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GoGo Bars on Pattaya Walking Street, Thailand

GoGo Bars on Pattaya Walking Street have been changing how they make money. Until several years ago, many people came here to ask a girl out. Now it’s impossible for customers to do so unless they are rich.

The bar fines to take a girl out used to be around 600 baht (18.8 USD). Now the bar fines are around 1,500 baht (47 USD)  though it might be discounted to 1,000 baht after midnight.
The girls will ask the customers to pay 3,000 baht (94 USD) for one hour date.

GoGo Bars tell the girls to get a certain amount of Lady Drinks. If they cannot achieve the target, the salaries will be reduced drastically.
So, they will ask customers to buy them drinks. Lady Drinks are 160 baht to 200 baht (6.3 USD) at Thai GoGo Bars. But they are 450 baht to 1,500 baht (47 USD) at Russian Bars. Some GoGo Bars may have a ridiculous rule. They may ask you to buy five Lady Drinks before taking a girl out.

I think most of the Thai GoGo Bars are honest. But some girls may charge you two drinks, Tequila and Cola when you buy a Lady Drink for a girl. There may be very aggressive girls at Russian Bars.

If you come here for the first time, I recommend you to go to Sugar Baby or Windmill. Both of them are owned by the same owner. And I believe that the owner is one of the most honest owners.
If you want to drink a bottled beer, you should go to Wildcats before 10pm. 89 baht (2.8 USD) must be the cheapest bottled beer on Pattaya Walking Street.

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