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Hollow Point – Gun Bar in Tokyo, Japan

Hollow Point is one of the coolest bars to kick off your night in Tokyo, Japan and is conveniently located in the heart of the Roppongi nightlife district. Hollow Point Tokyo has a huge selection of guns ranging from the Walther P38 to the famous Robocop gun to the Japanese Defense Force Type 89.

I was pleasantly surprised by their huge collection of famous guns from movies, video games and anime, especially the Ashford golden lugers from the resident evil: code veronica video game, one of my favorite video games of all time.

Now obviously these are not real guns but air-soft guns which shoot tiny round plastic balls, Japan has extremely strict gun regulations in comparison with the USA but the guns still feel very real and are quite fun to shoot. But hey! Beers, guns and Rammstein music makes for quite a fun evening. Also, the owner of Hollow Point is a pretty cool dude!

You can shoot bottles and paper targets which makes for a cool souvenir. The top 3 guns to shoot at Hollow Point are definitely the Robocop gun, the Lupin gun and the Japanese defense force type 89.

Hollow Point is quite affordable, rates start at 300 yen, that’s not even 3 US dollars, all the way up to 4500 yen, around 40 bucks for the M249 saw, beers will set you back 800 yen, 7 us dollars.

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