How Germany’s Universal Health-Care System Works

Germany’s health-care system spends nearly half as much as the United States but still manages to cover 100% of its population through a mix of public and private insurance schemes. There are two different systems that residents can turn to for insurance in Germany: SHI, which stands for Statutory Health Insurance and PHI or Private Health Insurance. Here’s how they work.

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How Germany’s Universal Health-Care System Works


  1. Why is this getting recommended to me?
    As a german myself I’m already quite aware of how awesome my country is.

  2. German Doctor’s took better care of me, than i would myself! American Doctors, i fight with them…

  3. USA spends by far most of their budget for weapons!! However Germany’s social services are supported with the highest share of the budget.

  4. Sadly those are only due official numbers. I’ve been in Germany for a semester and they also have people that can’t afford treatments and no home and no doctor. BUT there really are far less people than in the US

  5. “Manus Manum llavet” = one hand washes the other one 🤷🏻 We’re paying taxes for a awesome Healthcare … 4 years ago my mother was diagnosed with breastcancer… she had 2 operations, 12 chemtherapies, 2 years recovery therapies, gets to go 1x in the year for 2 weeks in a treatmant (which is basically like 2 week spa and fitness) + she has to take her medicine for 6 years for a special hormone therapy and my family paied exactly 0,00€

  6. It is really funny to see how CNBC is bending the information to their favourit political ideology:
    In Germany we see huge problems of two different types of insurances (private and public), because private insurance companies have to pay more for medical treatments the clinics earn more money from them. Therefore most of the time they already ask on the phone how you are insured and it is statistically shown that private insured people get an appointment close to 2 weeks earlier than public insured. On the other hand private insured patients get a lot of unneeded treatments because the clinics earn more this way. In Germany 3 of 6 biggest parties want to establish a so called „Citizen Insurance“ that is similar to Sanders and Warrens healthcare plans. The current system is critized as a „two class system“ by a lot of politicans. The other 3 parties don’t want to change the current system.
    And what CNBC also did not mention is that our public healthcare is (in some years) „earning“ billions of Euros: 1.62 Billion in 2016, 3.5 Billion in 2017 and 1.99 Billion in 2018. They are saving that or giving it back to their „customers“.

    Also 2/3 of our clinics are still public and the privatization is criticized a lot. We also discuss buying the rest of these hospitals back. And you know what? People that make suggestions like these are not even called socialists.

  7. The sh*t thing is that the US doesn’t have free health care and a sh*t president.
    We in Germany think this health care is normal, which it should be tbh

  8. And at this moment, i am happy to be in germany with this health system. In this corona crisis.

  9. You should check the Turkish healt-care-System..
    Much better and effektiv than in Germany.
    You should sometime wait for a looooong time for one mrt in Germany…

    But in Turkey even cancer treatment is for free…
    medication much cheaper and very good quality

  10. Everyone with a brain: Universal healthcare could lower prescription costs, it could save lives that cant afford medications or medical care that they need, get rid of thousands and thousands of dollars of dept to the Americans and much more.

    Republicans: “BuT MuH TaXeS” “CoMmUNiSm”

    (Btw the amount that you will spend on these increased taxes would be way less in the long run than multiple medical bills)

  11. It seems kind of paradox that Deutschland is superior im health care.. in health care!! 😆 doesn‘t it? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. In Germany its not so golden as you think.The poor People have to pay 10 Euro each day in hospital ,if you have 400 Euro a month it is a lot of money.

  13. I have many friends in America, and as a german i find it absolutely despicable how americans treat their sick.
    The impression is made that, if in america, you get sick, not only can you easily lose your Job, but you also have to completely overpay for absolutely anything, and will likely go bankrupt if you get cancer or even just break your arm or leg.

    I can´t understand how that is even possible.

  14. made for 2019
    watched in 2020
    do they knew corona virus was coming….. its nov 24 it has stared in china already unreported

  15. I believe in health insurance but you shouldn’t be forced to take what the government offers

  16. Well, everyone can now see the value of the American Health Care facing the Corona virus: Most deaths per day, one of the/the highest mortality rate etc.

  17. When my father had an injury, we were in Alaska for fishing and he had a hook throuhg his hand, he had real pain. In the hospital they did not ask what happened or how he feels, the first question was: Cash or Credit card?
    I love America and the americans are nice people, but im happy living in Germany!

