India vs Germany | Education System Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

In this video, I do a detailed comparison of the Indian Education System with the German Education System. How are the two countries handling education differently all the way from middle school, high school, university level to job level. And you will also learn how to study in Germany. There are fundamental differences from which India can take inspiration and we can implement similar changes.

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Here are the time stamps where we discussed the differences from different levels –

1:19 Middle School (Class 4)
5:55 High School (Class 10)
7:30 University Level
12:30 Placements after College
13:58 Do you want to Study in Germany?
16:32 Solutions for India
18:25 Advice before you buy Course

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  1. All the politicians send their child in foreign because they know about the system done by them

  2. Hello Dhruv sir, I know I am watching this video way too lately. But still have a request. If possible then please guide for this. That is difference of PhD researcher between India and USA. Especially NYU. Details about PhD entrances. Thank you 😊

  3. प्राचीन भारत की शिक्षा प्रणाली और अब के भारत की शिक्षा प्रणाली में अंतर समझते हुए में एक विडियो देखकर यह समझना चाहता हूं कि कौन सी प्रणाली बेहतर है, किस प्रणाली से सच में मनुष्य का विकास होता है वह सही माइनो में शिक्षित में जाता है और अगर प्राचीन प्रणाली निकलती है तो क्या उसे दोबारा से लागू किया जा सकता है।
    आशा है आप निराश नहीं करेंगे SIR, PLEASE 🙏.

  4. Education is main important, For Our India, Love you Brow !
    Please Inform we More Details for Education related information . (American Ed vs Indian Education )
    (Japan Ed vs Indian)
    (Australia vs indian education)

  5. Kiya kar diya India ney i m from TRIPURA now NCERT compulsory kardiya bjp aiya asha kar diya i hate this SCHOOL sey book kharidna partey hai now

  6. Excellent analysis Dhruv. Last year I went to Berlin. I had the opportunity to visit some universities and scholars, and learned a lot. U have carefully presented the right comparison. We must learn from German experience, and focus on value eduation

  7. Dhruv Bhai hm Bihar se hai…mere yeha education system itna damage hai hai 2 yrs me part 1 ka exam hota complete graduation 5yrs lg jta hai…Bhai ap video Bihar ke education system pe v video bnwo bcz …syad kuch change aye…..

  8. Main priority upon Capitalism is the only responsible for today’s situation of India (Education, Economics etc) “Jai jawan Jai kisan” by Lal bahadur sastri. Yea agar zinda raheta to aaj Hindustan kuch aur hi hota.

  9. Indian medical education eak majak hai. 8 lac appear, only 60 thousand seats. Half of it is private colleges, where fees are 1 crore pa. Shiv ka puja hoti hai. Nagas, sannayasis ka worshipe hota hai. Education officer log iskon, ravisankar ka bhakt hai. Eak khichari system.

  10. Wow…………😍NICE VIDEO😯

    Production….. High….🤓 and quality low…….😓

  11. Hamare India me students ko cars ki tarah treat kia jata h

    Bas comparison hota h
    Sharma ji k bete se😁

  12. Sir Indian Education University vs USA, Uk, Japan, France and other best Research PHD Based University Compare with India

  13. I always wanted to teach, so dusra option nhi tha, B.ed me admission lena para.
    First, I was disappointed with how they’re teaching us random theories for something like teaching.
    Second, we need to do practice teaching for a month and we’re assigned to different schools. I cried on my first day because govt schools are so bad, the teachers don’t give any shit about the students. Class8 students don’t know what December is or how to pronounce words like for from you father etc.

  14. Instead of making education more affordable, govt is all about reservations for backward.
    Real below poverty ka kuch nhi hota, backward “caste” k rich people bina merit k admission lete h bas

  15. भैया
    आप अमेरिका और भारत का education में क्या अंतर है।
    उस topic पे आप अपना video बनाइये। बेसिकली
    बिहार और उत्तरप्रदेश में बहुत से लड़कों का विचार है। अमेरिका में नौकरी करने की।
    धयान दीजिये। वीडियो में
    प्लेसमेंट के बारे में भी बताया गया हो।

  16. Even if this system is applied in india people won’t accept it because we don’t have that kind of mindset.

  17. Hello sir
    I am Aman Deep I am student and currently doing my BBA in finance(2nd yr). I want to do my MBA in finance from University of Berlin.
    can you please help me out like:
    what are the admission procedures,
    which exams I have to qualify,
    what is the fee structure and the cost of living in Berlin.

  18. Please conduct a HONEST, TRUE, REAL, TRUSTWORTHY study on Amount of Revenue, Time and Human Resource deployed on Ministry of Skill Development (PMKVY) and it’s real results. Don’t loose your Trust …….among Public

  19. Hey Dhruv, what degree/ PG/Diploma/certification is recommended in the preventive healthcare sector? After an IT engineering degree in India, what shall one pursue to get into healthcare? Would be glad if you make a video encouraging people to take up healthcare as their career option.

  20. Hey dhruv I like your work a lot

    But if you can suggest a video including a point on how important is to select not only education system infrastructure board etc but equal importance to be given to the teachers who work in those universities or school

    As teachers are the main person who molds the students

    This will give importance to teachers to and not only infrastructure and board

  21. Russian vs indian… Education system with behaviour towards foreigners . As i m here in russia but i m facing a lot.

  22. The tone with you talk Dhruv is so polite even though you have studied here for bachelor as well…keep it up

  23. It is clear from the last part of the video that he is not advertising , he is genuinely guiding .
    Thank You Dhruv

  24. IIT mai 10 percent loga ki zindagi achi hoti hai aur 90 percent ki toh bhagwan Bharose Aur Kuch loga IIT karna ka baad coaching khol lata Hai

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