Ha Long Bay Is Vietnam’s Paradise | Travel Vietnam 🇻🇳

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  1. Love you guys so much!! Nothing but laughs and joy hanging with you guys. Thankful for this video to look back on for my first trip to Vietnam, means the world!! 🥰❤️

  2. Great Video I really enjoyed it … I truly miss traveling…. For now YouTube great source to see new places at least on Video, Tanks for the Vid!

    Either your slow ,,, blind ,,, 👓👁👁
    Racist , this is literally paradise on earth ( point to anything that wasnt perfect ) ESPECIALLY HER ♥️💯👍

  4. 볼거리 먹거리가 많은 나라 베트남!🇰🇷💕👍
    Vietnam, a country with a lot of food to see!🇰🇷💕👍

  5. Cheers to Adam, theres hot Asian babes always around him anywhere he goes.. dudes a magnet!
    the rule is: when climbing stairs, SAI is always in front!
    also, add Heather to the production team!

  6. wow to much lucky torrist have a girl want to do sex when ask in his side . and she.s so sexy and wanted her

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  8. 😀 great! And i also love the bodylanguage and the happiness of your girlfriend.
    moving arms and so on 😁👍

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  11. This guy is creepy asf, and he’s not even subtle about it, is it just me who notices??

  12. Looks a lot like Palawan but the water is not as clear. Southeast Asia is so uniquely beautiful. I’m so jealous of you. You’re living the life I want to live. If only I could figure out how to get out of this day in day out grind in corporate America. I don’t know what to do.

  13. At 18:25 , You film like my brother catching other beach beauties in the shot. Not just your own.

  14. for me Halong Bay was boring on the boat- the dry Halong Bay in Ninh Binh was much more interesting

  15. Good stuff. You guys still have the magic. Heather kept butting in, wanting attention. She was fun and I wish Sai would have started to flirt with her. I think many of you viewers wanted to see that relationship begin to develop. Loved Sai’s swim suit. The top part looks lovely on her.

  16. It is still a communist country just like chinese CCP that is controlled by a mafia no freedom of speech, no freedom of press the Government has total control of the people.

  17. I can see why this guy has to go to Asia to get a hot girl . He’s not that smoothe .

  18. A word of caution for those who want to take the over night cruise, book it from your hotel front desk, ignore all the so called “travel agents” around the streets offering a “discounted price” its a bait and switch scam. I wont go into all of it but trust me you will get ripped off.

  19. Sai, there are other moneyed farang around. Find one who will compliment you and do the paddling for you, . . . and not make his ogling of red bikinis that damned obvious.

  20. It’s like watching an episode of Beauty and the Geek .. 😂😂 im baffled how she could possibly be interested in him ..? But hey, they say opposites attract.. or maybe I’m just jealous 🤔?

  21. I watched for the 1st time. He needs to be a little more appreciative of this beautiful young lady…

  22. Dude….you sound like you’re about to faint at the mention of a woman’s nipple!! How world traveller of you!!

  23. Very nice video, but Jesus this guy reminds me of no neck ed, for 90-day finance. all he has done is put this girl down about everything what a jerk. hope he gets his act together or he will be just like no neck ed. lol

  24. U r so lucky to have this gf she is so beautiful everything is perfect with her god bless u both of u

  25. Estos gueros siempre son lo peor piensan que las mujeres son de su propiedad y su falta de respeto es muy común en ellos lo peor por eso hasta aquí llego en tu gran video basura

  26. I´m from Portugal. I was there two years ago. One de best places i´ve been to this day

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  28. I have been to Vietnam many times. Ha Long bay. Over rated. To many to tourist. Would never swim in the water. The boat a hospitality were fantastic.


  30. Thanks for your Halong Bay video ^^ Hello from Los Angeles. I really enjoyed. I wanna go to Vietnam after this COVID 19 ends soon

  31. Nice one guys awesome video makes you feel like you are there great girl you have all smiles and fun

  32. The guy sounds very controlling of the women and I am a man!! I wouldn’t take the constant criticism from him…..

  33. I have been to Vietnam once but l never visit this place. This place is amazing. Hope to visit next time. Thank you for the good video.