  18. In America, you can CHOOSE to either die or end up homeless by ridiculous medical bills. Now thats real Freedom right there. I mean I totally want to choose death or bankruptcy in the richest country in the world. I used to travel on the bus when I was in college and I’d hear people talking on the phone crying that they lost their jobs and now cant afford to visit a doctor for their conditions. These people aren’t lazy. They were laid off because they didn’t have proper access to an education and get a good job. Not everyone can join the military to get those “socialist” benefits. These people are those that work minimum wage jobs, live paycheck to paycheck, pay their taxes, and have lost their jobs. They deserve to get proper healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt them. As for the “how can we pay for it?” Argument, if we are the richest country in the world, why wouldn’t we be able to afford it?? If other countries can do it, whats stopping the US from doing it? We’re not going to become Venezuela over night because now Jack and Joe have healthcare. We’d just be joining the rest of the developed world

  19. this is just exhausting. Watching Americans discuss public healthcare system is like watching grown ups discussing whether the earth is flat. Face palm😖

  20. America has f**ked up real bad not voting for Bernie Sanders.. And they will pay the price for at least the next 4 years.

  21. America is just a broken country.. I think they should reestablish it from the ground up or give it back to the Indians.

  22. The quality of our healtcare is not good, for moast stuff that is the better choise you habe to pay from your pocket.

    I am helathy,donth smoke, not fat, work out eat healty, and have to pay the same money as somebody ho does all that stuff.
    We pay over one billion a day for our healtcare System.
    And our taxes are one of the worst in the world.

    Be careful wath you wich for

  23. Some people have to wait for months for a surgery. While this video came out for months ago and I watched it instantly.

  24. Poor US folks are brainwashed into thinking that an affordable healthcare system is EVIL.

    The corporate media in the USA is particularly strong. Healthcare is a human right. Even
    canada manages to have one.

  25. Fighting healthcare for all by saying you trust the American people to choose among private insurers who take a big chunk of profit out of every dollar spent on health is sadistic BS meant to dupe the stupid. Finland’s schools went from poor to world-class when they banned private schools. Why? Because all the rich guys kids were stuck in the same schools as the poor and it became important all of a sudden. This is how you end the class-divide.

  26. its have be a human right to have free access to healthcare. a person who is working every day and pay taxes have to stay healthy. if employees are getting sick the health insurance have to pay quite a lot of money. so if the healthcare system tries to keep everyone healthy in the first place they are in a good deal because they still get the payment of the companies/ employees for the insurance even if less people are sick. so they get rich… unfortunately its still a company NOT a organization which really cares about the citizens. the insurance health “industry” is also wasting a lot of money for procedures which are not necessary or gambling with the money in a trade office. if I would be a freelancer they would milk me like a cow, you are working actually only for the insurance payment. but you have less money left for paying other things. even if you are able to cover all the payment and you get sick, the insurance company could say that you have to pay a bit too for the health procedures. its ridiculous!

  27. Well, the hospital service here isn’t as good as it is in America. And if you work smart and earn good money, your net income won’t be that good either because you will basically end up paying for all the free riders in the society. Germany is good if you don’t have high ambition and if you wanna live a decent life. If you have high ambition in your life, you should better move out…. Otherwise all these public institutions will drain your wallet to the last penny….

  28. The healthcare system in America as exposed them in a big way..

    Health care for safe more lives..

    America is high time for u to learn and bring your ego down..and go for a healthcare system that works like Germany….

  29. Wait until you have to apply for a medical procedure at the MDK. These people decided by law what is good for you. I even went to Canada for better healthcare.

  30. *german reads germany in the title*
    germans: hippity hippity hoppity this kommentarbereich is now our territory!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1

  31. They do kind of sugarcoat the german insurance system in the sense that if you only have the mandatory insurance, you will have multiple months of waitong time for an appointment at more specific doctors (for example neurologists).

  32. Let’s remind all Americans that idea came from anti socialist Bismarck, and it’s not socialism to have healthcare and health insurance that covers everything for every citizen.

  33. Switzerland has basically the same model, and works equally well to the german one, also has the same downsides whatsoever.

  34. 9:08 Classic situation in Germany:
    Person: *wants to get an appointment*
    Doctor: “I’m sorry, the earliest I can offer you is in 3 months”
    Person: “But I’m priva…”
    Doctor: “Ah, I just see there’s a free slot tomorrow at 10, see you then”

  35. Drinking game:
    One shot for every time she says „Germany“ –

    You‘re damn right, you gonna need that health insurance afterwards! 🥃🍷😂

  36. Germany is one of a lot of countrys in europe that use this system. Check switzerland, is the better example.

    USA, wake up, your Service is not the State of the Art

  37. That is not true in Germany there are hundreds of thousands without health insurance. Whoever falls out of the insurance in Germany will be prevented from returning to the system with enormously high fines but nobody talks about it. Especially self-employed people who cannot afford the contributions are systematically excluded. Germany is not the best example in Europe.
    I explain the many Germans here by saying that Germans are constantly looking for reports that tell them that they are the greatest…

  38. It‘s not true that 100% of the population is covered. There’s a huge problem for example with self-employed citizens who have a private health insurance. Once they can‘t pay there bills anymore, the company can refuse to give this people healthcare. When they have been out of the statutory system for too long, those companies are allowed to not provide health care for them as well. Additionally the German nursing keys in hospitals and other care facilities are quite bad. On top of that the spilt into statutory and private concludes to people being treated differently because doctors for example make easier and better profit when treating a private insured person because of the varying billing. German health care may be better but it also has it‘s problems and is not ideal.

