The underwater footage is already amazing but you adding the right background music.. it’s just perfect! Man, I’m crying! This is beyond beautiful. ❤️

  53. Thank you for giving us a chance to see our beautiful/amazing sea/underwater creatures God bless you both! I am praying for your safety.

  54. Even your choices of songs like this one are meant for your lablab and to these GOD’s amazing creatures are quite wonderful. Well, Sherlyn’s choices seem to be expressing her deep feelings for you.

  55. Hi brother – loved the video. I see you use a Sony system so I have to bother you with some advice. I’m struggling with getting the most out of the picture profiles when filming underwater. Most people are using PP10 HLG2, and I wlso filmed HD at 120p. I’m wondering if recommend a different picture profile and if you film in 4K 60p? Thanks !

  56. First time in my life tried diving in Anda Bohol Philippines absolutely stunning 👌

  57. Cant stop smiling watching these Batanes vlogs. Phenomenal work 🖒. Gikilig ko sa tickling part. Awww 💗

  58. Amazing shots. Batanes is one of my dream escapades. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Batanes. ❤️

  59. Those are some beautiful waters…. Thanks for giving a shout out to The Bahamas 🇧🇸…our slogan is, better in the Bahamas” but I know first hand “it’s more fun in the Philippines “🇵🇭

  60. Wow wow I have a goosebumps the underwater shots , your editing , color, texture , scenery the timing of music scoring, SPECTCCULAR !

  61. Omg it was so amazing Finn ❤️
    And unbelievable scene never seen that in my intire life back home in Philippines it was so beautiful.

  62. WoooW this is the best footage and diving #Finlyn, 😀 seeing this video I much more missed my beautiful country Philippines.<3

    MABUHAY Kayo Finn&Sherlyn 🇵🇭 🇮🇸 🇺🇸

  63. hi kuya finn,
    what a amazing under water catch, its so beautiful, the corals are so healthy. the water of batanes are so crystal clear. thank you for this vlog episode. sobrang ganda. always take care and god bless. peace up guys!

  64. Mind blowing under water footage. This Finnlyn sets you apart from other vloggers coz you put your heart and soul into it. ❤️👍🏽❤️

  65. Great content bro. I think of all the bloggers i followed this is what separates you from them. World class pare well done vid production. Ganda mga kuha mo sir,!! Thumbs up!!!!!

  66. Hands down some of the best underwater photography I have ever seen. Congratulations Finn, I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I must say that the footage on this one has really raised the bar to beyond the professional level. I know that having good equipment makes a big difference, but it means nothing without the skill, and you definitely have the skill.

  67. I have to watch again, underwater corals, so beautiful,what are those white corals?looks like eggs??I love that stripe blue/white fish,the gray triangle fish that stays in the bottom of the ocean,love the background music, Finn youre more cuter with short hair, and Sherlyn you love to wear shorts, you never wear pants, and the dresses you wear are so cute on you and you’re blooming,you look good on that Batanes hairdo.thank you
    again and again.

  68. This was an absolutely amazing under water of the Philippines ocean..so so so brilliant Finn and Sherlyn. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences.😍😀

  69. I wish this province expand their popularity outside our country, so many visitors from around the world will visit this, except the mainland Chinese. Don’t accept visitors from China they will ruin this for sure I tell you.

  70. Ohhh..Wow, I am from the Philippines…But have not seen Batanes…specially under water… Your camera work was so nice to seing very clearly…very professional…


  72. This is just awesome! Your investing in good gadgets have paid off. I got goosebumps watching how vivid the images are.Thank you Finn and Sherlyn for taking us all to a whole new world. What do you call the last pink coral that looks like an old rose?

  73. Finn, What separates you from others is your passion of the work you do. You put your heart on it. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. From, The USA.

  74. Now you’re my source of underwater videos Finn…
    No words could describe the quality of your photography!

  75. all i can say is thank you for showing the beauty of the Philippines and its people. wonderful! more vlogs to come! take care both of you!

  76. Very beautiful Philippines! Batanes in particular. Thank you for sharing this. I feel like I wan underwater too.. spectacular!

