Germany: Biggest Tourist Scams in Germany

Germany tourism information in regard to tourist scams in Berlin, Munich, and other parts of Germany. Scams & things travelers should look out for when they head to Germany.
Filmed in Freiburg, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019
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  1. There’s one scam in the bigger cities with mutilated people sitting on the floors of pedestrian zones in public, showing their broken legs. That’s organized begging. Usually, they are not aggressive, just ignore them.

  2. Almost every person I met in Germany was very kind to us but we had one really strange thing happen at the train station in Munich. We sat inside of a little sandwich shop to have a snack and a man came in and approached us. He was pointing at my husband and seemed agitated and some what angry. I believe he was saying that my husband was English as he was pointing at him. We just said, No thank you in German a couple of times. The man then said..Oh American! I pulled our bags in close to me and he left. I couldn’t understand what the man was saying but I sensed that he was trying to provoke my husband or distract us to take our bags. No one around us said anything. It was really weird.

  3. A scam when driving: a car is broke down on the side of the road, when stopping and offering aid, the driver claims to be out of fuel and asks for a few Euros to buy gasoline. Usually there is a family of sobbing mother and children in the car to add theatrics. Happened to me twice – first time I gave some cssh, the driver wanted more, offering jewellery. Often these folks are from south eastern European countries. Hard to shake off once I stopped and inquired what’s happened. Now I no longer stop to offer aid, bad for anyone truly in need.

  4. its legit to buy used transport tickets but you have to take a closer look if its the right one.
    Not the best idea to buy a ticket from yesterday hihi

  5. Some advice if you end up in a dangerous situation.

    When someone comes up to you and says ”nice watch/jewlery”, keep an eye on them, get to an area with more ppl and don’t EVER start to argue with them.

    They want to rob you and they are armed and they don’t hesitate to put your life in danger.

    And another advice for Taxi services at the airport, Either figure out a local Taxi company before and call yourself one or go where the queue is.

    The ones that will offer you to not stand in line are going to take more money from you.

    Also with legal Taxi drivers there are issues.
    If the destination will ”only” get them 20 euro they still need to take you.
    It is in their contract.

  6. Here is the biggest scam for ppl who plan to stay longer.
    The goverment takes so much money from you and the deal is just not worth it.

    Scam on german highway, mostly by a team of two east european ladies with very offense tank-top and shorts. They clean your car window, flashing their boobs, but refuse to take money.
    They ask you to bring them to the next gas station or parking. On the way they start soaping and wetting themself with their window-water and play with the foam and wet tshirts. Often they involve the driver in soapy things. After you were disattracted by their lesbian playing and you left them on the next gas station, you notice that your change from portemonaie has gone!!! Lucky me I always have less than 5€ in cash!!!! This happened to me 7 times in ten days on A7, A1, A29 and A2.

  8. I am German and I know exactly that the toilet ladies “Toilettenfrauen” are a scam, in most cases! Especially at service areas at the “Autobahn” or in shopping malls you will find the scammers.

    You can easily spot the scammers. If there are no signs with prices for using the toilet or there are gates which open when you pay a machine, you don’t have to pay or to tip the ladies. Another hint is when you see just three or four coins on the table of the toilet lady.
    Why is this a scam? Because the ladies weren’t paid properly most of time (or are even family members of the company owner) and the companies which manage the toilets grabs the tips for themself and don’t pay taxes or social security. This is a serious crime here in Germany and well organized by the scammers. At busy places it is as easy as to grab several hundreds Euros, EACH DAY!
    So if you are a good hearted person, please give your money to someone homeless and don’t pay the scammers.
    Despite the fact that you will find scammers at every place with tourists, Mark is absolutely right when he said Germany is a nice and safe place for a visit.