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  35. If you photograph the scenes for us, you would be better off photographing this cow next to you

  36. she is beautiful .. and every one wants to see her walk up the stairs .. she is not blocking any view … RESPECT !!

  37. I usually skip his videos. i just cant handle how hot his wife is. She is on another planet. I need a few drinks before i watch any of them

  38. I’m from Pakistan🇵🇰 and like Vietnam cause lot of Vietnamese peoples is frds They are so frdly love for VIETNAM🇻🇳

  39. Whats funny is if you go back to his older videos he has maybe 10,000 views, than he finds his golden ticket, Sai, than suddenly his views shoot up to 100s of thousands to a million views.

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  41. Hooray thank you for promoting good hygiene you blocked your nose on the first food serving….

  42. Great video, I hope the travel industry can recover from all this and we can get traveling again! ;0)

  43. MIA-POW – Until every soldier comes home we will NEVER FORGET and we will NEVER FORGIVE.

    My daddy came home alive… He went back and he came home alive again… Many Children lost their fathers to this banker’s war. All of the Vietnamese got their dead back… We want our MIA-POW’s.

    NEVER FORGET and NEVER FORGIVE, until the family’s can have peace and forgiveness in their heart. That will take a body to bury here on home soil.

  44. Because of your rude mindset toward Korea, Vietnam is out of sight of Korea. Most Korean think that Vietnam is a small Japan. Plz stop begging to Korea for any helps.

  45. I have a couple thoughts on your tour, Heather is electric and beautiful. She needs to vlog.
    Sai needs a bathing suit vlog. She is viscously gorgeous.

  46. et bien même pas eu le bonheur d’y aller…..nous étions des pestiférés corona virus……tout était fermé au touristes…et bien pas près de retourner la bas…

  47. What a beautiful and stunning place …..I thought it is in El Nido, Palawan, PHILIPPINES.

  48. This guy is a jerk. Insulting the beautiful woman numerous times. She has more charisma and charm in her little finger than he has in his whole ugly body.

  49. Love the view of this country’s land scrape.
    Dude your words or comment to your girl: From she would get marry in 7/11, her taking initiative of eating , etc…. your under tone sound very negative and put her down by using a joking tone to cover up”. Seriously your comment toward your girl is offensive and white guy entitlement. You should be thankful having her in your company(no offense, have you look at yourself in the marrow lately). So please check yourself, Dude, your sound like a jerk! PS. Does your Youtube earing split in 1/2?

  50. Saying Hey from Sweden, love your awesome videos, hope to be there some day, I cant stop looking, I wish you all the best for the future!

  51. Hey bro where dod you find such a beauyiful gril. Please gives me a tip i want want someone like that…

  52. At 18:25 I thought the girl in the red two piece wanted to test Sai’s Thai kickboxing technique. The young Chinese-American sure was pretty,

  53. Sai is a very beautiful woman with a great personality! Good camera work also! Mahalo for sharing!

  54. The gril that says maybach music in the rick ross music videos is australian and Dior’s parents live on tasmania. Armin only told movie Australia on youtube

  55. Fantastic and lovely presentation Friend 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💘💘💘❤💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  56. That subtle innocent insults you give to her every chance you get, make you look insecure.

  57. I went here Sept 11 2001. Had no clue America was under attack until Sept 14th. Your cut off from the outside world and not given a hoot. Such a great country.

  58. Damn son… That little sweetie wants her a big juicy piece of camera man. She don’t care about no damn YouTube destination. Get with the program bro.

  59. another beautiful place but tourism has ruined it polluted waters and to many boats in a bay that just wreaks of raw fuel and oil.
    They are destroying a true treasure of the world.

  60. Raulzito meteorito ver YouTube e banda covers Nacional internacional rumo ao Vietnã

  61. Looks better than Saigon where we got Robbed near Bahn Than Market in District 1

  62. I still prefer the nature of Sy.. The other one is to American already and She talks to much…

  63. Unbelievably beautiful places. Nature is fascinating. Incredibly beautiful quadcopter videos. Very nice members of the video. I liked everything very much.
    I love to travel to beautiful places on the planet. On my channel you can also watch travels on the Adriatic.