  77. mind blowing underwater creature. while watching this my eyes wide open as my mouth is also saying a big WOW 😮😮😮 I love those shoots I love batanes

  78. Goodwork finnlyn! Uv shown us the underwater beauty of our sea. Appreciate it much. 😁 😘 The fishes seemed happy to welcome you both. 😁 Take care guys and Godbless! 😘 😘

  79. Awesome, this must be the top 3 Vlog for 2020, superb clear visibility.. great job × 100000000000000 likes

  80. I am short of words to describe the beauty of Batanes 😲. It is so beautiful. The camera shots are some of the best underwater videos I have watched ever 😍

  81. Oh this is so awesome & breathtaking pictures. I’d love to be swimming & seeing all these underwater sights if I could. This is so encouraging & inspiring. Thank you for bringing this to us…

  82. shout out to the guys na may magandang boses i love.there voice 👍🤩

  83. I don’t know honestly why we are just mum about our giant neighbor destroying what centuries had made in WPS! We could be missing a lot like these footages.

  84. You travel the northern part of Luzon, while Kulas traveling south western part of ph. Bravo! Fighterboys

  85. Wowwww! How I wish batanes you are just in Philippines where I live but you seems like in another country hard to get there.

  86. The videography under water is clearer than my thoughts.lol…fishes, corals, etc are well captured and it was amazing to watch. Very national geographic quality sir. God bless you both and more success!👏

  87. the view underwater is surreal 😍😍😍 thank you for taking us there. 😍😍😍

  88. OMG… that water was as clear as air. Nice to see the corals are untouched till now.

  89. you wouldn’t really have the clearest water in the second semester because it’s the wet/rainy season in the Philippines. Rainy season means more soil erosion, that’s why you got murky water instead.

  90. Batanes seems doesn’t belong to the philippine archiphelago… the senerity of the place and the humble and simple life of the people really describe them unique and rare in the rest of the country. I

  91. Wow the landscape of batanes was best but under water is heavenly beautiful its my first time to see it film… Its like palawan under water😍

  92. Never expect that our province Batanes have a lot of living corals and fishes under water! Thanks for visiting our province we highly appreciate you!

  93. What camera are you using underwater? Is it the same camera you use during your normal vlog? Thank you.

  94. There’s something about this video and your Batanes series. It could be the place that mesmerizes me no end, or your love for the place that is so infectious I feel I want to go there too right now, and it shows in your shots and video footage all combined, with having the love of your life right next to you, in one. Amazing place, spectacular views and awesome video. Never realized how beautiful our country is. Thank you for showcasing all of them in this video. Sending love to you FInn and SHerlyn. I have to go there soon. 🙂

  95. 😍Amazing capture!! What a beautiful underwater world. Unlike anything I have ever seen. This beats any underwater sights I’ve ever seen or heard of. Truly magical. Thank you for sharing! More powers to you and Sherlyn. Love all the way from Hawaii. 🐠

  96. Hello…im from batanes..tgank you for taking beautiful picks love ya!
    Fr. Batanes fam

  97. Don’t wanna share this so awesome video😁 don’t want it to be ruined by tourists 😁

  98. That was one of the clearest dive videos that I have ever seen. Awesomeness beyond belief!!

  99. Really amazing and very clear shots of the marine life! Recently got certified in diving and you really inspired me where I should try to go next! Thanks Finn for sharing this!

  100. My daughter said “its so beautiful mamang!!”thank you Finn and Sherlyn for bringing the underwater world to us..ur shots are magnifecent every bit of it.. I am in awe!!kudos to both of you👏👏👏👏

  101. salute to you sir finn.couldn’t believe this is here in the philippines.wow!!! I mean WOW!!! another excellent work. congrats man!

  102. that underwater shots can be use as a poster, very beautiful, I only been to Coron and Boracay, they both really great but this one is just amazing, I might go there next time I go back to PH.

  103. I love videos. Miss the Philippines, Legaspi city, Albay, Bicol region.
    Just wondering if you have been to Amanpullo resort, supposed to be the number 1 resort in the Philippines.