  9. Im living in a big town of germany for over 10 years now and about non of these I have ever seen….

  10. I have to say I give my ticket always away but not for money. When I’m done and the ticket is still working for 12 or more hours I gave it away for free and yeah some baggers are scammer but not all. The whole Oktoberfest and Christmas markets are scammes. So overpriced but it’s still nice and fun to go. The other scammes I’ve never seen. Only near the boarders. When I see this I say something to a “victim” that’s so rude to scam people

  11. Professional beggars are all over the US too. I used to live in Atlanta. You figured them out really quickly. They love using props to help their case… Like a pair of crutches.

  12. Also stay away from gypsies and other types of foreigners, especially all those asylum seekers from the Middle East are dangerous, but so are the Turks living there. Stay safe and avoid contact, which is easy if you keep to nice touristy places.

  13. There are many people who are honest and give their tickets away for free, because even it is used it has still remaining time and can be used for a while. But you have to read the time stamp, to know how long it can be used. But sure, you shouldn’t buy a used one.

  14. hey, german dude here. most stuff you mentioned isn’t really related to a scam (more to thiefes and gangs) and most stuff too seems not just existing in germany but also elsewhere. and we have tickets you stamp a single time and then you can use it for a specific time…so of you don’t need it anymore you give it to other people.. that’s a normal thing here and not rly a scam (just make sure it’s still valid! don’t use invalid ones)

  15. Haben sie eine Drehgenehmigung um an diesem Bahnhof zu drehen? Ich glaube nicht… Das gibt eine Anzeige!

  16. German here, i think you nailed it pretty much.
    The reselling of a ticket is sometimes legit, also sometimes people will offer it to you for free. I have also shared my parking ticket with strangers when i noticed them searching for cash while i was about to take off.
    Another common thing is that grannies and students often have tickets that allow them to bring (at least) 1 additional passenger with them on the subway, bus, etc.
    So if somebody offers you to ride with them on the subway it should be legit aswell.

  17. More common than scammers are thieves in Germany. Especially big train stations and also hotel lobbies. Be aware and always keep an eye on your luggage.

  18. Biggest scam in Germany? Buying a Deutsche Bahn Ticket, you pay but there will never be a train showing up.

  19. Leider ist es Alltag, dass in manchen Gegenden, Straftaten verübt werden. Wie es eben auch in allen anderen Ländern zu finden ist. Da hebt sich kein Land dieser Welt als sicher hervor. In den aller meisten fällen sind deutsche, gegenüber den ausländischen Touristen, sehr höflich und hilfsbereit.

  20. A thing about the beggars, they are mostly Punks so they’re just legit fun people who live a bit rough. But there are beggar gangs

  21. actually that reselling of tickets isnt a scam it’s actually something nice where everyone gets a good deal out of it. Especially for younger people. As an example i am student in Bavaria near Munich and when i go home to Augsburg, i always try to find the cheapest way. And often people give away their used bayern tickets cause they dont need it anymore but u can still use it (its illegal cause its under the name of the owner u get i off, but usually nobody cares).
    Mostly they say: „ Wann give me 5€ for that and u can have it“. Actually thats a pretty solid deal (Price for one person bayern ticket is 25€, so u saved 20€)

    So well its kinda illegal but mostly its a fair deal just look what ticket u buy of people

  22. So often ppl. want to sell you a 1 day ticket because they just used until 14:00 or smth and when you know that this ticket is legit you can save money because they will give it to you for 1 or 2€ insted of 6€ for a new one. But as a tourist you should not buy those because you will not know if it is the right ticket for you.

  23. It is usually cheaper and easier to buy train tickets using trainline website and just scan the QR codes on your phone in the DeutscheBahn App or buy it in the app directly if you know how, flixbus is another alternative if you are low on cash and want to go from big cities to other cities cheap.

  24. The biggest Scamers are called BVG or Ticketficker they come in Trains and ask you if you have a ticket. when you See them just Kick them in the balls and run it will be ok 😉

  25. Acc. to some studies, around 80 % of beggars are ipart of gangs. A common sham (specially at train stations) is that they would need “just a few Cents or Euros” to pay for “their ticket home”. Just a few days ago, two guys tried the exact same sham (with the exact same story and sum) within ca. 10 min.