  64. Should have stayed for 2 days 1 night. The night sky in ha long bay is awesome. You can’t see the milky way but you can definitely see plentiful of stars.

  65. “I’m going to trade you for a new rower”? Don’ trade Sai for the world,,, she is priceless. Love your vids

  66. Heather is a very smart and fun girl with the unmistaken confidence of an American wether citizen or not. U hate. To say goodbye to Heather as u miss her right away.. Good luck Heather,

  67. how did you take the drone into vietnam? any issues, which airport did you fly into.

  68. Adam and Sai….another great mini movie mukker 😁🍺🍺🍺🌴
    Looks lovely in Halong bay…must visit.
    Adam….Sai looks awesome no matter how she hangs from a tree 😂

  69. The new York Vietnamese chick is hot. Too bad shes americanized smh what a waste.

  70. 7;;43 nobody wants to see your bum,, yay right,, thats the only reason your getting over 400,thous, views, who you trying to kid, you know she’s smoking hot,, good on ya bud.. cheers

  71. Love u guys and best videos ever I never ever watch them as a rule I have done every video 62 or 3 times where is list of future ones thanks Lind en❤️

  72. When he says she’s blocking the view, no one wants to see her butt. The lie detector says that is a lie

  73. 6:13/14 ….. you got a dirty mind… heheheh sorry, but so do I watching these girls together.

  74. Such a nice experience! Halong Bay is truly a natural wonder that comes right out of a movie. It looks unreal with the special formation of rocks above the seawater and even better when watching from above. Check out our channel where we upload more footage and videos of Bai Tu Long Bay, a friendly neighbor of the center of Halong Bay.

  75. It seems like Adam is always subtly taking digs at Sai. He says your blocking my view and nobody wants to see Sai’s butt. She asks him to tell her she’s sexy as she strikes poses on the stairs, he won’t. Several times he tells her she’s not graceful. Basically he says she has bad manners for starting to serve herself at lunch. I don’t know he seems a little dickish while she seems sweet and lovely. Oh, and PS Adam, hundreds of thousands of men have apparently watched this blog, and none of us minded the view of her butt.

  76. 19:02 beautiful booty and do any fries come with that shake👍?? I feel in love with Heather today, what a cutie ♥️❤️💜❤️

  77. is this guy still pimping his girl?? this couples makes us thais look so bad

  78. Liked.commented,and subscribed 👍 😍😍
    New Friend Here, 😘😘😘
    Stay Connected. 💖💖💖
    Have a nice day. 🎉🎉🎉 Mr Prince Channel ,

  79. Hitting your partner’s rear on camera is demeaning and inappropriate- if you consider her your video partner. Get a grip, my friend it’s 2020!

  80. Try to catch up on your video’s guys been extremely busy last few weeks…… Beautiful place the drone shots we’re excellent Adam and your camera work at certain intervals was 😉 classic as always lol 😂 👍

  81. been to Ha Long Bay and it’s beautiful..somehow the other views on this vid makes it more beautiful 🙂

  82. Trip started with Heather, then, POOF, she was no longer in the video. I thought maybe Sai got jealous and threw her overboard, until she was back for the ending. LOL. Beautiful place.

  83. That girlfriend is beautiful and that New Yorker chic is gorgeous. I’m from the Big Apple myself and I could fall in love with a girl like that.

  84. hey adam, great video mate, but do us all a favour, stop talking with an asian accent, it sounds shitty, just your normal aussie accent is good…cheers champ.

  85. Raise your hand if you would like to see those two hot girls make out with each other.

  86. I am thinking to visit Vietnam.
    Can anyone help me further information of Vietnam..I am from India..

  87. 18:24 well yes there fucking are two options…..on that beach 🤣😋

    And both of them are outstanding.

    However one will struggle to come even remotely close to the other’s personality.

    11/10 girl 🔥

  88. Thank you so much I loved it it’s was breathtaking and I’m happy u guys are still together God bless.

  89. Ola td bem .
    Boa noite .
    Muito bonito ai .
    Sou do brasil

    Vcs são muito bonitas e sinpatica .

