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This is a series on how and why I am in Thailand for 5 years.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Hey Rob. I like when you start your video at that part of the beach…the wife and I stayed there at the Thai Kamala Beach Resort :-). No trip to Thailand this year, very sad for us but you enjoy it for us all :-).

  2. Rob.. I think you have addressed this but what visa are you on? I was in Thailand for 8 months and came back to Florida in January and now stuck here waiting to come back.

  3. Damn it! I’m so ready to come back!!!!!!!!! 😫 I love Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­πŸŒ΄

  4. First time I saw you was when you showed up in Sunny Sollenbroch and Bums channel. As I remember right, you were a shy puppy at first and he got you a very nice and cheap apartment. You ended up great. Man, time flies! Thailand is great. Let’s hope we can go back soon!

  5. Hello Rob great video on looking back on how you got there hard to believe that April is 6 now wishing everyone there all the best Take Care πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Rob – the country should be opening up (in some form) on the 31st. Keep us apprised of the status – we’re dying to get back to Thailand (just not worth *that* kind of dying ifyouknowhutImean…)

  7. Hey just found your channel after off YouTube for about a year. I was in pattaya for new years for 2 months in2014-2015. Changed my life for ever.

  8. Hi Rob. You went to Thailand just in time. For you, with a free future to choose, and for Thailand too, just after the 2014 political events, leading to the situation you are just in now. But in these last 5 years, there has been so many changes (visas, online revenues…) that I don’t believe another will have the change to repeat such a move.

  9. I am dying to go on a trip to Thailand I usually go 4-5 times a year for 10 -15 days at a time this year ZERO!!! If their is a god in the heavens please let the LOS open to people in Korea! ( I am a ex-pat from Texas)

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