  104. Perfect diving spot 👌 Hi from 🇨🇦
    Can you just concentrate on diving, not on breakfast 🥞 please

  105. This video makes me appreciate more of God’s wonderful creations and it shows how much God loves us to give us all these to enjoy. Thanks Finnlyn for sharing your vlogs. One of a kind…

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  115. Spectacular, thank you Finn & Sherlyn for taking us below views of beautiful Batanes & Doug with dive Batanes Resort!! Sending our best regards to you both Enjoy your continued adventures.

  116. Beautiful Finn! 😍 I’ve a feeling a lot more people are going to want to dive Batanes now. I’m one of them 😉 Great job and thanks for sharing! 🐙🐠🐡🐟

  117. Beautiful! 🙂I truly wish and pray that all these natural treasures of Batanes will not get ruined or over exposed or “ravished” like what happened to Boracay. I’m terrified just thinking of it…Most Filipinos cannot afford the trip to this paradise, to think it is in their own country.. and i hope those who can visit will preserve it and inspire people to respect it.❤ And not treat any island they reach in the PH like it is a party-thirst island. 🙏🙏🌴🌿🌻 Island life offers its visitors its peace, a pause from the busy, modern, hi-tech life, and I wish all island visitors will embrace this humble and profound island offering. Be “infected” with its peace. It has more to offer, always. 😊

  118. You really got the clearest camera in getting video fin supper HD i like it the best👍👍👍👍

  119. Fin and Sherlyn I cannot believe that beautiful awesome view under the sea! gid bless you both and look after each other.

  120. Fantastico 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 what a beautiful captured perfect

  121. Wow..freaking awesome as i heard to finn always so i saying back to him also..anyway the corals so fresh the fish so many with different colors the water so bluest and above all the nature itself but of course with finn effort,time and evrything they just for our pilipinos and all over the world..thank you to u both for allowing us to watch this vlog and many more to come..god bless

  122. the 22 who unlike this blog .there is something wrong with you guys i bet your just jealous . coz you dont have like this in your country. TOO BAD.

  123. This is what i called PARADISE so magical WOW Philippines is SO SO BEAUTIFUL TRULY BLESSED GARDEN OF EDEN

  124. you take us to a whole new level of experience Finn by putting hardwork into what you love, and that is sharing the beauty of Batanes. May we truly have a personal experience of Batanes soon, my dream place when I’ll get married I want our honeymoon to be in Batanes 💓 thanks for this Finn

  125. I have been waiting for this footage Finn! I am from Batanes but I never knew that another paradise is also underneath our already beautiful landscapes in the islands! Hoping to face my fear of the open sea and go diving on our beautiful sea treasure.

    I told you that I love your videos because of your content but this I forgot to tell you, your vlogs have so much quality (like a professional documentary by NatGeo) and viewers like me could feel that you really put your heart and soul into it. This is my new favorite of all vlogs in Batanes. It is amazing and yes, very surprising to me!

    Joyce Elesterio of Pananayan
    Sabtang, Batanes

  126. I have already watch this for more than 10x , and everytime i watch it keeps me teary eyed. Thank you finn for taking us with you under the water.

  127. Wow! You found a a new world down there! Those are amazing shots, I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed watching it. Your narration is exceptional as it makes the viewer become informed and educated. Way to go Finn and Sherlyn! Although it really looks scary diving on those waters, it might be the reason why it is so pristine and beautiful because os less human interactions and intervention. I would prefer I t that way to preserve it’s natural integrity. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of what Batanes is really is down there. Great job!👍🏾👏🏾💯🤙🏾

  128. This is probably one of the best underwater shots/videos I’ve watched in my entire life.
    Kudos Finn for featuring Batanes again!
    Breathtakingly beautiful…

  129. Beautifully done. Btw, what is the title of the background music? ♥️♥️♥️

  130. Dugaya ninyo naka upload ug video oi. Hapit nako manglood but its all worth d wait—may pinaghandaan ra diay something amazing👌👏👏

  131. Thank you again FinnSnow and Sherlyn Doloriel for the ♥️ to BATANES♥️♥️

    I wanna go back to my Hometown♥️😍

  132. Batanes undersea world is still very pristine and hope it stays that way. Too much eco-tourism spoils the environment abd good thing Batanes’s harsh conditions saves it from the onsiaught of over tourism.

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