  90. Quand je pense aux gros culs que nous avons en Occident , les asiatiques sont plus jolies. Mais attention : plus malignes.ahahahah

  91. Super film 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋

  92. I like watching this two you just never know whats gonna happen that can be really funny.😂
    Like Sai and her jealously streaks at 10:26 wait for it, wait for it. Notice how she keeps looking at adams face?😒 “Beautiful, who me? Right!” Red bikini 👙 alert. Lmaol!!

  93. Nice place you visit for traveling Adam…i like travelling anywhere, done for like n subscribe, tq

  94. Trust me, the view was more interesting in the 60’s flying at 350 knots looking intently for “targets”

  95. Looking there, I can almost hear and see a few low flights of A6 intruder Navy bombers on their way to targets “up North” escorted by a squadron of Marine Corps F4 Phantoms flying high cover for them. I know because my squadron VMFA542 WAS THERE DOING THAT!

  96. Damn, those rock formations bring back so many memories of calling “Feet Wet or Feet Dry” in the 60’s. “ they also remind me of the bar “hostesses” “hello G.I. I love you no shit, buy me drink”!

  97. Adam who you want to fool watching other girls with your glasses. Dark the red bikini girl, keep it up and you will lose to Sai … !!!

  98. Sai gorgeous in white bikini, lovely young lady Adam, if I was you I would hang onto her she’s a gem , Heather is lovely as well what a wonderful day you guys have had. Very well presented video and like the total respect you show Adam, like the happiness of you all and like the fact that no unsightly disfigurement of tattoos , Thanks

  99. Great video, you and Sia are so good together, Heather one very nice young lady, south east Asia is such a wonderful part of the world, I spend a lot of my time these days living in Thailand and am a very lucky old man having a beautiful Thai lady as my wife. Keep up the good work your videos are great. Thanks Adam so appreciate a well presented vid such as yours and Sia

  100. Good to see the beauty of Vietnam instead of all the past horrors … and it’s just as good to see two peoples love for each other ✊🏼

  101. “The nipple that the baby sucks without the bottle” is called a “pacifier” in America or a “dummy” in Britain.

  102. Beautiful cave’s super picture 👌👌👌👍👍👍✌️✌️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😘😘😘😘😘😘🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👌👌👌👌

  103. I like your beautiful views of your video exactly wonderful video I watched your video thanks for showing this beautiful video thank you very much sweetheart baby darling

  104. Very beautiful nature and super hill’s and very beautiful water lake 👌👌👍👍✌️✌️🙏🏻🙏🏻😘😘😘😘😘

  105. Very nice caves were beautiful looks like a nice day trip or maybe even 2 days thank you

  106. If the world had a lot more good people like yourselves it would be a much better place to live. I enjoy your vids.

  107. Sai is so Beautiful. I wish I was there with the both of you. You are both great

  108. Amazing places , hope one day will visit , loved the very beauty landscapes – the great salon on the cave was W0W – .. loved all. Thank you for compart and good trip .

  109. I like Heather, very out going and she loves to talk. I have an Aunt that lives in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  110. Your videos are great! Love how Sia just loves her food. Would be great for you to do a restaurant tour in Pattaya some time.

  111. Thank you so very much to the both of you..it was very nice to see all the beautiful sights

  112. boy you getting all the beautiful Asian ladies. Let her know im here in NYC when she gets back, looking for a model lol.

  113. You should do a gear video on what you use to film maybe even how you pack for long term travel?. Easy video to do and I am sure lots of people would like to see it.

  114. Lol Adam bravely ventures a try at his Vietnamese pronunciation at 6:54, and gets it right, much to Sai’s surprise haha!

  115. Wow Ha Long Bay is so nice and Heather was fun to see along with you guys a perfect threesome.

  116. First time watching you two. Such fun. just have to laugh at Sai. thank you for the laughs and beautiful views.

  117. Excellent video….Really enjoyed this one. Hope to meet you two one day in my travels. I’ll be in the Philippines and Thailand from the middle of March to the end of April so it could happen. Take care and always stay safe.

  118. For Realzies that girl Heather needs to have her own channel !! Me likeee 😍😍. This one is definitely rated PG 13 for nipple jokes, butt slapping, Sai shaking her booty and wanting to do the wild thang on the boat 😛😛. You naughty kids 😯😯

  119. Without the stupid , cheap comments would be nice to watch … just switch off the Sound …..

  120. Lol Adam your too much …making Sai do all the work…beautiful scenery! And Sai likes to wiggle her butt and ask for sex ???

