Fiji 🇫🇯 WEEK 34. BULA Snorkeling, a private island, and local school visit 🌴🌴🌴

This week’s Postcard Challenge. How many times does Wren say BULA. Count while you watch and comment below. The first right answer gets a postcard 👋

This is our first week exploring the islands of the South Pacific. First Fiji then Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands 🏖 What makes Fiji amazing is the kindness of the Fijians ❤️ BULA! 😘

Take Flight with us:

Special Thanks:
The Outrigger Resort Fiji. Thank you for hosting us and giving us a home. The staff, the food, the room, the reef, the pool, the frogs 😂 everything was perfect!! If you are going to Fiji 👉
Bigsky Charters Fiji. For our amazing snorkeling adventure.
Kula Wild Adventure Park –

Alex Cruz – Sweet Child (ft. Gabbi Lieve)

Our week by order of appearance:
Outrigger Resort
Beachcomber Island
Conua School
Kula Wild Adventure Park

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