How to PICK the Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Seoul South Korea Travel tips

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How to PICK Good Korean BBQ Restaurants in Seoul South Korea

Recommended Places
1. Hanam Pig House 하남돼지집
2. Matchandeul Wangsogeumgui 맛찬들 왕소금구이
– Address: Everywhere in Korea

o We had…

– Modeum Hanpan 모둠 한판 : $34.00
– Kimchi Stew 김치찌개 : $5.00
– Kimchi Fried Rice 김치볶음밥 : $2.50

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  1. Thanks for all your tips if k bbq. Can’t wait to stop over there when things back to normal

  2. Hi Aaron and Claire when traveling to Korea as a foreigner, what are some of the main things I should really do above anything else? Thanks guys I love your videos!!!!

  3. ” I am enjoying your great music choice of EHRLING and DJ Quads on your videos, Aaron and Claire ! Thanks so much for your time and consideration in this matter.
    I am getting hungry just watching you two eat such great foods ! ” ✔️💚

  4. Great recommendations. Thanks for sharing! You really are lucky to have so many choices and food close by!

  5. I have school tomorrow and im here binge watching aaron & claire’s vlogs 😂❤️ soooo worth it!!

  6. I’m missing korea because of your videos! I hope I can visit korea again soon! ❤️❤️ from the PH!

  7. Yes we went to Hanam Pig so I guess we are locals now 😆 🙌🏻 Love how they grill the meat for you, what a service 😉

  8. A new friend,like your vlog &would like to visit you more often in the future a big thumbs up. Thanks and please stay connected my friend!

  9. Ooooh can’t wait for the kimchi jigae video 😀 the tray to place the meat on was smart! Keeps the meat warm without burning/overcooking it!

  10. Love it thank you for sharing . You guys should show us the best the army stew in korea

  11. Thank you! Going to Korea this January and this is very helpful. But one thing that concerns me is not knowing how to read the menu in Korean. Are most of the bbq restaurant menus written in Korean? if so, how do I overcome this problem?

  12. I was at the Hanam Pig in Myeongdong this summer during a conference, the service and food was very good but the place was always busy! Love seeing your recommendations so I can visit these places next time I’m back in Korea.


  14. It’s going on 5am here in New Zealand and instead of getting ready I decide to get my fix of you guys before I leave .❤

  15. When I was stationed in Korea, the Korean soldiers would always take us to the best BBQ spots ever in Uijeongbu and Suwon. Good times 😃

  16. There’s a Hanam Pig House restaurant very close to the hotel where I normally stay. I will have to try it. I’m sure it’s very good as the restaurant is always full of people when I pass by. Thanks for the recommendation!! 🙂

  17. That place is really amazing. A lot of Koreans go that place often including me 😋😋
    I love that place!! If you guys come to Korean, please follow their lead 👍

    *Recommended places
    1. 하남돼지집 (hanam-daeji-jip)
    2. 맛찬들 왕소금구이(machandel-wang-soguem-gui)

  18. Hehe noticed you guys changed your profile picture! Very cute and fitting for the channel 😊

  19. I wish we watched this video before we visited Korea! Such helpful advice!


  20. Hey guys!
    Love from India!♥️
    Can you show vegetarian restaurant in Seoul, South Korea?

  21. Hi! Hope you can intro me places to have bbq dak galbi in Seoul! Hehe, not pork lover here 🙂 wanted bbq but not pork.

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