  121. You are one lucky bugger. Sai could have this channel without you, but you definitely need her 😉

  122. Adam:” what are you doing sai? She shakes her booty to seduce you Adam. 😊 😉 This is what girls do when they feel playful. If you Know what i mean bro? 😊 🙏 Enjoy. Nice video.

  123. Ha!… Great vid, very beautiful! Leave it to Sai to somehow work boobies and nipples into the footage… Press on and up!… 🙂

  124. Hi Adam and sai have you met mark and ying wiens they are food bloggers from Bangkok

  125. Its a beautiful place but the water is polluted and if you go ashore you’ll find loads of plastic crap along those shores, many many tourist boats with no holding tanks, sad.

  126. Yay, you made it to Ha Long Bay, I love that place, I did a private tour and went to several of the floating fishing villages, you have to get outside of the heritage site to really see how people live there, the one village in the site is very touristy, but you will need an interpreter outside of the tourist areas. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you both 🙏

  127. Sai is using the paddle the wrong way, it can be painful for her elbow on the long run. Check the shape of the plade, the cut edge is the first to enter in the water

  128. Nice Butt and shape i just heard the slap but you are Luck Man to feel it. Good One

  129. Wow,I was impressive by Vietnamese- American girl.She speaks like American
    Anyway,nice video !! And you guys are great couple !

  130. Love your vids, you’re so lucky having a beautiful fun loving girlfriend with you . Great couple.

  131. I’ve seen pictures and videos of Ha Long Bay and it looks absolutely amazing and beautiful! I’m so glad you two got to visit there and I thank you very much for sharing it. This was a fun and excellent video!

  132. Because of this blog I want to visit vietnam.the view is spectacular.adam and sai how much is the tour package for this beautiful place?in US dollar.thank you in advance.i always watch your vlog.i love all the places you’ve shown to us here in Youtube.keep us posted

  133. Right in time guys, right in time. I’ve just got yesterday new Samsung S27F35 PLS-monitor to watch your videos. The quality is unreal!

  134. Great seeing you both have new friend. Heather is fun to see interact with Sai. Bet she was fun to hang around and chat with. Nobody wants to see Sais’ rearend? You funny Adam LOL That was neat cave you went through.

  135. I worked in Vietnam for 14 months, I just left there in April 2019…. my wife and I would always visit and take a boat trip to Ha Long Bay, i wish we could of taken one of the 3 night outer bay cruises

  136. such a beautiful girl….she looked soooo sexy in that white bikini….he asked on the boat what she wanted to do and she said sex !!!!!::::I bet she gives him plenty of that….lucky guy

  137. If going to Ha Long Bay we highly recommend the 3-day cruise. One day is just not long enough! It’s a bit expensive for budget travellers but if you were ever going to splurge a bit then do it for a 3-day cruise in Ha Long Bay. We booked with Stellar and it was fantastic.

  138. Halong Bay , 20 years ago the water was Crystal clear , the sky blue as blue, you could see forever. Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters , coral and tropical fish everywhere.
    Fast forward to 2020 ,the crystal clear waters have turned into filthy poluted water , with plastic and polystyrene trash floating around, the coral and tropical fish have gone , the air is thick with smoke from the coal burning power stations along the border with Vietnam and China.
    You are 20 years to late, it was once Paradise, now a stinking poluted hell hole .

  139. That was nice and sneaky getting two nice backsides in this one. Both yours and the other one.

  140. Can i help you with the butt slapping 😎 , what a great place for nude photos! Of SAI not you 😁 , and love the new suit Sai 💓

  141. “ I’ll let you do the work out tonight “….no wonder guys like Thai’s women. Sai got competition….the girl in red bikini 👙 is hot.

  142. Boat to ourselves, what do you wanna do? Sex. Hey Sai!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Shes just a bundle of joyous sunshine ☀️. My new absolute favorite vlog team. Can’t wait to see more! Thanks guys.