    Don’t get me wrong, these people are really poor and devastated, and they need help, but instead of giving money, which they have to give to the gang leader, I tend to offer some food. With such an offer I would help them directly, since these gangs are not really interested in perishable goods.

  26. Since you have been on a train station: it is not a scam but can be annoying when one or two guys enter the metro, start their kind of mobile karaoke machine at high volume, start to sing a song and maybe play an instrument along and at the next station they go around and ask for money. Although it is forbidden to play loud music in the metro in Hamburg they do not do anything against such people. Fortunately there are just a few of them.

  27. In Berlin, the biggest thieves are a lot (not all) Taxi drivers. They will take you to un-necessary routes to increase fare and if one doesn’t know the city, well, get a map.

  28. Unfortunately there are scammers everywhere. In our region (KA), for example, “non-Germans” like to walk around with crutches and beg on or in trams. None of them is really “handicapped” or “injured”. These are organized gangs. They also sit around a lot in the city and beg.
    I saw one of them begging shortly before, walking heavily with his crutches and 5 minutes later a few streets later he was walking around in a side street without crutches as if he had never needed them. Miracle healing, I only say!

  29. Clicked on this video because I’m German, instantly freaked out because Freiburg is my hometown!!! Insaaaane 😀

  30. The title is misleading, should be ” Illegal first and second generation immigrants scamming tourists in Germany”

  31. Hey Walter I’m from germany and for the tickets we actually do that and it’s not a scam for the people. It is more that the train companies don’t like it cuz they kind of “loose money”. But u don’t need to worry that much just look at the date of the ticket and if you’re not from germany compare the price of the ticket with the ticket u want to buy and you will safe a bit of money if you’re on budget. And another thing is that the tickets you buy from the “Automat” is a bit thicker than the ones you get from the bus driver.
    When a day ticket is 6 to 7 € you can easily resell it for 4. So most of the time I would just leave the ticket in the automat after I reached my destination. You can also give it to homeless people who stay in the Station they really appreciate it.

  32. Hi Wolters! That was a very nice video about my country, but at one point, you made a mistake which I must correct. If you don’t buy a train or tram ticket and someone comes to control the tickets, you cannot buy one, it’s too late! They will charge you 60 Euro and kick you out, and rightly so. Because you should always buy a ticket before you get on a train or tram.

  33. All the examples that are real scam you mentioned like acting deaf or asking you to take part in a poll in return for money aren’t Germans but Gypsies from South East Europe.

  34. Also note that the most scammers are foreign people. Watch out for arab people or people from eastern europe.

  35. For the beggars in Germany keep a simple rule: no money only goods! I never give money to them, even if they need it I don’t know if they use the money for drugs instead of food. But I buy a Brötchen (bready) for them or water and give it to them. If they refuse to take it, they didn’t seem to need it imo.

  36. I’m german, have lived here since i was born and i gotta say, I hate it here, the only good thing about this country are the cheap grocery prices and and healt insurance. The people here are really cold and unfriendly. They dont look out for their surroundings while walking and look at you in a really judgemental way. USA is way friendlier in that regard, i cant wait to move there soon

  37. A funny thing about Germany… I wouldn’t call it a scam but might require a grain of attention: In restaurants, the names in the menu might be very misleading.
    I assume there is no clear regulation about that, because in any other field… No issue is too petty for the german police. (And is good to remember that, when dealing with a what sounds and look like a scammer.)
    If you are at a restaurant in Germany, you see a traditional international dish you fancy, order it… you might get something completely different. And it is perfectly legal.
    There are some limits to this, and it is a funny hobby trying to figure out those rules… i guess the list of ingredients below the name of the dish must be clear, if the name is something with gills, the content will be something that had gills…

    It is possible that you read like:

    Sandwich: Pride of San Daniele.
    Ingredients: Bread, rucola, mule ham from… well no idea.

