How much do Koreans know about Malaysia? | Malaysia Quiz! | Mira filzah

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◎How much do Koreans know Malaysia’s true or the lie | Culture shock

◎Korean guy yang menjadi hantu Durian di Malaysia

◎Korean shocked in Chow kit market of Kuala lumpur | Malaysia wet market

◎How much do Koreans know about Malaysia?#2 | Malaysia Road sign Quiz :


  1. 안녕하세요, 당신이 한국어를 할 줄 알지만 말레이시아에서 왔지만 공부하기 때문에 이해합니다

  2. Xleh lar bg sape dpt jawab dulu dlm soalan objektif… Sepatutnya semua pilih jwpn dulu baru bgtau jwpn yg betul

  3. Dorang ni boleh tahan juga kan boleh cakap melayu kali dorang punya bapa korea and ibu dorang melayu kan

  4. Hello, I’m just telling you guys that not all Malaysian are Malay, some are Chinese. 😀 (no offence)

  5. Actually Singaporean and malaysian Malay people is a same .. sometimes I can’t guess which one Singaporean and malaysian Malay people

  6. tk sngka syafiqah aina instafamous termasuk sekali😂 tpi dia bukan orng singapore lah orng malaysia😅

  7. No 3 is Syafiqah Aina, she is businesswomen for cosmetic industry. therefore, 1 & 3 are Malaysian. You should picture of Lisa (Blackpink) or other Thailand/ Singaporean celebrities.

  8. the last ahjumma is the best with wide knowledge lol btw Mira is really korean standard of beauty with her small face,big eyes & petite features

  9. You cant compare a Malaysian, an Indonesian and a Singaporean by using Malay girls in hijab as comparison…because they basically share the same root & same race…only different citizenship/nationality. Even I as a pure Malaysian can get confused as well 😂😂

  10. Hahaha saya jawab semua dan saya dapat betul sebab saya Malaysia. If you dont understand, so that alright. (Maaf English Broken)

  11. The last part, 1. Is mira filzah 2.laudya Bella 3.syafiqah ainaaa form Ainaa Beauty from MALAYSIAAAAA not singaporeeee

  12. Tun Mahathir didn’t look like Malaysian? Seriously? Then what he supposed to look? Just want to know the opinion..huhu Btw he is pure Malay..haha😂😂

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