Gad Elmaleh – What You Will Never Hear In France

#GadElmaleh on how difficult English is, being caught off guard by kindness, and why he’s having a hard time texting girls.

#GadElmalehStandUp from the #JustForLaughs Festival in 2016.

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  1. To all people people hating Gad for plagiarism, you may be hating him because he’s Jewish and successful, or maybe because he’s also Moroccan. If you can’t name one artist he stolen from, or any other guy who’s also exposed by copycomics without googling, I am definitely right 😉

  2. Everyone’s already joking about french people in the comments but honestly this guy deserves all the criticism he’s getting, and it’s sad to see he still has a career when he is known for relentlessly stealing jokes and suing people who expose him for it- :,)

  3. He’s become so disgusting really. I liked his previous sketch when he was at his prime, he’s more comfortable in French. In English he sounds so stupid. Fuck off Gad you’re so lame.

  4. Gad is a genius! My favourite French stand up comedian😍😍😍 I didn’t know he does stand up in English. Bien joué Gad👌🏽, well done👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  5. im half french and half irish and dont even speak french lol i should learn

  6. btw, when i was introduced to this guy (on youtube) he knew no English. but look at him now. very impressive

  7. i loove him.. hes hilarious and Im not even french
    his French shows with English subtitles are hilarious,Good to see him also in English but him in his own language is even more hilarious

  8. he actualy was exposed in france for stealing jokes from other comedian so i guess he try outside of france now lmao

  9. My mom told me how rude business owners were in France, back when she lived there with my French side of the family. She said “they act like you just walked in on them in the bathroom!”😂

  10. He is hilarious in French culture and Arabic culture if you listen to him in French. But in English he needs to do a lot of work. If he makes a tour in the U.S I would but tickets and give it a shot but would be disappointed if he said these jokes.

  11. En arabe, c’est encore plus simple, on a trois temps: le passé , le présent et l’impératif présent. Pour le futur on rajoute une lettre au verbe à l’instar du “will” en anglais.

  12. Be careful, this is a lier and a thief.
    He’s dead in France, so he’s trying somewhere else.
    It’s a trap with no talent, only copying jokes from another artists.

  13. Waw waw a sahbi you are putting too much stress on all sylables. Take it easy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Gad en anglais ce n’est pas la même chose , cela perd toute sa finesse et on entend plus son joli accent Marocain 😔

  15. Never found him funny in French even with stolen jokes he somehow manages to ruin good jokes just by telling them nothing changed in English and yet he managed to be on just for laugh. The world of entertainment is a dilemma to me

  16. Yo ! Don’t let this guy fool you. He is a joke stealer. He’s not original at all. Mon ami gad on va te balancer partout!!

  17. You should give some credit to the guy he has started from scratch performing in English I must admit he is brilliant the accent he puts is purely suburban yankee accents stop slagging off the man your are brillant GAD

  18. seriously French is a foocking old medieval languige like shiit ( passé composé, passé de plus que parfait) fuuuuuu*k

  19. I saw another video of him on YouTube and he always repeats the same thing don’t know why
    If you agree like my comment😁

  20. Taxes are very high in France welcome to New York but think having an account in Delaware or Nevada

  21. Does this guy , really really really thinks that he is a comedian ? 😱. Yuck!!!

  22. im french and i dislike this dude now cause he’s a gross dude that stole a lot of jokes from other artists. i use to like him in the past but now all i see is a scammer … fuck you gad

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