how to invest in property in malaysia (🔥 in 2020)

How to be a Wise Property Investor investing in property in Malaysia in 2020?

This is a really huge property investment mind map on how to begin investing in property so I am going to walk you through the best strategy how to play the game of property investment malaysia.

Investing in Malaysia real estate property will be challenging because the over supply issue of property is worsening. The demand for residential property is still there BUT your income or salary level likely won’t be able to keep up with the rise in property prices?

Why is it getting so expensive then?

Well, the selling price of property to genuine property buyers or property investors skyrocket because property developers buy lands, which are getting more expensive. Property developer are just passing this cost to the buyers like you.

Furthermore, most younger people now have this rent and mobility mindset, which makes to tie down yourself in one place (through a property purchase) and service the mortgage for 30 years just isn’t exactly a glamorous thing to do anymore in today’s age.

Even if there’s a need for young people to ‘settle down’ by owning a property, they don’t prefer to settle with a 10 years old subsale property because there could be too much repair or renovation cost involved upfront, plus it’s a matter of pride. After all, if you can’t afford your dream home, then you’d rather not buy now, rent instead or defer the purchase decision for now.

But if you think the property rental market is booming, you can’t be more wrong.

Compounded by the over-supply of tenant-able property units in the market, rental rates are also coming down – FAST. Because renters are just spoilt for choice where there’s more supply than demand.

There’s a lot of investing strategy you can do right, and using loan compression or multiple loan submission is certainly NOT one of them.

Go for bigger property units instead of the usual 600 – 1300 sqf condo apartments where the saturation is in the property market. Also opt for landed property if you can. Don’t invest in multiple units in the same project or apartment/condo. That’s how you diversify your property investment risk.
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  1. I am 55. I live in the California, I can sell my house for 1.8 m. Usd. And I plan to retire in Malaysia. Maybe Pangkog island. Rent better or purchase??

  2. Those haters are actually property agents. They don’t want your video to be viral. Bcuz it will affect their sales.

  3. Dude your content are great. You are exposing those property agent. If everyone know the truth those agent who sell house will be mad that they can’t scam people. And developer also hates your video too bcuz it will affect their sales if everyone know the truth

  4. I disagree that you that location is SOMEWHAT important. There are only housing developments in places where there is a potential for population growth. And this is the reason for the oversupply eventually. If this is true, the investors shall wait until there is a hyper supply whereby the market is at its stability.

  5. i found your videos after doing compress loan, and need your advise, can u help to advise me, the project is estimate VP in Jun-July 2020,

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  7. Can make a video about how a fresh graduate should plan their finances to reach financial freedom in the future?

  8. I kind of agree to your points on loan compression and property is where the rich park their money only and they make money from successful business. But when you kind of say property is not a long term game, I do feel you are contradicting your own argument here. There is a supply overhang right now and the trend where people are mobile and don’t buy property instead renting is just in a down cycle right now. probably you are right here saying condo is the lousiest property asset class, I do agree to some extent. But REIT is just another financial instrument where property are modeled and priced by returns like any other business. So REIT is just not comparison class to property as asset “ You can’t live in the REIT while you can live in your condo? Got it? As for best property class which is bare land, industrial warehouses and commercial in good location, certainly will make you rich and huge hedge against the inflationary economic we are having right now. Property is definitely an investment and just like business, it all depends on your vision and a bet with your money to see if you can outperform market. This is where I would like to contradict in your guidance, which is to quote some specific small trends people nowadays are renting for mobility and some people making loss in property and overall trying to give a hyperbole that property in not a long run investment in general.”Like how you take comments from people who disagree with you” . Property is a sound investment in general, some do make loss and mostly are making out of it. Business might have exponential growth of income but you never mentioned how many business do fail? So don’t ever try to misguide people here about property. It do comes with risk as like any business or investment. I will probably recommend people buying property now at low price with lots of bargain because of oversupply if you can afford. Renting is just pure out of no choice because of affordability and due to circumstances that you need mobility and short term stays. And you rent out of necessity. That makes property a necessary thing.

  9. ty sir for giving honest insight information about property investing in malaysia, really appreciate it

  10. Thanks for this love the style of facts presented, surprised this is free content! would like to see sources of articles in future

  11. Yes..some how i agree with CF.I am property consultant facing new different cases from customer everyday.Even though i am not a property guru(hahaha),i able to bought my first property by cash(without loan)and keep on investing in real estate.Now i am helping those struggling to bought a house.Another thing is,currently i observe there is a lot of seminars conducted by those property gurus every where.You know why? I can smell the fishy ready(hahaha),maybe will share those tricks later…

  12. Must have strong holding power, inflation, economic recession, many ppl mengambil kesempatan to increase their cost, good, in the end consumers need to bear the cost. Our salary or combined salaries with children and household all need money. Even ASB only 5.5%, worst in the history, this proves that malaysia has not enough money to provide to rakyat.

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