  39. I don‘t care what Americans think of that system. When I need help, I get it. I am alive 😂

  40. The minimum contribution to compulsory health insurance is stable at around 15.0%. in 2020 in one of the statutory health insurance companies. For example, I pay around EUR 270.00 per month. For this I generated about 50,000.00 costs in 2019 due to renal insufficiency, which were completely covered. I was treated extremely competently in the internationally renowned university clinic in Freiburg. I am 72 years old, have a small pension (have paid little in my life) and earn something extra as a former teacher.

  41. @0:44 “I trust the American people to choose what’s best for them!” HAHAHAHAhaha! 😂😂😂 Yeah that only worked so well for yall at the last presidential election! Don’t trust the American people with any decision! They’re idiots! At least the majority of them is…

  42. I have the feeling, that some americans may not like the fact, that the payment for the german healtcare is taken from our wages, before we get them. In the US you get the full amount and decide what to do with it (like use some for a health care). But I do like it that way. Here no one sends you home, if you cant pay for whatever you might have. Works espacially now, during the daily crisis and works in normal times too.

    Best whishes to all!

  43. You don’t have access to any doctor in Germany. That information in the video is not right.

  44. One small mistake, that I found in this documentary: the cost per months are capped at 850€ per person, but the average person pays way less than that (around 100-300 Euro). This high number is only the worst case for really old / sick patients.

  45. the clue to this is, in Germany even if you’d loose your job, you dont have to worry about your kids or smb else close to you, bc you could go to the doctor anytime.
    Thats a rlly reasonable part of that system, even tho the private-insured ones get way more for their money than ‘average’ ppl.. not a surprise tbh.

  46. In 20 years European countries will have Universal Basic Income and US citizen will wonder how it worked… just like Universal Health Care… Its weird that refugees in Europe get better Healthcare than every 10th US citizen. Richest country in the world.

  47. Canada ; our health insurance is provincial; we all have to have a health insurance; depending on your income is what you pay; I don’t pay anything; I’m on pension and get full coverage by my province —- And that is the case in all provinces of Canada—I can see my Doctor when ever I want; may have to wait for an MRI or other testings but if I to where really sick I get treated asp. -within days. We all have a health-card; thus number and upon showing my card I get all necessary treatments needed; hospitalization, surgeries, and home-care.

  48. No, Youtube. Yes I’m german but that does not mean that I am interested in watch a video about our healthcare system in english. But thanks for trying.

  49. I live in Germany and i think our social Insurance System ist very good. Its important to think about all the Pepole and dont forget the poor people. Money isnt everythink. Health is the one of the most important things of live!

  50. it’s so funny how American people (more the “liberal” and left) think that Healthcare in eu is free. We pay around 45% in taxes so tell me how is it free? just because it’s management ist different doesn’t mean you have to pay no price. And in these taxes there is only the basics of the basics. If you want to see special doctors or have an operation you must also pay extra and for the bed in the hospital. Get real please

  51. 1. S.H.I = 72,4 Millions)
    Statutory health insurance offers private services for a fee: treatment by the chief doctor, single bed room in the hospital, etc.

    2. P.H.I = 8,7 Millions,
    In Germany, all government employees are privately insured

    “30.4 percent of the clinics are public, 36.5 percent are non-profit and 33.4 percent are private”
    BUT: All of these hospitals with “S.H.I.-Doctors” cover their costs with statutory health insurance. They can also treat private patients – but this is paid for by private health insurance. And statutory doctors are also allowed to sell private services to statutory patients.

    The problem:
    S.H.I.-Doctor who treats private and statutory patients receives more money from private individuals. This means that private patients are very often treated better than statutory patients.
    Yes, we do have medical care, but doctors in Germany don’t feel well paid, which is why they usually get bad or unnecessary exams. The German healthcare system does not pay you for good and successful treatment, but for “services rendered”, regardless of whether you have helped the patient or not. And if the doctor is bad, go to another one until you find a good one. This is a serious mistake in Germany, as medical errors remain largely undetected … more people die from medical errors here than in other European countries.
    The health care system is big business in Germany because the community bears the costs. There are many complaints from patients because the performance is 50% poor. The principle is good, but it is not implemented well and not sustainably.

  52. Hello, my name is Wilhelm Friedrich.

    I wanted to inform you that the german Wehrmacht has taken control over this comment section.

    And now: go back to wörk!

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