  143. Hello from Melbourne

    Great footage as usual , very clear

    One day I will get there

    Thank you

  144. Nice tour, great sights. The food looked good. Nice camera work with that drone. Your taste in women is good. Sai… you were rocking it today.

  145. Great Vlog as always guy’s – putting this trip on my to do list.
    Been reading some of the comments and a few don’t get your sense of Humour. I know you and Sai Love each other to bits everyone can see that – the negative comments are from Jealous foolish men.
    Heather was fun to. Looking forward to your next episode

  146. I really think you do not give your girlfriend enough respect. She cares for you and you do not appear to give her the respect she deserves.

  147. Great Vlog as always – putting this trip on my to do list – I Love your sense of Humour even if others don’t get it. I know you both Love each other to bits but for some reason a few people are very jealous of you guys – Fool’s.
    Heather was fun to . Enjoy the rest of Vietnam and looking forward forward to the next episode

  148. Did that trip with my Vietnamese ex. Also did the overnight, though our ship’s captain was a real jerk. Cut off the power overnight so we couldn’t flush toilets. The Russian guests got drunk and almost threw him overboard! It was quite an experience.

    The water in that region is incredibly polluted. Dark and murky. Such a shame.

  149. you guys make such a good couple ..Sai has such a beautiful personallity…..a smile a minute

  150. Heather from NY…..would like to hear from you….stan from illinois… u r stunning

  151. Okay, First thing Adam. EVERYBODY wants to see her butt. Lol.. Anyways,, that place is so so cool. I think I would never leave if I went there. And the american chick was cool too. This was a real good video Adam. You Rock dude! Im diggin it. But in the boat.” SEX”! That was so funny.
    Thx again Adam….

  152. I’m new to your videos. This one has to be on top for sure o and that girl Heather is so cute!

  153. Always enjoy your videos and travels. Sai’s quick answer on the boat was hilarious, somewhat shocked it wasn’t for food though. Enjoy and be safe

  154. Question. You sir are a 2 at best. She is a 7. So what is she getting out of being with you?

  155. Adam I think the lovely American chick had her eye on you mate! Great video such a beautiful place with beautiful people! 💚⭐️👍🏻

  156. I’ve been watching you guys for a while and will be booking my trip to Thailand in December!

  157. Ha Long on my bucket list but I am traveling to Cambodia and Thailand come this April. Enjoyed Vietnamese American Hahn. Sh e should of hanged with you longer

  158. One of your best videos ever ! You two are a comedian couple ! You definitely entertain us all with your travels and comments, thanks !

  159. This is quality content. Great work! We live aboard our sailboat, preparing to sail around the world. Maybe we will cross paths with you out there! Safe travels, new friend. Cheers!

  160. Vietnam Has Sooooo Many Islands🏝️. Video Should Be Called… “Pardise On The Rocks”🍻🤣🤣🤣👍

  161. Adam, have you corrupted Sai? I remember your earlier videos when Sai was quiet and stayed in the background, now she wants SEX on a boat open for everyone to see. Love all your videos.

  162. You guy’s are so much fun and Sai is so cute Adam I need you to find one just like her for me lol

  163. really enjoyed this video. Heather was a great girl and very humorous too. some amazing sights and really funny bits. thanks dude

  164. Great video you two! A cold beer would have made the kayak better lol 😁. Did you get a new drone or were you able to repair yours??

  165. Sai, the most beautiful in the world? Naturally. 😍
    Greetings to Heather too. 😚

  166. “Beautiful” “Who me?” “Yes you” “Awwwwww” (girl in red bikini in the background lol) #iseeyou

  167. Do they have a burning season too in Vietnam? Like in Thailand with hazardous air for months?

  168. Hello guys👋, another great video. Viet Nam is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Great drone footage, beautiful cave/cavern footage, and the Vietnamese/American lady had it going on too👀. Life is good for the holistic trainer. You guys rock, thanks for sharing, keep the videos coming and safe travels 🙏.

  169. That place looked fantastic. 2 beautiful girls with you as well . Brilliant video. Thanks

  170. Heathers nice girl her and Sai seem to hit it off, lol this video has everything Nipple talk, booty slaps and Vietnamese American girl Hot damn LOL