Halloween Night Dive 2 Tank Honoulul Hawaii Scuba Diving

Double, double, toil and trouble, something wicked this way comes…
A Haunted Vessel? Oh What Fun!

Halloween time is upon us again and what better way to enjoy it than diving the haunted sea tiger? Ghosts, ghouls, and skeletons alike come alive aboard the sea tiger to entertain the divers of Honolulu Scuba Company. On this two tank night dive off the coast of Honolulu Hawaii, Honolulu Scuba Company dove deep into the Waikiki waters, 100ft below to experience the once-a-year halloween night dive! Take a quick look into the transformed Sea Tiger and the brave divers who dared explore it’s decks.

Sound like something of interest to you? Thats great because Honolulu Scuba Company offers dusk and night two tank dives every friday at 5pm out of the Kewalo Basin Harbor. If you want to get in on the action its totally easy and quick:

Book online @ https://www.honoluluscubacompany.com
Call us up @ 808-201-4711
Shoot us a message right here on facebook!


YouTube is also one of the best ways for us to share our excellent scuba diving experiences with everyone beyond the shores of Oahu! We would truly appreciate it if you could subscribe to our channel and share us with your friends:



Also on a side note, no props or plastic were left behind. Honolulu Scuba Company is dedicated to keeping our ocean’s as clean as we can. We even offered our club members and divers like a million one awesome prizes to go and collect every last piece! So fear not dive buddies, all our oceanic friends can breath easy like always!


Thank you for all the divers that came out and experienced this once a year Halloween night dive! We hope you had an amazing time and hope to see you back next year, or even next week on our next night diving adventure! Mahalo and stay staff this Halloween week! See you soon!

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