Dunmahon Castle, County Louth, Republic Of Ireland.

Dunmahon Castle, County Louth, Republic Of Ireland.
Dunmahon Castle is a four storey tower house that was built in the 15th century and inhabited until the end of the 17th century. It was a stronghold of the Plunket family. The castle was the site of a massacre in the 1640’s. Accounts of what happened vary, although Cromwell’s troops are mentioned in the reports, with the number slain said to be about 250-300 people . Today, the Castle, for its age is in relatively good shape with an intact stairwell that leads to the top of the battlements. The stairs are located in the north eastern section of the building and lead past the vaulted ceiling which hovers over the ground floor.
When one reaches the top it’s not hard to see why this area was chosen as the location for the Castle as it facilitates long views out over the surrounding countryside.
But dangers do exist, In 1979 a 13 year old boy fell 70th feet from the top the Castle to his death and so anyone intending to go to the top of the battlements should do so with caution. Located on the north entrance of the fortification is an ominous sounding hole that is nicknamed ‘The Murder Hole’ which leaves little to the imagination when it comes to its former function. Hi everyone if you would like to help the channel out even more you can donate to the channel in the youtube Banner link or in the about section link . thanks to everyone your support has been amazing its very much appreciated.


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