DUBLIN, IRELAND 🇮🇪 | Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, Book of Kells and more | Beril & Robert

Make sure to watch this vlog if you’re planning a trip to Dublin! We had some amazing finds and some disappointing tourist spots, and we share it all with you 🍀

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Our Irish adventure continues from where we left it in our last video! Last time you saw us, we had just left Cork and arrived in Dublin. Now, we take you around the vibrant Dublin and its attractions. We stayed at Clayton Hotel Dublin and tried to fit in as much as humanly possible into the two days we were there for. From the famous Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College Dublin and Temple Bar to the Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, George Street Arcade and Dublin Castle, we take you along as we explore every corner of the city! A huge disappointing moment arrived when we went to a pub called The Brazen Head Dublin, which claims to be the oldest pub in Dublin. Horrible service and mean staff! But, we didn’t let it ruin our trip and fixed our moods with some more sight-seeing 🙂

This video will be very useful for those thinking of traveling to Dublin, Ireland and wonder what things they can do during their trip! Hope you enjoy following us around 🍀

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  1. I think the one thing visitors must understand about ireland is that is not a city destination as such we have only one large population density city and thats dublin and dublin is really its own entity its the capital ,but its very much apart from the rest of the country..If you want to see ireland you have to get out into the sticks.Brazen Head are in my opinion trading under a false label ,because seans bar in athlone is actually the oldest in ireland,it draws in gullible tourists and in your case treats them like shit.

  2. Cork is way smaller than dublin its the second city of the state,but its 4times smaller if you consider the metropolitan areas.

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