Siargao Island is my favourite island in the Philippines. Today’s Philippines travel vlog shares a fun day in the life on Siargao with some girlfriends of mine! If you are looking to travel the Philippines, Siargao is a must-see and these are some essential things to do in Siargao 2020.




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– Robyn Kimberly


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  1. Thanks for watching loves! A few more Philippines vlogs coming your way then we have CANADA VLOGS! Get stoked. 🙂

  2. Siargao is one of my dream destination this summer. After COVID, I am planning to visit Siargao and I will make a vlog for it. I hope you will subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

  3. How come this lady seems so perfect 😊 tall, slim, beautiful sana all (hopefully all) 😂 anyways Stay Safe and Healthy. God Bless 😊

  4. Kimberly you are So Beutiful… Someday i will met you… AND take photo of you😊

  5. im glad to see you that you’ll travel in siargao in times of during lockdown..enjoy blogging,keep safe also both of you.

  6. I’m a Huge fan of your videos and the background music are awesome!!! All the Best!!!!

  7. the good about this quarantine is seeing you guys enjoying the beauty of the Philippines…. keep safe always, godbless

  8. Guessed wrong on the thumbnail. Thought it was Laura opposite Robyn but turned out to be Emma. She finally shook off the food poisoning.

    1. @Robyn Kimberly I just googled the area, Yea far north Mindanao should be safe for tourist, it’s the southern and especially the SouthEastern part of Mindanao where no foreigner should travel. I was going to Siargao last month but my flight to Philippines has been reschedule until July due to the China Virus

  9. Even if you stocked.. their because of Lockdown!! That doesn’t matter.. you are so lucky lockdown yourself in that beautiful place…

  10. I cant believed this robyn is having the time of her life while the entire planet is on chaos

  11. I’m thinking of buying small piece of land in siargao, for vacation purposes… You amazed me while you tell story about the place… Thank you…

  12. Congratulations Robyn for hitting 100k! Continue entertaining with your nice videos. Sharing your joy from the Philippines! 👍😊🎉🍾

    1. @Robyn Kimberly way sapay , Ekkert að þakka , you’re welcome and Congrats on your 100k sub

  13. Just come back Ms. Robyn if this Pandemic will be end soon.. just love watching your vlogs💝💝

  14. Chill! No one can stop! Congratulation in advance.. You’ll reach 100k.. It’s coming❤️❤️❤️

  15. are you still there in siargao? you guys should meet up with mike and nelly of making it happen vlog. take care

  16. Damn ! freshly baked pande coco and black coffee , nothing beats that !…Lol…..I love your video ;-))

    1. @Robyn Kimberly I love pandecoco and also watching your channel ❤️ almost 100k subscribers you deserve more!!😊😁

  17. Your lovely, charming and really appreciate your very fun and interesting vlogs. Makes me miss the Phil’s so much. Cheers🍷

  18. Hi Robyn, another great video! Next time you plan to go back I wanna go hang with you guys, I’m sure everyone else does as well, but even if its a few days for you to show me around, it would be awesome 😃😂😃👍

    1. Thank you so much Chris! Can’t wait til we can all get back on a plane and explore the world <3

  19. Hi Robyn. I’m loving that white dress girlfriend. Looking gorgeous as always. Wow that water looks crystal clear. Awesome Vlog. See you in the next one. Love ya

    1. Thanks so much!! I ended up giving that dress to Emma before I left lol. Got a new one for my “big Bali trip” i’m supposed to be on right now hahah

      anyways, thanks for watching my stuff and hope you are doing well <3

  20. Road to 100k subs Robyn!🌟 Congratulations!! 🎊 as always, great content! I’m addicted to your vlogs! 🔥

  21. hi Laura welcome to siargao. Robyn pandecoco is my favorite too. luv you both guys. ♥️🙏

  22. Yea, it’s great to have a companion once in a while when you’re a solo traveler. You’ll suddenly feel awesome to have someone to share your happiness with, the fun, the excitement of becoming a tour guide because she may be a first-timer. You’ll feel awkward for a moment when she left because of your routine will be back on solo (Just that it is not as bad when Troy leaves you after his drop-by a year ago also in the Philippines. Then Luwak’s coffee cheers you up). Anyway, Siargao was breath-taking, peace and full of nice foods. I bet you’ll make your returns some other nice day.

    Great video, RK. Take care now…

    1. @Robyn Kimberly …I’m great, thanks for asking. Doin’ house chores and stuff just to keep the immune system kicked in. Been watching Laura’s videos and saw you in it.

    2. yes couldn’t agree more! had so much fun traveling with friends 🙂

      how are you holding up today friend?

  23. Robyn yet! Your trip to siargao is amazing one, I liked it too much, I follow you because you re my most favorite one, I miss you too much, stay happy and safe wherever you re,

  24. Nice…especially the tasty pandicoco Philippines finest original bread.You guys rocks wherever you go🇵🇭🇵🇭

  25. Amazing view!! please keep on sharing. Both of you looks gorgeous. for the guys that are still looking for a Pinay girlfriend try checking out, its free and you can also use it on your mobile.

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