    As said above, in any other field, german police is dead serious, as the joke says: ” In Germany, the difference between stealing a duck’s egg from a nest and murdering someone is in the sanction, but about the cognitive process and the ticket… [Angela] is ready to unleash all the tanks and helicopters and throw all germans in the snowstorm, (And Germans are ready to get lost in the snowstorm) to get those 15€ you owe to society.”

    I might be wrong about chaotic names on the restaurant menus being perfectly legal, but i don’t think restaurant owners would pull such a stunt, if it wasn’t legal.

    Another joke is: “If you are starving in Germany and your only options to live another day are robbing a bank or stealing duck eggs… choose the first, If you get caught, when you’ll have paid your debt with society employers will accept you slipped. If you stole duck’s eggs, Germany will never forgive you. (And neither I)”

  38. I’m German and the video’s title got me curious.
    It’s interesting to hear a tourist’s perspective, but regarding the first point with the _Toilettenfrauen_: I’ve heard (and I briefly did some research which confirmed my previous opinion) that the respective employers grab (parts of) the ‹tips› as well.

    Might not necessarily be scammy, and much rather _scummy_ .


  39. 2:00 weiter geben von Fahrkarten oder zurück lassen an Automaten wenn diese *NOCH GÜLTIG* sind wird oft gemacht

  40. The thing with the tickets is a bit sad. I always give my partially used tickets away when e. g. arriving at the airport while they can still be used to get into the city. Sometimes there really are nice people who just want to give someone their still usable train ticket 🙁

  41. 2:14 the “ticket sam” is not necessarily a scam. the “bayern ticket” for example has a printed line on it where you supposed to write down yor name.
    normaly you dont get fined if you forget it so a lot of people just leave it free so they can “resell”. if they ask to show it they will say ” oh i totaly forgot” the DB-Personal then will give you a pen you write your name down. done.
    so if someone will sell you their ticket WITHOUT a name on it and its still viable for the day you can go for it.
    we used to do that too when we were younger. its basicly win/win if it works. buy the ticket for 30€ (or whatever) and then resell für about 10-15.

  42. I usually give the “Toilettenfrauen” a 1 or 2 Euro-Tip with a smile and a Thank you. Sound like a lot, but if you’ve ever had to go to one of those really filthy Autobahn-Restrooms and had to pay 50 cents just to be able to go inside the filthy, yucky stall, then you GLADLY give those ladies a bigger tip and an honest Thank you, because you were able to go do your business FIRST in a very clean, often even very COZY, toiletstall. And let’s just face it: Who actually LIKES cleaning up toilets after someone used it? So, I think 1 to 2 Euros is more than a fair tip

  43. during big football/soccer games, might see people coming to you offering you cheap tickets for football games for like 20 Euros. Dont buy them, they are fake, its best to buy them at the stadium or an official vendor

  44. LOL we scam the the whole world and the rest of the €-region especially with our positiv trade balance and you didn’t even notice. Now that’s what i call a good scam!

  45. whenever someone trys to rippoff some money from you ask someone in your area loud and clear if thisone can call the police .. or the Polizei , its german for police.. allmost all people under 60 .can understand and speak english.. not fluid but i am sure they offer help.. and dont hesitate to ask.. even if we all sound like dragonslayers we are not the cause why no dragons are around anymore.

  46. the train tickets usually isnt a scam, we have 24hr tickets that allow 5 people to travel as a group for 24 hrs. so often people come to you and resell/give you the ticket they dont use anymore. same thing goes for parking tickets. i dont know if reselling a 24h ticket is against TOS of DB but its commonly done. Germans tend to be a little “criminal” when it comes to the potential ability to save money anyways lol

  47. I think the biggest scam is Deutsche Bahn. Late, unfriendly, overcrowded trains for ridiculous amounts of money.

  48. Germany itself is a scam . Working here and need to give almost 40% as taxes. And reselling Tram-Ticket is very common in berlin and legit if you pay attention

  49. Dear tourists! Please never talk or give anything to romani woman! While you taking out your stuff to give a euro they are watching what else do you have. You will be ripped then! Please just dont react whatever they say to you and have your hand on you belongings!

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