How This Radical House in Greece Brings the Outdoors Inside | WSJ

Greek architect Tilemachos Andrianopoulos provides a tour of his design: a triangular house that blurs the line between inside and the olive grove outside. “Even for a completely new structure, there is always something that already exists there,” he says. Photo: Rob Alcaraz/The Wall Street Journal

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  2. I love it, id take it in a heartbeat (and add a solid dividing wall for my ensuite masterbathroom)

  3. It’s beautiful… and a really great design.
    Must be so nice waking up in a space like this. Just don’t like the curtain separating the bathroom – that’s weird.

  4. Κ κάπως έτσι, ξεκινά ο νέος κύκλος οικοδομικής φούσκας…💶💶

  5. Is it just me or is the only thing that makes this home appealing is the scenery, would anyone buy this house if it was in a suburb? Sorry he didn’t get his classical Greek home.. which the architect disses as being too austere, unlike his sharp angled, bare, concrete building reminiscent of Soviet architecture from the 1970s xD very radical!

  6. DESPITE all the negative comments.A good home lets the owners be as comfortable and as satisfied as they can be.And this home yes home seems to do excatly that for this Lady.She is able to see the mountain and the olives which she so clearly loves and which is probably why she chose to live in such an isolated place.So this house is radical yes but i believe it serves the purpose of a house beautifully.

  7. A creative design beautifully executed. It works both internally and externally. The inside outside concept which is not over complicated. I’m loving it.

  8. Lovely, but to poo behind the curtain while your lover is sleeping… 💁🏻‍♂️🤪

  9. As far as i think the office is cool, its actually pretty depressing as a whole. I get that corporations like these give us products, that may or may not add value to our lives. But these same corporations has gained so much power over the years that theyre able to build an office this expensive to attract more employees which in turn makes them even bigger, and lift up the 1% of the company. All other personnels are sheeps or pawns to this multi billion dollar empire. As much as i think its cringey to call employment with a corporation modern day slavery , it couldnt be further from the truth.

  10. When the reasoning for the design has nothing to do with the design…
    “The way he spoke about the house convinced us”, but not the house itself…

  11. They say they like radikal things yet build with concrete…
    NOT The most radical of materials in our time…

  12. I think have seen this before. On the video that have website watermarks or something…

  13. This house is like my nightmare. It’s bare, cold, and maze-like. There is a reason why we partition our homes in the shape that we do. Doors, curtains, etc make us feel safe and cozy (like cats sitting in boxes). Also, the bedroom-bathroom curtain reminds me of a hospital room.

  14. Great project and well done but doesn’t look like a house and more like an art gallery, I will rather live in a small wooden classic house

  15. Well, you couldn’t get a 1930s falling apart house anywhere close to the coast of CA for that price, so that is good. On the other hand, that house looks very much like a Palm Springs (CA) MidCentury Modern House. Most of them look at the over 8,000 ft San Jacinto mountains. Also, the Frank Sinatra Home up on a hill looks a little like that, only 10 times more luxurious.

    I do appreciate that the architect used concrete slabs to build the house as that is a very earthquake prone area. I hope they put enough rebar to hold up the house. It’s really pretty, I think it needs artwork on the walls and it blends with its environment. But most importantly the owners like it and that’s ultimately what it is all about.

  16. This is simply delightful. he also reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright and wanting to incorporate the new structure into the land as if the two were one.

  17. Not radical at all. Modern Australian architecture has been doing this for the last 50 years.

  18. Greece is drenched by the sea. Building a super expensive house in the middle of nowhere with “view” of a bare mountain and olive trees is just an opportunity for the architect and the owners to show of.
    With € 550.000 anyone can buy/build a house with view of the Aegean. Only someone with personal fortune 10 times that amount will build a secondary “cottage” to visit his/her olive trees.

  19. Yo wsj, instead of copying stuff maybe just give someone who already did a piece about this a shoutout and the proper attention instead of copying the concept and passing it off as your own. For anyone who is interested:

  20. When you have to go to such lengths of explanation for your design, then something is wrong with it.
    It is an epidemic. Architects doing completely radical design just for the sake of radicality. People with the necessary pockets buy in, and here you have a radical home that has issues. Issues with safety, water from the drainage of the sourounding, etc etc. Of course I am talking in general. I can’t judge about some of these detailing issues. I can for onrme. For example the seperetion of the bedroom/bathroom with a curtain sounds like joke. Where to begin, where to end? The moisture issues, the bacteria issues, the odours issues?
    As for the design I don’t like what I saw.

  21. I’ve seen this house a few years ago and commented on that video. Now I see a power plant junction has been installed in their view of the mountains. What a shame. And something else has been built at their entrance. This looks horrible now to live in. It looks more like a prison more than ever. I bet that unemotional woman is now devastated to have to live looking at power lines and a whole metropolis sprouting up around her property. This will turn into a workers shack for the olive trees workers and then will be abandoned with the olive trees are gone.

  22. The gods are offended by this poured concrete mess. It’s like living in the hallway of a commercial property.

  23. bro you scammed these poor people. this is Raccoon house. ancient Greek architect are rolling in their grave right now

  24. Looks like prison , no disrespect towards the architect , but a structure like this does not best fit this environment

  25. you can grow olives on the roof and your pets will take time deciding from which door to get out and get in

  26. I don’t think this is house is elaborate enough to call it a masterpiece or act like it’s special. I’ve been in houses on video games that we’re just as imaginative and you don’t see video game architects hailing their work as a masterpiece. The way they talk in the video is quite extra.

  27. Beautiful house. I like how rugged it looks and still blends beautifully within the natural landscape. As well the living room area is beautifully created, quality, simple furniture. Not quite impressed with the bedrooms, they look unfinished, not yet ready to live in.

  28. When ur architecture love pizza and inspired by it then u get a house like a slice of pizza 😉😂

  29. $600,000 is a lot of money in Greece for a house that looks like a shack on a farm land. It would look better if they get rid of the triangle concrete walls surrounding the house.

  30. It might be radical but for me atleast it looks quite ugly, kind of like a diformed bunker.

  31. Καλη ιδεα το τριγωνικο σχημα αλλά 500k για ασοβαντιστο σπιτι στα Μεγαρα με θέα τα καλώδια της ΔΕΗ ειναι λιγο υπερβολη για τα Ελληνικα δεδομενα.

  32. imo, too expensive for a 200 sqm house in suburban area with cheap/free land cost. Construction cost is about 3 thousand USD per sqm, which is comparable to major cities like New York, Dubai and London.
    $3K per sqm is the cost of 150 rooms 4-star branded hotel in Dubai.

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